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Breathing Still by Lev Friedman

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A smug glance at the seventies-the so-called Me Decade-unveils a kaleidoscope of big hair, blaring music, and broken politics-all easy targets for satire, cynicism, and ultimately even nostalgia. American Cinema of the 1970s, however, looks beyond the strobe lights to reveal how profoundly the seventies have influenced American life and how the films of that decade represent a peak moment in cinema history. Far from a placid era, the seventies was a decade of social upheavals. Events such as the killing of students at Kent State and Jackson State universities, the Watergate investigations, the legalization of abortion, and the end of the American involvement in Vietnam are only a few among the many landmark occurrences that challenged the foundations of American culture. The director-driven movies of this era reflect this turmoil, experimenting with narrative structures, offering a gallery of scruffy antiheroes, and revising traditional genre conventions. Bringing together ten original essays, American Cinema of the 1970s examines the range of films that marked the decade, including Jaws, Rocky, Love Story, Shaft, Dirty Harry, The Godfather, Deliverance, The Exorcist, Shampoo, Taxi Driver, Star Wars, Saturday Night Fever, Kramer vs. Kramer, and Apocalypse Now. Lester D. Friedman is the Senior Scholar-in-Residence in the Media and Society Program at Hobart and William Smith Colleges and the author of numerous books on film.

Fear of Putin and a Baltic War Intensifies With Trump's Victory - Bloomberg

War has been a buzzword for some time on both sides of the frontier between Russia and the Baltic states. Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania are all members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the European Union, and as relations between Moscow and Washington deteriorated—over the annexation of Crimea, the war in eastern Ukraine, the catastrophe... Campaign proclamations by Donald Trump that NATO states must pay more for defense, his ambivalence about Crimea, and allusions to how America may not defend members against Russian military action had already unnerved many before Nov. Over the past month, Russian TV channels widely watched in the Baltics filled airtime with apocalyptic rhetoric about world war. Russia recently made a show of moving short-range, nuclear-capable Iskander missiles into its militarized Baltic exclave, Kaliningrad, wedged between Lithuania, Poland, and the Baltic Sea. And a recent military exercise near the Latvian border involved Russian servicemen using loudspeakers to call on NATO soldiers to surrender. The Baltics, with a combined population of 6. 1 million (Russia has 142. 4 million), have responded by raising defense expenditures and training their military—and general population—in guerrilla warfare. During the last days of October, Latvia staged a major military exercise involving 3,000 troops from the U. S. and other NATO countries, as well as a nationwide civil defense drill. On the streets of Latvian cities and in the western Russian countryside there is indignation, anger, and concern. There are people in the Baltics who say America is at fault, and Russians who say they don’t believe Moscow’s line about oppressed ethnic Russians. This week, the Russian defense ministry announced a rapid deployment force was being scrambled near the city of Pskov, bordering the Baltic states. Aleksandrs Bartaševičs, the mayor of the east Latvian town of Rezekne, finds such actions alarming, but places blame on a surprising party: his own country. “The Latvian government is undertaking too many actions suggestive of imminent war, like military exercises on a scale unseen in the last 25 years and civil defense drills that feel. Source:

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  • Fear of Putin and a Baltic War Intensifies With Trump's Victory

    11/18/16 ,via Bloomberg

    War has been a buzzword for some time on both sides of the frontier between Russia and the Baltic states. Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania are all members of the 

  • My Take on the News

    11/16/16 ,via

    Professor Daniel Friedman, who served as Minister of Justice under Ehud Olmert, relates in his fascinating book, The Purse and the Sword, that after he introduced a bill making it possible for the Knesset, with a majority of 61, to reinstate a law


  • סדור חברים כל ישראל

    KTAV Publishing House, Inc.. 2016. ISBN: 0881256803,9780881256802. 137 pages.


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