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a Playbill From The Broadway Production of Legs Diamond Book by Charles Suppon, Harvey Fierstein; Lyrics by Peter Allen; Music by Peter Allen. Directed by Robert Allan Ackerman; Choreographed by Alan Johnson November , 1988 Starring Peter Allen, Julie Wilson, Randall Edwards, Joe Silver, Raymond Serra, Christian Kauffmann, Pat McNamara, Jim Fyfe, Bob Stillman................................ This magazine is in great condition. see photos. If you have a specific question about this item, please contact me.
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Psychic swindler Frank Bannister (Michael J. Fox), with his ghostly business partners Stuart (Jim Fyfe, left) and Cyrus (Chi McBride, right), in the film "The Frighteners"The Frighteners is a 1996 New Zealand-American horror comedy film directed by Peter Jackson and co-written with his wife, Fran Walsh. The film stars Michael J. Fox, Trini Alvarado, Peter Dobson, John Astin, Dee Wallace Stone, Jeffrey Combs, and Jake Busey. The Frighteners tells the story of Frank Bannister (Fox), an architect who develops psychic abilities allowing him to see, hear, and communicate with ghosts after his wife's murder. He initially uses his new abilities to befriend ghosts, whom he sends to haunt people so that he can charge them handsome fees for "exorcising" the ghosts. However, the spirit of a mass murderer appears able to attack the living and the dead, posing as the ghost of the Grim Reaper, prompting Frank to investigate the supernatural presence.Michael Andrew Fox, OC (born June 9, 1961), known as Michael J. Fox, is a Canadian-American[1] actor, author, producer, and activist. With a film and television career spanning from the 1970s, Fox's roles have included Marty McFly from the Back to the Future trilogy (1985â€"1990); Alex P. Keaton from NBC's Family Ties (1982â€"1989), for which he won three Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe Award; and Mike Flaherty in ABC's Spin City (1996â€"2001), for which he won an Emmy, three Golden Globes, and two Screen Actors Guild Awards.Kenneth "Chi" McBride (born September 23, 1961) is an American actor. He starred as high school principal Steven Harper on the series Boston Public, as Emerson Cod on Pushing Daisies, as Detective Laverne Winston on the Fox drama

Pup turns camp entertainer - Otago Daily Times

A sea lion pup at Warrington Beach has been delighting visitors by touring the area and taking shelter under vehicles in the camping ground. Born at Warrington Beach on January 4, it was now more mobile and had been expected to have headed out to sea by now, Department of Conservation coastal biodiversity ranger Jim Fyfe said. "It's starting the process where the mother is moving it towards the sea. A second sea lion pup born in January was found dead, after being killed by a shark. The pup was found washed up on Allans Beach by a Doc nature tour guide on Tuesday. Mr Fyfe said a Massey University veterinarian pathologist had confirmed the pup had been attacked by a shark while still alive. Despite it being an uncommon occurrence, Mr Fyfe said there had been sea lions killed by sharks at Allans Beach and other Dunedin beaches before. The death takes the number of sea lion pups born on Dunedin beaches down to nine, with one more thought to have been born. However, the pregnant mother, Gem, was yet to be seen at her usual breeding spot on Tomahawk Beach. "Gem usually has her pup, quite famously, around Tomahawk. I'm quite pleased that Gem hasn't come up on Tomahawk this year because of the vehicle chaos,''Mr Fyfe said. A sign at Smails Beach was being changed to inform beach-goers the east end of the beach was now prohibited to dogs due to a mother and her pup inhabiting that area, he said. When the final pup was born, and provided there were no other pup deaths, it would be the most born since 1995 when sea lions started breeding again on Dunedin beaches. Source:

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  • Pup turns camp entertainer

    02/05/16 ,via Otago Daily Times

    Born at Warrington Beach on January 4, it was now more mobile and had been expected to have headed out to sea by now, Department of Conservation coastal biodiversity ranger Jim Fyfe said. "It's starting the process where the mother is moving it towards 

  • Husker Extra live chat replay: Steven M. Sipple

    02/01/16 ,via Lincoln Journal Star

    Question regarding all that is being made about Jim Harbaugh and his recruiting. Thoughts on him supposedly pulling schollies from recruits after thinking he got better players after? Seems scummy too me. I think he would fit in better in the SEC by


What if there was a Jim Fyfe club 01/29/16, @Trina_wut
What if there was a Jim Fyfe club 01/29/16, @FyfeIsLyfe
RT @nickdiaz209: Ex-Bear Jim McMahon: Medical marijuana got me off narcotic pain pills - Chicago Tribune - https://… 01/29/16, @ralphy2569_fyfe


  • Jim's Macaroni Salad

    processed cheese, cider vinegar, dill pickle, eggs, green pepper, mayonnaise, black pepper, onions

  • Jim's Tuna Salad

    cucumber, eggs, lettuce, artichoke, mayonnaise, salt, dark sesame oil, tomato, tuna, water


  • Little Frankie Stein

    2005. ISBN: 141849562X,9781418495626. 172 pages.

    Little Frankie Stein finds his late father's reanimation machine and decides to use it for his next science project.

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  • Eight sea lions born on city beaches (+ video)

    01/22/16 ,via Otago Daily Times

    Department of Conservation coastal biodiversity ranger Jim Fyfe said should another two be born, it would be the first time "double figures'' had been reached since 1995, when sea lions started breeding again on Dunedin beaches. "I guess it's a very slow ...

  • Huskers look to make good of crowded recruiting weekend

    01/22/16 ,via Lincoln Journal Star

    So has Jim Harbaugh. The Huskers are open to letting him play on either ... The whole thing could make sense for NU when you consider Tommy Armstrong and Ryker Fyfe will both be gone after this season, bringing the number of Husker scholarship QBs down ...

  • Sea lion and pup move to Smaills Beach

    02/06/14 ,via Otago Daily Times

    Department of Conservation biodiversity ranger Jim Fyfe said the 3-week-old pup, born on Tomahawk Beach, and its mother had moved ''just around the corner'' to Smaills Beach. A temporary cordon around the eastern end of Tomahawk Beach would be lifted ...


Аҡҡош һөтө - ТӨП БИТ

Ҡайтып кереу менән атайыңдан, мине менеп, анау күлде әйләнеп сығырға рөхсәт һора, ...

Қош келдің, Жаңа жыл! - Қазақстан ...

... аса адам жиналыпты. Бұл жолғы жарық-шоуды ұйымдастыру үшін билік анау-мынау емес, ...

" Қош келдің - Әз Наурыз !"

Отырған анау ойланып. Қосылып: Бәріңізге бір сәлем. 1-жүргізуші: Енді тойды бастайық.

"Қош бол, балабақша&quot ...

Анау екі бұзық тышқандарды көрдіңдер ме? Ендеше тыныш жер тапқан екенмін. Мынау өзенде ...

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