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Hotshot Chinese-American attorney Sam Chao (Daniel Henney of X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE) is certain he'll be named a partner at his New York City law firm. Instead, his bosses send him to Shanghai where Sam's problems soon include a language he doesn't speak, a culture he can't understand, a relocation specialist (Eliza Coupe of ''Happy Endings'' and ''Scrubs'') he's instantly insulted, and a billion dollar deal he's about to lose. But just when his world is falling apart, will Sam find more than he bargained for in the place he least expected? Zhu Zhu (CLOUD ATLAS), Alan Ruck (''Spin City'') and Bill Paxton (''Big Love'', TITANIC) co-star in this smart and surprising romantic comedy about foreign business, domestic pleasures, and discovering the expat wonders of SHANGHAI CALLING.

Shanghai Calling (2012)

Source: PublicHD (Vid), KkFalse (Eng subs), danielsiagian1 (Indo subs) A New York attorney (Daniel Henney) is sent to Shanghai on business, where he finds hi...

  • me is vyra

    what do you thing about daniel henney (agent zero in x-men)?

    do you like him?

    i believe that daniel henney suits the part of agent zero in the x-men movie. this man seems like he can pull off a villain quite well, getting the story across on the screen. as for what i have...

  • Crystal

    Is there any news of Daniel Henney coming to India?

    Not that I've heard anywhere. Daniel has his own official website, it's a good idea to keep an eye on the Bulletins posted there. News of any appearances will be posted:...

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YoonA ideal man is Daniel Henney & got a sweet hug from him. 03/02/14, @yoonabstrak
23. YoonA ideal man is Daniel Henney & got a sweet hug from him. 03/02/14, @HAYOUNNG
RT @nicolecallahan: thanks @adopteesrock! I AM ON A LIST WITH DANIEL HENNEY. FINALLY. 15 Reasons Why Korean Adoptees Kick Ass… 03/02/14, @shrinkthinks



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    Book on Demand Limited. 2012. ISBN: 5512737740,9785512737743. 144 pages.

    High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Daniel Phillip Henney (Hangul: born November 28, 1979) is an American actor and model.

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The latest from Daniel Henney (@danielhenney). A fan of dogs, coffee, and The Clippers. LA, Seoul, A Cabin In Michigan

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Daniel Henney Daniel Henney

Daniel Henney Daniel Henney

Daniel Henney Daniel Henney

Daniel Henney Daniel Henney

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