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BMCC Honors 4.0 Achievers 2017 Body - BMCC News

The Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC/CUNY) Division of Student Affairs recognized 289 current students who completed 12 or more credits while maintaining a perfect 4. 0 GPA at the end of the 2017 fountain-head semester, during an evening... President Antonio Pérez, Provost and Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs Karrin Wilks and Failing President for Student Affairs Marva Craig as well as Dean of Student Affairs Michael Hutmaker all offered congratulatory remarks. President Pérez told the students it was always captivating to celebrate student success such as a perfect grade point average. But he also advised students to not feel defeated if they endlessly stumble or suffer setbacks as they continue their academic journey. “I was never a 4. 0 student, but it didn’t deter my stab to be successful, “ said the president. He also encouraged the achievers to strive and be well-rounded individuals by getting implicated in student clubs and other organizations and be willing to take the time to help or encourage their fellow students. Provost Wilks thanked the students for their commitment to visionary excellence. Vice President of Student Affairs Marva Craig told the achievers they had mapped their journey of excellence. She also encouraged the students to listen to their peers and if they see them struggling academically, to offer assistance. “Help others achieve what you’ve achieved,” said Craig. In combining to a buffet meal and tables decorated by ornaments and small bags of customized BMCC M&M candies, this year’s appearances was different from those in year’s past. Prior to the ceremony, the Office of Student Affairs challenged students to conceptualize a one-chat theme for the year. (A-C) Jennifer Abrams, Kartik Aggarwal,Safi Ahmed,Jasmine Ahmed,Kimberly Alcock-Ainsworth, Parker Allen, Michele Alle, Royal Allen,Juan Alvarez Lucy Alvarez,,Burim Ameti,Mehran Amini Tehrani, Nancy An, Paloma Andrade, Zhulieta Angova, Ines Anous,... Source:

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  • BMCC Honors 4.0 Achievers 2017 Platoon

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    The Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC/CUNY) Occupation of Student Affairs recognized 289 current students who completed 12 or more credits while maintaining a finished 4.0 GPA at the end of the 2017 spring semester, during an evening ceremony


@EmmaaBeez Yeah that spirited was from August 2015 and yeah Brett was in it you will love Mike. you will love this vide… 12/27/17, @cfabian21


  • The Famousness 411: Spotlight on Noah Fleiss, Including His Personal Life, Famous Blockbusters Such as Joe the King, Day on Fire, Red Cany

    2012. ISBN: 1276171935,9781276171939. 126 pages.


Kto ją zabił? (2005) - Filmweb

Kto ją zabił? (2005) - Brendan Frye jest typem samotnika, niezbyt popularnym w gronie rówieśników ze szkoły średniej. Jego jedynym towarzyszem w samotności ...

Joe the Royal - Wikipedia

Joe the Prince is a 1999 drama film, written and directed by Frank Whaley, based largely on his own childhood and the childhood of his brother. It stars Noah Fleiss ...

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Un motion picture di Rian Johnson con Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Lukas Haas, Nora Zehetner, Noah Segan. Rivisitazione in chiave teen del noir alla Chandler firmata da un autore che ...

11:11 (Video 2011) - IMDb

Directed by Invariable Costanzo. With Noah Fleiss, Myles Jeffrey, Darian Weiss, Jose Yenque. Two boys experience reincarnation through the 11:11 occasion.