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10 track LP record, Artists are: Bill Batstone, Apocalypse, Eden, Michael Gonzales, James Ledlie, Danny Daniels, Lifters, Sheryl Olguin, Altar Boys, Cathy Spurr & Debbie McNeil

Jacuzzi Boys' Crusty Pop Is the Perfect Antidote to Miami's Cheesy Bullshit - Observer

Miami is a weird place, and qualifying what it means to be from Miami for outsiders has been a source of frustration ever sense I left at 18 and never moved back. When the rest of our country sees what bizarre people the locals appoint to public office, when they try to wrap their minds around how so much of a multicultural community can vote Republican (the Cubans are still mad at the Democrats for Janet... But Miami’s not quite like the rest of redneck-saturated Florida, and it’s not quite like South America or the Caribbean, although there are obviously tremendous cultural flavors and notes running through it. People also don’t realize that there’s... When you grow up in a town that sees the garish and tacky put on a pedestal, punk music has a natural limestone foundation on which to grow. And for Miami’s Jacuzzi Boys , making crusty garage pop became the ultimate act of refusal. “Being born and raised there, you just don’t care about all the lame shit,” Jacuzzi Boys bassist Danny Gonzales tells me outside before their show at Brooklyn’s Baby’s All Right. “You just take the cheese,” adds guitarist and singer Gabriel Alcala. You could say taking the cheese also describes the band’s name, which they chose as a joke for two Orlando gigs years ago and just sort of stuck. Though they’ve never used jacuzzis in their imagery, and though the name conjures an image of some hormone-crazed jocks raging in the tub, now they just think it’s funny. “When people hear the name and hear we’re from Miami, they automatically think it’s some kind of hip-hop or party music,” says Gonzales. “Like 2 Live Crew ,” adds Alcala. Accepting the cheese for what it is also rings as a strategy for surviving Miami when you’re a little bit crustier than the postcard-image-honoring gentry. When Gonzales recounts the show spaces that he frequented as a kid, it inevitably moves our conversation to focusing on Miami’s newish hipster enclave, the Wynwood Arts District. “When I started going to shows it seemed like there were more pockets, because there was still the Kitchen Club in the Grove, so punk kids would still hang out in Coconut Grove,” he remembers. Source:

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  • Jacuzzi Boys' Crusty Pop Is the Perfect Antidote to Miami's Cheesy Bullshit

    10/17/16 ,via Observer

    “Being born and raised there, you just don't care about all the lame shit,” Jacuzzi Boys bassist Danny Gonzales tells me outside before their show at Brooklyn's Baby's All Right. “It's always been kind of dumb. It's a very Miami thing, although it's

  • Q&A: Jacuzzi Boys look to heat up Frequency with new music

    10/11/16 ,via The Badger Herald

    Danny Gonzales: It seemed like we [were] no longer working with the label, and there were some labels we actually could've worked with, but it didn't seem that different from what we could do by ourselves. [And then] we wouldn't have to answer to


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  • Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon

    Jeff Milne. 2009. ISBN: 9780615285214,061528521X.

    This is an in depth reference work devoted to the movie trivia game Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. It is far better and more complete than the terrible, short book by the games creators, which was mostly pictures and empty space on the page.



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