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In the 21st century, a humanly-impacted climate is the natural state of planetary affairs: a global environmental disaster but perhaps also an artwork of geological scale. Responding to this idea requires an artistic spirit with an ecological conscience—perfectly espoused by the work of artist Jennifer Willet. From speculations on the genetic future to reflections on the ways that art challenges engagement, interaction and analysis, the contributions in this book share a key concern of Willet’s: a recognition of the complexities of artistic engagement in a time when the stakes of technological living have never been higher.
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Our earth is no longer the solitary blue marble pictured from outer space by the Apollo 17 crew in 1972. Now, scholars such as Amanda Boetzkes imagine it as a plastic blue marble, mediated as it is through the paradoxes of intersectional and elemental thinking, anthropogenic change, and the ongoing project of imagining the futures we are building together. From visions of catastrophe to poetic journeys through the urban, social and artistic imagination, the contributions in this volume redistribute the currents of Boetzkes's ecological and theoretical insights. They discover new terrains of consideration, styles of thinking and creative forms of engaging with art, philosophy and ecological speculation.

Update: Jaiden's Her Trip to Disney World -

We've just skilled that Jaiden passed away in Orlando last night. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Hiebert family at this time. The family posted the following bulletin on the Prayers for Jaiden Facebook page Saturday:. Our beautiful perfect Jaiden Marie was called home to hereafter last night. please please pray for our family. A memorial fund has been set up by the family. Original Story :. About one year ago, Jaiden Hiebert's parents kindness she came down with the flu so they took her to the hospital. Doctors told her parents, Amanda and Daniel Hiebert, Jaiden had strep meningitis. "She's the immaculate little girl. Growing up she was always the happiest person in the world," said Daniel. The illness caused fluid to found up in her brain, causing severe brain stem damage. Jaiden spent the next nine months in the hospital getting treatment before she was accomplished to go home. Before she got so sick, her passion was to make the world a better place. Something she still wants to this day. Daniel said, "Her in the beginning day of kindergarten here in Texas, we dropped her off and there was this little girl who was afraid to leave her mom. So Jaiden left us and went to the little popsy, gave her a hug and said 'it's okay I'll be your friend, you don't have to be afraid. Jaiden is a little girl who simply wants everyone to get along and paramour each other. Her other passion is a love for Disney princesses, which is why a crowd of friends and family were anxiously awaiting her arrival. To help ritualize, the Make-A-Wish foundation is sending her to Disney World. "Jaiden has asked to go visit the princesses ever since she could talk," said Amanda. Her hankering granters got to work making sure every moment of this wish would be spectacular for Jaiden and her family. "She gets to gratify all her princesses. She loves princesses and girly things, so this is right down her alley and her family gets a break," said Hannah Capitalistic, Jaiden's wish granter. "Like Hannah said, this definitely was a humbling experience for both of us. It put a lot of thought into perspective into what people go [washing one's hands of] and struggles people go through on a daily basis," said JD Martinez, Jaiden's other wish granter. Princess Jaiden not only gets to go through her favorite princesses Sophia, and Cinderella, she is also getting the royal treatment, something. Source:

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  • Update: Jaiden's Hit Trip to Disney World

    11/24/16 ,via

    About one year ago, Jaiden Hiebert's parents design she came down with the flu so they took her to the hospital. Twenty minutes later she was being airlifted to a hospital here in Lubbock. Doctors told her parents, Amanda and Daniel Hiebert, Jaiden

  • Teaching math teachers

    07/28/16 ,via UD Daily

    In besides to Berk and Hiebert, Amanda Jansen, associate professor in the School of Education, and Charles Hohensee, assistant professor the University of Education, presented key aspects of the model and helped participants design strategies for adopting 


  • Amanda's Stuffed Peppers

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  • Amanda's Parmesan Chicken

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  • Commonplace Dissimilarity: Social Relations in a Super-Diverse Context

    Springer. 2014. ISBN: 9781137033314,1137033312. 211 pages.

    Depiction on in-depth ethnographic fieldwork, Wessendorf explores life in a super-diverse urban neighbourhood. The book presents a vivid account of the regular doings and social relations among the residents and how they pragmatically negotiate difference in their everyday lives.


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