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As the month of June draws ever closer, Fox’s X-Files revival is starting to take shape. Original series writers James Wong (American Horror Story), Glen Morgan (BBC America’s Intruders) and Darin Morgan (Those Who Kill) have signed deals with the studio and will help script the six episode limited series revival, TVWise has confirmed. Glen Morgan and James Wong are also set to direct one episode apiece, while Glen Morgan will also serve as an executive producer. The trio have been more-or-less on-board for The X-Files revival for some time, with Chris Carter revealing in a interview with XFilesNews last month that Glen Morgan, James Wong and Darin Morgan would be part of the writers room. At that time, however, no deals had been closed (TVLine was the first to report that Glen Morgan and James Wong had inked deals). As previously reported, Fox’s X-Files revival will run six episode and is set to wrap up storylines left lingering for the series proper. Mitch Pileggi has also inked a deal to return as FBI Assistant Director Skinner and William B. Davis will also return as Cigarette Smoking Man. TVWise previously revealed that Robert Patrick and Annabeth Gish were also being lined up for roles on the revival. It now appears that neither will appear after Fox ran into some issues in reaching a deal with Robert Patrick. Sources say that the main issue here was scheduling issues as both The X-Files and the second season of Scorpion are scheduled to begin shooting around the same time. Other key X-Files alums are eyed to take part, but Frank Spotnitz, who was a long-time collaborator with Carter on The X-Files, is not expected to be one of them due to conflicts with his Amazon series The Man In The High Castle, which is now... The six episode revival begins shooting in Vancouver in mid-June. Ten Thirteen Productions and Fox’s sister studio 20th Century Fox Television are producing. Chris Carter serves as executive producer and showrunner, and is also expected to direct at least one episode. confirmation that Vince Gilligan will have to sit the revival out. I’m very sad to miss out, because I would love to have a hand in The X-Files reboot. The X-Files was my second favorite job ever, a close second to Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, and I’d love to be a part of it. Rest assured, I will be watching it as a fan. Source: Stars, hide your fires...

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  • 'The X-Files' Revival Could Return 'The Lone Gunmen,' Says Chris Carter

    04/29/15 ,via ScreenCrush

    Pileggi's name was also included on a shortlist that named Robert Patrick and Annabeth Gish as candidates to return, along with “Smoking Man” William B. Davis. On the creative side, writers and producers Glen Morgan and Jim Wong will return to write

  • Annabeth Gish on Being Sons of Anarchy's Bad Cop

    11/19/14 ,via Vulture

    There's a new sheriff in town for Sons of Anarchy's final season: Annabeth Gish's Althea Jarry, a corrupt Charming, California, cop who's been sleeping with the would-be enemy, SAMCRO gang-member Chibs (Tommy Flanagan). The X-Files and Bridge alum 


@black_mamba_06 @TommyFlanagan @annabethgish @sutterink @misslinn2 @CortneyCozart been a fan of Annabeth Gish since Mystic pizza. She's ace 05/17/15, @nobblebonce
#AngelinaJolie True Women (#DVD Mini Series) Angelina Jolie Annabeth Gish Dana Delany #BradPitt 05/15/15, @BradPitt_Watch
@JenniferC7127 The first movie is so worth watching! But don't waste ur time on the 2nd. I hope Annabeth Gish comes back too! Love her! 05/15/15, @lancaster_lynn


  • X-Files - Txf Performers

    2011. ISBN: 1234675161,9781234675165. 38 pages.

    Source: Wikia. Pages: 36. Chapters: Annabeth Gish, Arlene Pileggi, Bill Dow, Brent Butt, Brian Thompson, Bruce Campbell, C. Ernst Harth, Carrie Classen, Charles Cioffi, Charles Nelson Reilly, Chris Carter, Christine Firkins, Cory Parravano, Dana Wheeler-Nicholson, Daniel Duchovny, Darin Morgan, Darren McGavin, David Duchovny, David Fredericks, Dean Haglund, Don S. Williams, Donnelly Rhodes, Doug Hutchison, Emily Perkins, Erika Krievins, Frank Welker, Fritz Weaver, Gillian Anderson, Harris Yulin, Jack Blessing, James Otis, James Pickens, Jr., James Sloyan, Jamie Marsh, Jay Caputo, Jerry Hardin, Jerry Shiban, Jesse Ventura, Jim Jansen, Jimmy Herman, Jodie Foster, John Neville, Krista Allen, Kurtwood Smith, Lance Henriksen, Laurie Holden, Lili Taylor, Malcolm Stewart, Melinda McGraw, Michael Berryman, Michael Horse, Michael J. Anderson, Michael McKean, Mitch Pileggi, Pat Skipper, Peter Boyle, Renae Morriseau, Rob Van Dam, Robert Patrick, Robert Wisden, Roy Thinnes, Sabrina Krievins, Sarah-Jane Redmond, Seth Green, Shia LaBeouf, Spencer Maybee, Stephen McHattie, Stephen Snedden, TXF Season 1 performers, TXF Season 7 performers, TXF Season 9 performers, Terry O'Quinn, Tom Braidwood, Tony Todd, Victoria Jackson, Wayne Alexander, William Lucking, X-Files deaths. Excerpt: Adam Baldwin had a recurring role on The X-Files as Knowle Rohrer. Baldwin was a main cast member on Firefly and reprised the role in the movie Serenity. Adam Baldwin on Wikipedia Alan Dale is an actor from New Zealand who has appeared in both The X-Files as the Toothpick Man, and The Lone Gunmen as Michael Wilhelm. Most famous for his long standing role in Australian soap Neighbours, Dale has also appeared in many American shows, including 24, Lost and Ugly Betty, as well as the British science fiction series Torchwood. Andrew Jordt Robinson (born February 14, 1942 in New York City) is an actor best known for his roles as Scorpio in Dirty Harry, Larry Cotton in Hellraiser and Elim Garak in Star Trek...

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  • David Duchovny talks bringing back The X-Files: 'We're teaching an old dog new tricks'

    05/15/15 ,via Digital Spy

    Chris Carter has already expressed interest in bringing back characters from the past, possibly including the later seasons' Agent John Doggett (Robert Patrick) and Agent Monica Reyes (Annabeth Gish).


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Annabeth Gish, Actress: Mystic Pizza. A versatile actress, Annabeth Gish weathered the transition from child actor to adult, with a variety of dramatic and comedic ...

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A versatile actress, Annabeth Gish weathered the transition from child actor to adult, with a variety of dramatic and comedic roles on film and television.

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Annabeth Gish (born March 13, 1971) is an American actress. She has played roles in films Shag, Hiding Out, Mystic Pizza, The Last Supper and Double Jeopardy. On ...

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