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Underrated '76 - John S. Berry

-----------------. I was born just a little before this great year of cinema, but thanks to the early days of Starz and Encore with marathon weekend sessions during the HBO and Cinemax free I have seen my fair share of movies from 76. Making this... There are a lot of strong and unique characters coursing thru films of this era. Would you really base a movie these days around an amazing Neville Brand or Millie Perkins. Or go full steam ahead with a dark comedy with heads getting lopped off or alien/god themes. The past few years I have watched a few George C. Scott films and always marvel how refreshing it is too see an older conservative insurance salesman like man in the lead role. In current movies you never let them lead and if they have a decent sized role they are either sick or on their way to being sick and usually played for hack different generation humor. These two leads are in that vein, they look like the cops I grew up with as a kid. They are chunky, in bad suits, they sigh a lot, drink a lot and wear suits from JC Penny. The other characters are kind of over the top such as the bumbling doofus who cleans the grimy drive and his angry Anton LeVey looking boss (Robert E. Pearson may be the grumpiest performance in 70s cinema). The movie does have a drive in sticky feel and I am pretty excited to see the updated Blu-Ray that Severin is releasing later this year. The movie never gets too scary but I had a moment with the end voice over/ post script where I thought that if I had seen this as a kid the ending would have chilled me and made me keep an eye on all the people watching with me. Believe it or not... This is one of the darkest comedies to this day I have ever seen. What is kind of great is it is several stories in one. In Captain Obvious statements Harvey Keitel is complex and great in the film and makes you wonder is he a creep or saint. Source: Rupert Pupkin Speaks

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    10/20/16 ,via gonews

    Uno scrittore che tenta di battere a macchina indossando dei guantoni, un mago che cucina gli spaghetti nel cilindro, un concertista di fama mondiale con u.

  • Biliorsi: “Franconi, un visionario inventore del circo moderno”

    10/12/16 ,via Siena News

    La pellicola, interpretata da Massimo Ranieri, Elisabetta Rocchetti, Orso Maria Guerrini e Sonia Aquino, narra la vita del leggendario pioniere del circo moderno, che si esibiva in Francia tra il 1783 e il 1800. Il film, che verrà proiettato venerdì



  • Space: 1999 - Episode by Episode 2014. ISBN: 9781312585935,1312585935. 736 pages.

    Gerry Anderson's SPACE 1999 was a remarkable television series in several ways. Not only was it a benchmark in terms of special effects and grand visual style inspired by Kubrick's 2001, it was also a psychological and philosophical drama that tapped deep into many of the major social and political concerns of the early 1970s. In 1997-98 the Online Alpha community arranged a systematic discussion of all the 48 episodes on a week by week basis, debating and reflecting on the series from a 20 year retrospective view. As the series is now celebrating a 40 year anniversary, a paperback version of this discussion has been made available. The book is edited and introduced by Petter Ogland, and contains a foreword by Henry Keazor. Not only is the 1997-98 discussion insightful from a present perspective, it also offers ideas for further exploration and debate. In this respect SPACE 1999 has stood the test of time as one of the most interesting television series ever made.


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Orso Maria Guerrini (Firenze, 25 ottobre 1942) è un attore e doppiatore italiano

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Orso Maria Guerrini, Actor: The Bourne Identity. Orso Maria Guerrini was born on October 25, 1943 in Florence, Tuscany, Italy. He is an actor, known for The Bourne ...

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Orso Maria Guerrini Altri nomi: Orso Guerrini 72 anni, 25 Ottobre 1943 (Scorpione), Firenze (Italia) Dettagli biografia, filmografia, premi, news e rassegna stampa.

Orso Maria Guerrini - I Wanna Go - YouTube

The theme of the Italian Jack London-based 1970's tv-series Call of the Wild (Lumikenttien kutsu in Finnish, La Mia Grande Avventura in Italian)