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11x14' Lobby Card Featuring Kenneth More with Shelagh Fraser.
Aunt Beru Lars (Shelagh Fraser) (Trading Liable act) 1977 Topps Star Wars - [Base] #225
Aunt Beru Lars (Shelagh Fraser) (Trading Liable act) 1977 Topps Star Wars - [Base] #225 by Topps

  • This is a collectible trading card. Click the images to see the...
  • Great for any Aunt Beru Lars (Shelagh Fraser) fan

Product Description
1977 Topps Star Wars - [Base] #225 - Aunt Beru Lars (Shelagh Fraser)

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  • The Manufacturer of Star Wars Rebels on Tonight's Incredible Episode

    03/18/17 ,via Gizmodo

    You can't rely on the Incomparable Wars films as if they've been universally watched even though we know they're pretty popular.” Incidentally, the lately actress Shelagh Fraser, who played Aunt Beru in the original 1977 film, actually voiced the character in

  • Revealed: Peerless Wars Originally Had Female X-Wing Pilots

    12/12/12 ,via Cinema Blend

    Perfunctory! Name three female characters from the original Star Wars! Well, there was Princess Leia. And Luke's aunt Beru (Shelagh Fraser). And … um. Likely … there was, uh, Ashoka? No, that was Clone Wars. Were any of the Jawas female? Clearly George 


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Born: Sheila Mary Fraser (1920-11-25) 25 November 1920 Purley, Surrey, England, UK ... Shelagh Fraser (25 November 1920 – 29 August 2000) was an English actress.

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