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  • TOYA WRIGHT AND MYSS SHAN allow to pass reading fun and fly

    07/06/17 ,via The South Florida Times

    The highlight of the outcome was a panel of black entrepreneurs who are each also authors including: Jackie Christie of Basketball Wives; actor and metrist Darrin Dewitt Henson; Tamika Newhouse, creator of the AAMBC Awards and publisher of Delphine 

  • Darrin Dewitt Henson gives SSU a Stomp into Aristotelianism entelechy

    02/09/17 ,via Tiger's Roar

    For those who were not in the Observer Union on Jan. 30, actor, singer, choreographer, and author Darrin Dewitt Henson discussed how students can take charge of their lives. Henson shared three keys to king-fish success: success leaves clues, success


##Wedding# ##Chronicles# - VIDEO-> #Billy #Clifton #Darrin #Dewitt #Fox #Henson #Jackson… 07/16/17, @bestdivorcesoln
@PercivalPenman @_CoolStoryCori He looks like when Darrin Dewitt Henson was Lem in the Inner Food TV series. 07/15/17, @id6klub


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  • Carnal Thoughts

    Godzchild. 2011. ISBN: 193709524X,9781937095246. 136 pages.

    Affectionate Thoughts is a literary journey for the poetically fit. For those unafraid to travel beyond normal "roles", this anthology of poems, pictures, and powerful utterances is for you. Darrin's rhyme will move the soul and call the visionary into action. Each line he pens stands as a voice in search for authentic truth. In Darrin's eyes, egregious minds not only recite others' lines, but great minds design their own. Read along and discover a real-life portrayal of the thoughts that outrage, liberate and inundate Darrin's mind on a day-to-day basis.


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Actor Darrin Henson Discusses Six-Month Union

Speaking of summary marriages, Chocolate City actor Darrin Henson recently revealed that his marriage to Rachelle Henson only lasted six months. While ...

Feeling Food (TV Series 2000–2004) - IMDb

With Rockmond Dunbar, Darrin Dewitt Henson, Aaron Meeks, Nicole Ari Parker. The familiar life and problems of the Josephs, a black family living in Chicago, Illinois. Stomp The Yard: Chris Brown, Ne-Yo, Darrin ...

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