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The George Michael Story “ROCK: THE LUCKIEST MAN IN POP” is a journey through the decadent eighties written by Andros Georgiou a leading figure in the music industry, From clubbing to partying with the biggest pop stars of the decade from Spandau Ballet, Duran Duran, The Pet Shop Boys, Culture Club, ABC, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, to the giants of Rock Guns & Roses, to the queen of soul Aretha Franklin, not to mention Sir Elton John, this is the story of a man’s life during one of the most magnificent periods of rock ‘n’ roll history, this is a truly amazing story both special and unique, something that could never be repeated now given the whole climate of the music industry, “ROCK” is more than just a life recounted or a guilty pleasure for its reader or fan of George Michael, its “REAL”. Rock Stars Parties and Backstage Passes, “ROCK” is Andros Georgiou and “YOG” was George Michael. The two were together for the over thirty eight years, and during that time, they were both part of a time in music history that the world will never see again. How did this story start? Andros Georgiou and Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou, George Michael to you, are “The Children of The Greeks: 2nd generation cousins. Their fathers, two Greek men from Cyprus, immigrated to London and married two English women from London. Their fathers’ intense bond translated into their two families being raised as one, their two sons being raised as brothers. The time was England from the early 1960’s to the mid 1980’s from the suburbs to the West End, then, it moved throughout the world, right up until they parted ways in 1998. And, for the most part, it was all about the music. As children, the games of their youth became about the music and, as they grew older, their childhood games turned into training sessions that, when circumstances miraculously put George Michael in a spotlight that shined in front of the world for the rest of his life, they were ready. If anything could make two young men in their early 20’s ready for a life of glamour and style, celebrities and royalty, they had only up to that timed dreamed about. And for a long time, it seemed nothing could tear these two apart. When fame happened, George brought Andros along without so much as a hesitation, and Andros stuck by his brother, looking out for him at every turn. When tragedies did come that reached the point of devastating, their bond was stronger than ever, especially when close friends and family passed away suddenly and tragically. When the time came for George to discuss his sexuality with Andros, in the beginning, it initially was nothing more than a metaphoric speed bump in their relationship; something that Andros totally didn’t expected, but, within short order, didn’t make a bit of difference to him. Andros openly included George in the family that he was soon to have, asking George to be the “Godfather” to his two sons, James and Harry. Then 7 April 1998 happened; The actual incident that ended their life-long relationship occurred under a year later and was nothing more than a “silly argument” at a restaurant where they had lunch scores of times before. It was over between them? And Now it's too Late. A version of this book was released back in 2012, after a number of weeks Andros received a message from Yog asking him to take the book off the market and re submit it changing the spelling and grammar and asked to add certain stories that he had missed out. He never got the chance to do it simply because there never seemed to be a right time and he was busy dealing with his life but this year he felt he had to finish it for him. Rock : The Luckiest Man in Pop is a Rollercoaster Ride of very high ups and very low downs, a story that had to be told.
Cavil at Lines: Turkey from East to West
Cavil at Lines: Turkey from East to West by Brand: Schilt Publishing
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Turkey is often seen as the country that will bridge the gap between the West and the Middle East. At the moment Turkey is at a political crossroads itself, a crossroads that will define the very nature and future role of the country With a large, dynamic and young population there is always hope that a truly democratic and liberal country will emerge, and Turkey will be able to truly fulfill the role of a bridge between culture and religions.

It is the very process of modernization, urbanization and national identity, happening at breakneck speed, against a backdrop of rising nationalism and religion, which Georgiou's work seeks to address and question. He has chosen to represent this in an undramatic way, focusing on the very quiet everyday life that most people in Turkey experience.

Having spent five years living in Turkey, George Georgiou was surprised at how quickly change is taking place; landscapes, towns and cities are being reshaped, an extensive road network is being built, town centres are being 'beautified' and large apartment blocks are springing up at a rapid rate around every town and city throughout Turkey. Almost always, the architecture and infrastructure have the same blueprint. Cities are beginning to become carbon copies of each other.

One of he most immediate consequences is the rapd disintegration of community that is so familiar in Turkish villages and towns. Another issue is that the cosmopolitan uran centres, particularly Istanul, Ankara, Bursa, and the coastal towns of the South and West, have traditionally been the home of Ataturk's children, the upholders of secular Turkey. With the influx of a more provincial, traditional, conservative and religious population into the cities, a new tension is beginning to rear its head. This is part seen in the clash between the mildly religious Government of the AKP , whose support comes from the countryside and the new urban population, and the old secular parties of both left and right, who oppose all reforms instigated by the Government on secular and nationalist grounds Added to all this is a higly politicized and powerful military, the self-declared guardians of the republic, and the all-imposing image and philosophy of Turkey's founding father, Mustafa Ataturk. Fault Lines provides us with a fascinating look into the new Turkey that is starting to take shape.

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    DIANE Publishing. ISBN: 9781457807954,1457807955.

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George Georgiou (born 1961) is a freelance British photographer and photojournalist best known for his work in eastern Europe, particularly Turkey.

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