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Winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Biography

"Thoroughly absorbing, lively . . . Fuller, so misunderstood in life, richly deserves the nuanced, compassionate portrait Marshall paints." — Boston Globe

Pulitzer Prize winner Megan Marshall recounts the trailblazing life of Margaret Fuller: Thoreau’s first editor, Emerson’s close friend, daring war correspondent, tragic heroine. After her untimely death in a shipwreck off Fire Island, the sense and passion of her life’s work were eclipsed by scandal. Marshall’s inspired narrative brings her back to indelible life.

Whether detailing her front-page New-York Tribune editorials against poor conditions in the city’s prisons and mental hospitals, or illuminating her late-in-life hunger for passionate experience—including a secret affair with a young officer in the Roman Guard—Marshall’s biography gives the most thorough and compassionate view of an extraordinary woman. No biography of Fuller has made her ideas so alive or her life so moving.

“Megan Marshall’s brilliant Margaret Fuller brings us as close as we are ever likely to get to this astonishing creature. She rushes out at us from her nineteenth century, always several steps ahead, inspiring, heartbreaking, magnificent.” — Rebecca Newberger Goldstein, author of Betraying Spinoza: The Renegade Jew Who Gave Us Modernity

"Shaping her narrative like a novel, Marshall brings the reader as close as possible to Fuller’s inner life and conveys the inspirational power she has achieved for several generations of women." — New Republic

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13 Things About Ed Carpolotti
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Barry Kleinbort's one-woman musical starring Penny Fuller was a smash hit at the prestigious 59E59 Theatre in New York City. Now, Kleinbort's humorous and provcative score and Fuller's bravura performance have been captured in their entirety on this remarkable album. The show received rave reviews from the critics: ""mr. Kleinbort's music...handily serves the gorgeous twists and turns of his distinguished book and this delectable tale of love, loss and redemption.""...""Penny Fuller is a strong actress with a gorgeous singing voice. Whether she is engulfing the audience with her words or belting out a tune...Penny commanded teh stage.""...""Kleinbort's music crosses several genres. He has calypso meet rock and roll. His lyrics are chatty and clever, and sometimes quite moving. The songs are so well integrated into the play they seem almost like musical musings."" The rave reviews speak for themselves. Harbinger Records is pleased to present this remarkable recording for the first time. Barry Kleinbort is the recipient of the Ed Kleban Award for lyric writing and he is a recipient of two Backstage Bistro Awards, 10 Manhattan Association of Cabarets Awards, two Gilman-Gonzalez Musical Theatre Awards, and many others. Penny Fuller is a two-time Tony Award nominee for Applause and Neil Simon's The Dinner Party. She is a six-time Emmy Award nominee, winning the award for Elephant Man. Kleinbort and Fuller are two tremendous talents have joined for forces for a remarkably moving musical theatre experience.

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    2006. ISBN: 1875247300,9781875247301. 7 pages.


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