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Beyond Fake News: 2016’s Most Disruptive Media Moments

Here’s the biggest understatement of the year: 2016 was the most disruptive moment the mainstream American news media have faced in a very long time. That’s not because so many media outlets misread the presidential election, although that is part of it. And it’s not just because so-called fake news has become a genuine issue, prompting Facebook and other social media outlets to address... It’s because a number of disturbing trends eating away at the effectiveness of modern news media came to a head in this year’s election. And — in a response that seems strikingly similar to how news outlets struggled with early disruption from the internet — mainstream news outlets still don’t appear to be responding very effectively. Each year, I pull together a list of moments that most affected media over the previous 12 months, looking at events like the rise of viral videos capturing police shootings or the staggering fall of NBC News anchor Brian Williams. This was a year in which tough reporting by mainstream news outlets often seemed to have limited impact on the opinions of voters. And I don’t think it’s a coincidence that’s it’s also the year in which mainstream news outlets had their worst polling on trust in modern history. Gallup revealed in September that trust in news media had sunk to its lowest levels in their history of polling on this question. Just 32 percent of those polled said they had a great deal or a fair amount of trust in the news media “to report the news accurately and fairly. ” That’s down from 40 percent last year, 50 percent in 2005 and 72 percent in 1976, when investigative journalism was still on a pedestal following the Watergate scandal. The September Gallup report found just 14 percent of Republicans polled expressed trust in media, down from 32 percent last year. This polling ties into an analysis the Pew Research Center presented in 2014, which suggests people who identify as consistent conservatives consume news differently from those who say they’re consistent liberals. Consistent conservatives tended to cluster news consumption around one news source they trusted, with 47 percent of those polled citing Fox News Channel as their main source of news for government and politics. Consistent liberals were more likely to get their news from an array of trusted sources,. Source: News Fix – KQED News

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  • Insider Trading Activity SMTC Corp. (NASDAQ:SMTX) – Major Shareholder Bought 12002 shares of Stock

    12/29/16 ,via Market Exclusive

    On 8/17/2012 Alex Hugh Walker, CEO, bought 4,000 with an average share price of $2.98 per share and the total transaction amounting to $11,920.00. On 5/17/2013 John Randall Waterfield, Director, bought 115,455 with an average share price of $1.99 per 

  • Awards contenders 'Moonlight,' 'Lion' and 'A Monster Calls' are carried on the small shoulders of child actors

    12/29/16 ,via Los Angeles Times

    Eleven-year-old Alex Hibbert had no professional acting experience when he showed up with other drama classmates for an open audition. Jenkins says, "The first hurdle was very simple: 'If I ask him to be sad, can he be sad?' And the answer was yes.


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