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Lesar: Late gamble on Notre Dame's defense goes wrong - Notre Dame Insider

Condensed to mostly the southeast corner of Notre Dame Stadium, the green-and-white faithful erupted in the third quarter when Gerald Holmes scored from a few yards out. don’t forget the nine-yard scoring run by LJ Scott that ignited echoes heard all the way back to East Lansing. Actually there is no such thing as "entitlement" in sports. When you lose you fall from ratings, attendance drops and interest in your team declines. [crying] Now you can see one of the reasons ND won't join the BiG 10. There are at least 5 teams that will consistently beat them year after year after year. ND will no longer have an aura about them. What happened to Nebraska as soon as they joined. They're just another mediocre team now. ND will lose money and prestige by joining the BiG 10 and being exposed. "There are at least 5 teams that will consistently beat them year after year". Notre dame has never shirked a Big 10 team that wants to play. We play Michigan and Michigan State, regularly. ND shut Michigan out last time they met, didn't they. It's a down year for the Irish. You offer some points but it's simply not true to state that the reason ND won't join the Big 10 is because they're afraid to get beat. Is that why they added Florida State and Clemson to the schedule with their ACC affiliation. Is that why we schedule home and aways with Ohio State, Michigan and Michigan State. The hand writing was on the wall long ago with this ND defense. The Irish defense was not at all good last year despite crowning Van Gorder as a defensive guru. We have seen several games in the last year where the Irish defense gave up over 500 yards, including 590 against USC. What's more BK seems to do nothing about the failure of the defense and continues to support Van Gorder. Kelly has lost all discipline of this team. Way too much standing around, players on their heels, no enthusiasm, no sense of urgency, tackling is horrible, defensive secondary is lacking, the defence in general is, at best, adequate and the coaches appeared to be in a constant state of... the administration seems to be more concerned with the monetary aspect of running an institution than maintainin the tradition of Notre Dame. When questioned about their defensive problems the staff cites all the injuries plaqin the team. Well welcome to college football. Source:

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  • Lesar: Late gamble on Notre Dame's defense goes wrong

    09/18/16 ,via Notre Dame Insider

    Notre Dame's Notre Dame defensive coordinator Brian VanGorder looks at the turf as Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly looks on during the Notre Dame-Michigan State NCAA college football game Saturday, Sept. 17, 2016 at Notre Dame Stadium in South 

  • Brian Dennehy To Recur On 'Hap & Leonard' Season 2

    09/09/16 ,via Deadline

    Irma P. Hall (A Family Thing) joins as recurring, along with Dohn Norwood (All the Way, Hell on Wheels) and Evan Gamble (The Vampire Diaries), and Tiffany Mack (Wicked Love) and Cranston Johnson who board as series regulars. Episodes will be directed 


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  • Toxicity

    AuthorHouse. 2016. ISBN: 9781524605681,1524605689. 326 pages.

    Toxicity In this exciting prequel to O’Rourke’s thrilling debut novel, Proposition, Napa Valley attorney, Riley Scofield is up to her pretty neck in another toxic mess. And this time it’s not just environmental. Riley’s trying to mend a long-standing feud between the Scofield and Royster families when she’s asked to represent the sale of a client’s condemned toxic property. When Riley discovers the contamination reports have been falsified, the client’s property value goes up—way up. The client tells everyone about their good luck, and suddenly, Riley has an office full of new clients needing help with their contamination problems. It seems like a win-win. Riley is busier than ever, but she’s also in the way of someone’s plan for making millions turning Napa Valley’s “toxic” properties green. They drop a hint on Riley—a hint that goes boom. Riley’s fighting on three toxic fronts now: an environmental conspiracy, a fifty-year blood feud, and most important—staying alive. Includes a bonus chapter of Denis O’Rourke’s upcoming novel, Jesus Never Drove a Desoto. Murder • Menace • Merriment


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Brian Gamble; Birth name: Brian Gamble: Born (1970-04-24) April 24, 1970 (age 46) Ohio: Residence: Orlando, Florida: Professional wrestling career; Ring name(s)

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