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Insignificant Louie by CANDLEWICK
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Poor Louie! Life is perfect for this pup until Mom’s belly starts getting bigger. . . . A funny and touching tale for big siblings from the illustrator of the Bink and Gollie series.

Louie’s life is great! A walk on the leash every morning, ice cream on Sundays, snuggling in bed at night with Mom and Dad. Even the playdates with Mom’s friends — despite their little crawling creatures who pull Louie’s ears — aren’t all that bad. But then things get weird: cold food on the floor, no room in the bed, and lots of new stuff coming into the house in pairs — two small beds, two little sweaters, two seats in the stroller. Does that bode double trouble ahead, or could there be a happier surprise in store for Louie? With perfect visual pacing, Tony Fucile takes a familiar story and gives it a comic spin.
Let's Do Nothing!

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Let's Do Nothing! by Candlewick Press
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Don’t move! A master of animation explores the elusive art of doing nothing in this comical tale of two very active imaginations.

Frankie and Sal have already played every sport and board game invented, baked and eaten batches of cookies, and painted a zillion pictures. What’s left to do? Nothing! Ten seconds of nothing! Can they do it? Can they act like stone statues in the park? Can they simply hold their breath and not blink an eye? With a wink to the reader and a command of visual humor, feature film animator Tony Fucile demonstrates the Zen-like art of doing nothing...oops! Couldn’t do it!

Ivan Mendoza

What are some of the crazier jobs you had before getting into animation. This is a really interesting question… I’ve gone through so many jobs before breaking into Animation. It stretches from a Sandwich Artist@ Subway, Telemarketer, Mailroom Attendant, Waiter, Retail Sales Supervisor@ Best Buy, and of course the craziest job I’ve ever had, a Door to Door/ Business to Business Copier Salesman. What are some of your favorite projects you’re proud to have been a part of. . Most of the projects I’ve had the opportunity to work on I have always been proud of. Just to name a few “The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie”, “DJ & the Fro”, & “The... In all honesty I was just really into drawing and putting some sort of story behind my drawings. I looked at options at what I can do with my art, I did Graffiti when I was younger (never on the walls always on paper ), then I wanted to focus on Illustration by going to Art Center in Pasadena (and didn’t get in ), then just kind of fell into... Animation for me included everything I loved to do, from Design, Illustration, Storyboarding, & of course animating. I was born in the Philippines and came here to the states in 1984. It was actually a long road from my interest in drawing to getting into the animation business. I never really thought that I would ever be able to get in, but I watched countless animated films, read a lot of the “Making of…” books, kept on drawing in sketchbooks, and after years and months of practice it all started to come together. A few friends of mine that worked in the business helped me get into the animation industry and I couldn’t be more grateful. What’s a typical day like for you with regards to your job. I’ve also been lucky enough to land a few special projects for the site, so I’ve been excited working on that. What part of your job do you like best. The best part of this job obviously is the drawing part of it, but I’d have to say the people is what makes it fun for me. What part of your job do you like least. The tedious part of drawing a ‘Wearable’ for all 54 pets, and probably the more daunting part, is exporting. Unfortunately, it really takes out all the creativity about the job and becomes a job for a brief moment. Source: Animation Insider

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    An animator named Tony Fucile gave me my first drawing job on “Ratatouille” while I was still an animator. From that, it got me in that world, and then I Tony Fucile had taken passes on her, and I was inspired by those. I had things to pull from

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    We could also consult Tony Fucile, who is up at Pixar and checked out our stuff every one or two weeks. Putting together a team that was well-versed on the film was very important. : What did your employees who worked on the original film



  • Let's Do Nothing!

    Candlewick Press. 2015. ISBN: 9780763634407,0763634409. 40 pages.

    After playing actively all day two friends learn something when they try to do nothing at all.

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    It was the perfect environment to drop a 50-foot-tall robot into. "The crew ran the gamut from animation veterans like Tony Fucile and Steve Markowski, to wet-behind-the-ears Cal Arts students getting their first chance to work on production, and every ...

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    Fucile drew over the top of the computer-generated works in progress. "Pete was after a sense of draughtsmanship," says Rivera. "And Tony's an amazing hand-drawn animator. We knew we could make it feel physically correct but we wanted to go further than ...

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    Still, she likes watching the show. Her favorite part Friday was “Let's Do Nothing” by Tony Fucile. The show was dedicated to Bob Fallstrom, the veteran Herald & Review newsman who died Thursday at 88. Henkel and Bishop said Fallstrom was president of ...


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Tony Fucile, Animation Department: Ratatouille. Tony Fucile was born in 1964 in San Francisco, California, USA. He is known for his work on Ratatouille (2007), The ...

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ony Fucile has spent over twenty years designing and animating characters for cartoon feature films. During the first fifteen years, he put pencil to paper to help ...

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Tony Fucile is an animator who worked at Disney and Pixar.

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30. Tony Fucile

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