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This CD is compiled of Hill Country residents who share their views on how this unique area has touched their lives. Includes tracks by Marcia Ball, Jimmy Dale Gilmore, Kirk Watson, Susan Combs, Mike Levy, Cactus Pryor and more

36 New Movies & TV Shows to Watch at Home This Week

If you see something you like , click on the title to buy it from Amazon. Gravy (Scream Factory) Halloween brings out the weirdos, and three of them have settled in to a small Mexican restaurant for a night of fun. The staff is equally eclectic, but as odd as they get in their off hours they’ve at least never resorted to abduction, murder, and trivia games. The three newcomers have plans that include torture, death, and some truly fine cuisine. And if they have fun along the way. Director/co-writer James Roday ( Psych ) has crafted the funniest film about flesh eating since Ravenous , and while it’s far more of a comedy than a thriller it still manages some suspenseful, exciting beats too. The film never shies away from the bloodletting though resulting in an incredibly gory romp where no one is safe from becoming the next course. [Blu-ray/DVD extras: Commentary]. Blunt Force Trauma John (Ryan Kwanten) roams the back lands of South America competing in duels that see two people in bullet-proof vests face off to see who can knock the other off their feet. Colt (Freida Pinto) is in the game for something more personal as she searches for the man she holds responsible for he brother’s death. This is an oddly meditative film with a strange premise that rarely seems all that interested in the stated plot points above. Instead it moves slowly, meandering its way across a landscape punctuated with semi-frequent bouts of violence and suspense. It’s attractive in its own way, dreamy at times, with characters seeking purpose in a world without one. Weirdly, there’s a major character reveal that plays out behind the end credits — literally behind the credits leaving viewers having to catch it between words and names. [Blu-ray/DVD extras: None]. First Strike Hong Kong detective Chan (Jackie Chan) is assigned to the CIA (. ) for a case involving stolen nukes, and it takes him from the snowy forests of the Ukraine to the sunny shores of Australia. The Chinese-American scientist accused of stealing the warhead is tracked to his sister’s home in Brisbane where Chan is forced to fight, swim, and interact with sharks if he wants to not only recover the nukes but also hopefully survive. This late ’90s release is technically the fourth entry in Chan’s Police Story franchise, but here in the US it was released purely as a stand alone adventure. Source: Film School Rejects

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  • Aspen paramedics to provide home health care in 2016

    12/14/15 ,via Aspen Public Radio

    "You see more and more communities exhausting hospitals," says Leroy Garcia, a state senator from Pueblo. "Many times a hospital is not the place that a patient should be transported to. These are things that could be resolved through a health care

  • Albany Board of Realtors installs officers, supports Toys for Tots

    12/09/15 ,via The Albany Herald

    Marine Corps Sgt. Eric Garcia and Marine Corps LCpl. Lakembria Williams check out some of the toys donated to Toys for Tots by members of Chris Jiles, the vice president of the Georgia Association of Realtors was on hand to swear-in those new


  • Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Performance Tuning

    2015. ISBN: 0735612706,9780735612709. 438 pages.

    This test measures the ability to install, configure and administer SQL Server 2000. Candidates can sharpen their skills, save time and money and build their confidence for the real test with this book and CD-ROM.

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  • Mauricio Macri elected president of Argentina

    11/22/15 ,via Washington Post

    Scioli’s dejected supporters gathered Sunday afternoon in Plaza de Mayo outside his hotel. One of them was Juan Garcia, a 69-year-old retired hospital worker, who felt embittered that Macri, born into an auto and construction fortune, had a privileged ...

  • Assumed names

    11/12/15 ,via Red Raiders

    Flowers Assumed name: Inhale-Exhale Fashion Boutique; owners: Ashley Robertson and Alyssa Hatfield Assumed name: The Styled Nest; owner: Marci Gutheil Assumed ... owners: Brian Garcia and Sabrina Garcia Assumed name: Homicide Special ...

  • Assumed names

    Assumed name: Inhale-Exhale Fashion Boutique; owners: Ashley Robertson and Alyssa Hatfield Assumed name: The Styled Nest; owner: Marci Gutheil Assumed ... owners: Brian Garcia and Sabrina Garcia Assumed name: Homicide Special; owner: Reynaldo ...


:Paula Eden & Marci Apperson williams Feliz para Siempre ...

Album Venid a Cristo 2014 Español e Ingles por Jenny Phillips!/ma... https ...

Artes da Mamãe

Um blog de crochê e artesanato para todas as mulheres que amam todo o tipo de artesanato e gostam de dedicar seu tempo a fazer artes imprecionantes!!!

Marci's Wildlife Job Search |

800 SUBMIT COMMENTS OR SUGGESTED LINKS BELOW: "like" the wildlife job search on. critter specific . bats | Bat Conservation & Management, Inc. birds | Alaska Bird ...

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Senhor, ajudai-nos a construir a nossa casa Com janelas de aurora e árvores no quintal – Árvores que na primavera fiquem cobertas de flores

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