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The Suit of Abraham Lincoln: A Story of Adultery, Murder, and the Making of a Great President


The Suit of Abraham Lincoln: A Story of Adultery, Murder, and the Making of a Great President

  • 256 pages
  • Cream colored paperback with portrait picture of Lincoln.

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In 1856, Abraham Lincoln was at a personal crossroads. Often despondent, he had grown bored with his work as a lawyer. He was beginning to see himself as just a former Congressman, without much of a future in politics. Later that year, the gruesome murder of a Springfield blacksmith provided the case that defined Lincoln's legal career. The string of lurid revelations that followed the crime became front page news across the country, putting Lincoln back in the national spotlight. The Anderson case reflected the spirit of the times: an inescapable, dark world, hidden within the optimism and innocence of the young city of Springfield. With the Anderson murder, Lincoln's legal skills as a defender were challenged as never before and he was finally able to prove himself as a man with a great destiny.

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Few thinkers from outside the United States have touched American culture in as many ways as Rudolf Steiner. Agriculture, education, spirituality, and medicine—or more precisely, alternative practices in these fields—all bear clear marks of his influence, for those with eyes to see. Yet the very breadth of Steiner's impact has perhaps made him harder, not easier, for observers of American culture to notice. The terms Waldorf education and biodynamic agriculture are more widely recognized than Rudolf Steiner himself or Anthroposophy. Anthroposophic initiatives are commonly understood in relation to parallel initiatives with different spiritual roots, rather than in relation to the rich fabric of Steiner's worldview. Americans typically imagine biodynamic agriculture as a more intense form of organics and Waldorf schools as 'like Montessori schools only more so.' When I describe the Camphill movement, most interlocutors respond with 'Is that like the L'arche movement?' And thousands of shoppers at health food cooperatives and Whole Foods supermarkets purchase Weleda skin lotion, diaper cream, or homeopathic remedies with little sense of connection to Steiner's vision of spirit active in the world. —Dan McKanan (from the foreword). American Philosophy and Rudolf Steiner aspires to raise Steiner's profile by digging into just one field of inquiry: philosophy. Before he became known to the world as a transmitter of clairvoyant wisdom, Steiner was an academic philosopher, editor of the scientific writings of Goethe and author of a foundational work in philosophy, The Philosophy of Freedom: The Basis for a Modern Worldview, published in 1894. That book expressed in philosophical terms many of the ideas that would later emerge as integral to the spiritual science of Anthroposophy. Though the authors cover a wide range of topics, most share an elegiac tone. They see great potential for dialogue between Rudolf Steiner and the great American philosophers of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. American philosophy may have taken a wrong turn in the mid-twentieth century, when pragmatism gave way to a tradition of analytical philosophy that eschewed metaphysics as inherently meaningless and focused on the coherence or incoherence of linguistic structures. Nonetheless, many new sites of potential dialogue exist between Steiner and American philosophy. Five of the articles in this volume were written as part of a seminar on Rudolf Steiner and American Thought as part of a Project for the Renewal of Philosophy, Science, and Education sponsored by Laurance S. Rockefeller. Some of the contributions were originally published in ReVision: A Journal of Consciousness and Transformation (spring and summer 1991).

KOTV Tyson v Douglas, R Jones v M Griffin 1 & 2, B Hopkins v K Holmes, Frazier v Bonavena 2

Preview of NBA season: Western Conference

— As the old adage goes, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. ” While most teams made off-season changes, the Spurs kept everything in tact from their championship team. Key losses: None Key additions: Kyle Anderson 2014-15 record: 59-23 2. — The. Source: More Than X's and O's

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  • East Bay high school/community college scoreboard for Tuesday, Oct. 28

    10/28/14 ,via San Jose Mercury News

    M -- Cota 2 run (kick blocked). L -- Mendoza 29 FG. Rushing: L -- Anthony 23-103, Avery 3-48, Palandech 8-19, Gordan 9-16, Pope 1-0, Team 2-(-5). Totals 46-181. M -- Cota 23-110, Souza 5-32, Thomas 11-30, Cooper 4-16, Holley 2-8. Totals 45-196. Passing

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  • Etta's Crab Cakes (Tom Douglas)

    cider vinegar, dijon mustard, crabmeat, egg yolks, breadcrumbs, black pepper, thyme, kosher salt, olive oil, onions, paprika, parsley, parsley, red pepper, sour cream, hot sauce, butter


  • Reimagining the Soul

    McFarland. 2013. ISBN: 9781476613673,1476613672. 216 pages.

    This book explores conceptions of the soul and the afterlife that are consistent with the findings of modern science. It approaches these subjects from many different angles: religious, philosophical, scientific, poetic, humorous, quasi-scientific, and even pseudoscientific (just to be fair). Many possible afterlives are examined, including physical resurrection (whether supernatural, biological or cybernetic in form), reincarnation, participation in a dream-like world or collective mind, and the persistence of recycling centers of pure consciousness. Philosophical, scientific and religious doctrines regarding the relationship between conscious minds and physical matter are reviewed. Centers of consciousness likely exist at many different hierarchical levels, from elementary particles, single neurons and organisms all the way up to supra-individual entities such as ant colonies or deities. Empirical evidence bearing on the nature of the soul and the afterlife is also reviewed, including that amassed by parapsychologists suggesting that some personality elements may survive death (as in the case of children who report memories of previous lives). The findings of modern neuroscience suggest that you cannot take it all (or even much of it) with you but you can at least take you with you.

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  • Tyler ISD to hold parent meetings to discuss redesign process

    10/14/14 ,via Tyler Morning Telegraph

    7 p.m. to 8 p.m. Douglas Elementary School: Wednesday, October 15, 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Griffin Elementary School: Thursday, October 16, 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Douglas, Griffin, Orr and Peete each received an Improvement Required rating for the 2012-2013 ...

  • NBA Preseason Preview: Los Angeles Clippers (0-1) at Portland Trail Blazers (0-2)

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    The battle to keep an eye on here is Chris Douglas-Roberts versus ... but the more consistent Griffin is from range, the better he becomes as a player… and that’s always a great thing. As the rest of you should, I’m highly interested in what this ...

  • Mr. William Douglas Long

    10/03/14 ,via Times-Herald

    William Douglas Long, 66, of Griffin, died at Reliance Healthcare on Sept ... A memorial service is planned for 11 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 4 at Higgins Hillcrest Chapel with Pastor Stewart Boice officiating. The family will receive friends from 10 a.m ...


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26 may 2012 names douglas m griffin douglas m griffin

26 may 2012 names douglas m griffin douglas m griffin
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26 may 2012 names douglas m griffin douglas m griffin

26 may 2012 names douglas m griffin douglas m griffin
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