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Study: Kofke and Germon prove to be a potent pairing - ArtsATL

Jason Kofke and Mike Germon’s Compendia , a Combine Radius exhibition on display at CenterForm through September 1, is a collaborative meshing of new and older works by the two Atlanta artists. This juxtaposition is only appropriate and potent, since both Kofke and Germon are known for using images from mid-twentieth-century encyclopedias to comment both on that era’s optimism and on our contemporary adapt. Encyclopedias such as the ’60s-vintage World Book and Encyclopedia Britannica that Kofke and Germon have mounted on the wall tidied up the elements of discernment into alphabetized summaries. The results are emblematized in Germon’s Volume C , a collage in which the encyclopedia heading “codes and ciphers” is juxtaposed with a guv of Christ, a cobra, and the logo “CD” (here, an abbreviation for “Civil Defense” against an atomic... The first object is a collage by Germon titled Neurotransmission , a quality anatomical diagram of the human brain juxtaposed with the word MIRACLES and a picture of a prism that projects a beam of hare-brained toward the eye socket of a human skull,... Germon’s overall hypothesis has thus been established in this initial work: the human mind imposes orderly on nature by intermediate systems of ideas, of which science and religious belief are two major ones. Interspersed with Germon’s visual meditations mixing paleontology, cosmology, neurology and Christian iconography, Kofke’s set of common drawings begin with an outline map of the Americas in blue overlaid on a red-colored outline map of Asia and... That “global view” begins with overlapping outlines of continents, and in later pieces it presents the continents arranged with west at the top of one spit, then with east at the top of the next one — a “wrong” or “sideways” arrangement that... The larger lesson imparted by this series is that — despite its claims of universality — the “far-reaching view” imparted by vintage encyclopedias, or by any system of knowledge, contains unnoticed gaps and misleading representations. Source:

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  • Scrutiny: Kofke and Germon prove to be a potent pairing

    08/07/17 ,via ArtsATL

    Jason Kofke and Mike Germon's Compendia, a Twin Radius demo on display at CenterForm through September 1, is a collaborative meshing of new and older works by the two Atlanta artists. This juxtaposition is strikingly appropriate and potent

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