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Selling Tutelage and Educating Sales

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Selling Tutelage and Educating Sales by Chuck Thokey Brian L Gross
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Whether you’re a teacher or sales professional, you will not achieve success unless you believe in yourself, the organization you work for, and the product you are selling.

The two professions are closely intertwined—as Jack Malcolm, sales trainer, rightly realized when he said, “Good salespeople do a lot of teaching, and good teachers do a lot of selling. Both professionals only succeed if their customers or pupils do—you can’t be a teacher unless someone learns, and you definitely can’t sell without someone buying.”

In this survival guide for teachers and sales professionals, the authors draw on proven techniques that allow you to be more dynamic while keeping others engaged, productive, and successful. Learn how to:

mentally prepare for the year to come;

overcome professional and political obstacles to success;

get to know your clients; and

work with peers and partners.

You’ll also learn how to keep subject matter relevant to students or prospects by encouraging group discussions and using interactive websites to drive your point home and make learning fun.

Get insights to succeed as a teacher and in sales with this survival guide that draws upon lessons from both fields.

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B/R MMA Roundtable: Expectations and Projections for BJ Penn's Latest Return

The Bleacher Report staff got together to discuss Penn's return, what it means and our expectations should. Scott Harris: Any and all BJ Penn takes must arrive at the table wrapped in disclaimers and served with a side of platitudes. Yes, Penn is one of the greatest MMA fighters ever, and almost certainly the lightweight GOAT. Yes, at age 37 and with 13 years of combat under his belt, the very wealthy Penn is taking an unnecessary risk with his health and well-being. Yes, Penn has earned the right to make his own decisions. Yes, Penn is severely diminished as a fighter. Yes, Greg Jackson is a very good coach and could impart some new motivation to Penn. After wading through the context and acknowledgements, there's not much left but a couple of basic questions: How would you define success in this run, and do you care. My answer to the first is that any UFC win, even if it comes over, say, Phillipe : I loved the blood-licking, underwater-rock-carrying BJ Penn. I have simply been burned too many times by a “motivated” Penn. I got excited when he returned against Frankie Edgar at 145. I thought getting to 145 and having dropped two to Edgar previously would allow us to see a competitive and fired-up Prodigy. Penn wants to make a run at 145 gold. That's a pipe dream he needs to let go. I don't have high expectations for this return would be a perfect opponent for him, and their beef would, at least, allow me to care a tiny fraction of what I used to care for a BJ Penn fight. It is also a fight between two fighters not nearing a title shot and can be a serviceable piece to any fight card. Featherweight is a strong division, and I just can't see Penn having long-term success in the UFC. If pressed to make a prediction of what happens, I'd have to say he'll get a win over a subpar fighter and get wrecked by a true contender. Truthfully, I just hope this return doesn't make me sad. When it comes to Penn. Penn hasn't been knocked out bunches of times like Ken Shamrock. Heck, he hasn't even sustained a catastrophic injury and been popped for : I got the same gross feeling in the pit of my stomach about all this Penn return stuff as the rest of you. But then I started thinking: You know, this is not Penn staying home and being fat and training for 30 minutes a day and waiting until the very last minute to do anything resembling a fight camp. This is Penn, a historical loafer, uprooting himself and moving to the desolate. Source: Bleacher Report

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  • Art that speaks of SF's past

    01/20/16 ,via SFGate

    One can make out hints of the man behind the late Bay Area artist Leo Valledor's paintings, now on exhibit in “Color Space” at Brian Gross Fine Art. The rhythmic rat-a-tat repetition of electric-hued zigzags in his 1967 “Current” embodies the jazz that

  • Mayors meet Homeland Security secretary over funding concerns

    01/21/16 ,via Las Vegas Review-Journal

    Goodman believes she scored points when she mentioned the significant role Hoover Dam plays in the gross national product. "I saw his eyes Brian Sandoval have written Johnson, expressing concern about Las Vegas' ranking. Funding through the 


@brian_lovin This image makes me feel a lot of gross feelings for a lot of weird reasons. 01/21/16, @paulstraw
@PrincessKaate wait nah, you're gross 01/21/16, @Brian_Grabo
@PrincessKaate you're gross babe 01/21/16, @Brian_Grabo


  • Brian's Chicken Noodle Soup

    bay leaf, black pepper, butter, carrot, cube chicken bouillon, chicken broth, chicken, basil, oregano, garlic, noodles, mushroom, onions, rice, salt, water


  • Radio Production Worktext

    Taylor & Francis. 2005. ISBN: 9780240806907,0240806905. 241 pages.

    Radio Production Worktext, 5ED is designed to provide an introduction ot the modern radio production studio, the equipment found in that studio, and basic techniques to accomplish radio production work. The text also emphasizes digital equipment but also includes information on the older analog equipment still used in radio. The worktext format combines information, Q&As, and projects, providing a complete resource for teaching and learning, either in a formal classroom setting or as a self-study guide for the individual. The companion CD-ROM provides project material and demonstrations of key concepts. Radio Production Worktext's clear and simple approach makes it a useful reference for the entry-level broadcaster. The new edition focuses on digital technologies but also covers the revelant analog technologies and their role, while continuing to reflect all tools and methods commonly in use. Some chapters have been reordered to strengthen the text, in recognition of the importance of digital technologies to the whole of the production process - and wil bein the front of the book.

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  • Interview With Brian Grosso, Founder Of Rugged Group LLC

    01/21/16 ,via Seeking Alpha

    This has been a pleasure. Readers can visit my Seeking Alpha profile at, my LinkedIn at, and my company's website at My email is Happy investing in 2016!

  • Aspen Group Announces Acquisition of AgriLogic Insurance Services, LLC

    01/20/16 ,via Business Wire

    AgriLogic’s President & CEO Joe Davis will continue in his role, reporting to Brian Boornazian, Chairman ... Aspen reported $10.7 billion in total assets, $4.8 billion in gross reserves, $3.4 billion in total shareholders’ equity and $2.9 billion ...

  • Local college basketball notes: UC Davis men hope to build off last-second win

    01/20/16 ,via TheSacramento Bee

    Brian Katz, Sacramento State men’s basketball coach ... but what pleases Aggies coach Jennifer Gross more is how her team has played at the Pavilion, where it has been inconsistent in recent seasons. We’re trying to get back to the tradition we ...


Brian Gross Fine Art

Established in 1990, Brian Gross Fine Art specializes in abstract and reductive painting, provocative exhibitions of sculpture, multi-media installations and ...

Brian Wilson

Brian Wilson Presents Pet Sounds The 50th Anniversary Celebration & Final Performance in its Entirety. Tour Dates and VIP Info

Brian Spencer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Brian Spencer; Born (1949-09-03) September 3, 1949 Fort St. James, BC, CAN: Died: June 3, 1988 (1988-06-03) (aged 38) Riviera Beach, FL, USA: Height: 5 ft 11 in (180 cm)

'Love & Mercy' Brings The Life Of Brian Wilson To The Big ...

TERRY GROSS, HOST: This is FRESH AIR. I'm Terry Gross. The new movie "Love & Mercy" is about the life of Brian Wilson, who was the genius of The Beach Boys.

Lesly Kahn & Co. Submissions: Brian Gross

Lesly Kahn & Co. Submissions: Brian Gross

Brian Gross - Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel Wiki

Brian Gross - Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel Wiki

Brian Gross movies list, age, images & twitter comments

Brian Gross movies list, age, images & twitter comments

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