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Garner's Fresh English Usage


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Garner's Fresh English Usage by Garner Bryan
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With more than a thousand new entries and more than 2,300 word-frequency ratios, the magisterial fourth edition of this book-now renamed Garner's Modern English Usage (GMEU)-reflects usage lexicography at its finest. Garner explains the nuances of grammar and vocabulary with thoroughness, finesse, and wit. He discourages whatever is slovenly, pretentious, or pedantic.

GMEU is the liveliest and most compulsively readable reference work for writers of our time. It delights while providing instruction on skillful, persuasive, and vivid writing. Garner liberates English from two extremes: both from the hidebound "purists" who mistakenly believe that split infinitives and sentence-ending prepositions are malfeasances and from the linguistic relativists who believe that whatever people say or write must necessarily be accepted.

The judgments here are backed up not just by a lifetime of study but also by an empirical grounding in the largest linguistic corpus ever available. In this fourth edition, Garner has made extensive use of corpus linguistics to include ratios of standard terms as compared against variants in modern print sources. No other resource provides as comprehensive, reliable, and empirical a guide to current English usage.

For all concerned with writing and editing, GMEU will prove invaluable as a desk reference. Garner illustrates with actual examples, cited with chapter and verse, all the linguistic blunders that modern writers and speakers are prone to, whether in word choice, syntax, phrasing, punctuation, or pronunciation. No matter how knowledgeable you may already be, you're sure to learn from every single page of this book.
Garner's New-fashioned American Usage


Garner's New-fashioned American Usage by Garner, Bryan A.
Product Description
Since first appearing in 1998, Garner's Modern American Usage has established itself as the preeminent guide to the effective use of the English language. Brimming with witty, erudite essays on troublesome words and phrases, this book authoritatively shows how to avoid the countless pitfalls that await unwary writers and speakers whether the issues relate to grammar, punctuation, word choice, or pronunciation.

Now in the third edition, readers will find the "Garner's Language-Change Index," which registers where each disputed usage in modern English falls on a five-stage continuum from nonacceptability (to the language community as a whole) to acceptability, giving the book a consistent standard throughout. Garner's Modern American Usage, 3e is the first usage guide ever to incorporate such a language-change index, and the judgments are based both on Garner's own original research in linguistic corpora and on his analysis of hundreds of earlier studies. Another first in this edition is the panel of critical readers: 120-plus commentators who have helped Garner reassess and update the text, so that every page has been improved.

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  • Pork Loin with Potatoes

    beef broth, butter, thyme, flour, garlic, olive oil, mushroom gravy, onions, paprika, black pepper, black pepper, potato, salt, vegetable oil, water

  • Coconut Sweet Potatoes

    brown sugar, butter, eggs, flaked coconut, ginger, ground mace, orange juice, pecan, pineapple, salt, sweet potato


  • Garner on Language and Writing

    American Bar Association. 2016. ISBN: 1604424451,9781604424454. 839 pages.

    Since the 1987 appearance of A Dictionary of Modern Legal Usage, Bryan A. Garner has proved to be a versatile and prolific writer on legal-linguistic subjects. This collection of his essays shows both profound scholarship and sharp wit. The essays cover subjects as wide-ranging as learning to write, style, persuasion, contractual and legislative drafting, grammar, lexicography, writing in law school, writing in law practice, judicial writing, and all the literature relating to these diverse subjects.

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Гарнер, Эрролл — Википедия

Эрролл Гарнер Erroll Garner: Основная информация; Полное имя: Эрролл Луис Гарнер. Дата рождения

Garner - definition of garner by The Free Dictionary

Begone from my presence, thou born monster, storehouse of lies, hoard of untruths, garner of knaveries, inventor of scandals, publisher of absurdities, enemy of the ...

Garner, North Carolina - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Garner is a town in Wake County, North Carolina, United States and a suburb of Raleigh. The population was estimated to be 27,814 as of July 1, 2014.

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Jennifer Garner

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Jennifer Garner - Jennifer Garner Wallpaper (76663) - Fanpop

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Garner é uma atriz com feições sérias, mas na verdade ela é ...

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