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A burned-out sheriff in a rural New England county, nearing retirement, has an odd thought that his days on earth are numbered, that death is closing in quickly. He can't figure out why the thought is there, why he's thinking that way, after all he's only sixty years old and in good shape. A series of weird crimes confront him, challenging him at a time he feels most vulnerable. Eventually, assisted by a reliable deputy and a young, heavily-tattooed, former drug-running woman, the mysteries deepen. The clues are few and far between, the violence vicious and seemingly unwarranted. Eventually things slip out of control, until a small, seemingly unimportant detail surfaces that brings into focus what might be happening. Filled with exciting action, great dialogue and a very real sense of place, this book offers much for the mystery and action lover. And, at only 213 pages, it's a fast, exciting read, a "two-nighter," or perfect for a vacation read.
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The second edition of this book is a self-contained introduction to computational fluid dynamics (CFD). It covers the fundamentals of the subject and is ideal as a text or a comprehensive reference to CFD theory and practice.

  • New approach takes readers seamlessly from first principles to more advanced and applied topics.
  • Presents the essential components of a simulation system at a level suitable for those coming into contact with CFD for the first time, and is ideal for those who need a comprehensive refresher on the fundamentals of CFD.
  • Enhanced pedagogy features chapter objectives, hands-on practice examples and end of chapter exercises.
  • Extended coverage of finite difference, finite volume and finite element methods.
  • New chapters include an introduction to grid properties and the use of grids in practice.
  • Includes material on 2-D inviscid, potential and Euler flows, 2-D viscous flows and Navier-Stokes flows to enable the reader to develop basic CFD simulations.
  • Includes best practice guidelines for applying existing commercial or shareware CFD tools.

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RT @TexasGlory: Madison Hirsch ('19, Kansas) and Jayda Coleman ('20, OU) make the paper. Karlie Charles ('19, Iowa St.) and... https://t.c… 04/01/17, @Asani
Madison Hirsch ('19, Kansas) and Jayda Coleman ('20, OU) make the paper. Karlie Charles ('19, Iowa St.) and... 04/01/17, @TexasGlory
Charles Hirsch Barris. ... R.I.P. 03/28/17, @Miro_Mraz



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Charles Hirsch "Chuck" Barris (June 3, 1929 – March 21, 2017) was an American game show creator, producer, and host. He was best known for hosting The Gong Show ...

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