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Packed with over 350 color photos and descriptions of more than three hundred years of antique styles from Queen Anne to Art Deco, this informative guide to antiques is a must-have companion price guide for novices and veteran collectors and highlights the basics of antiquing, including definitions and history. Original.
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Another new title in this burgeoning series, which encourages young children to learn about all the different jobs that grown-ups do. Young children will love following Frank the Farmer and his family on a busy day on the farm, as they juggle the needs of all their animals and some rather unruly bed and breakfast guests. Jo Litchfield's ever-popular hand-made models combine with simple, engaging text to make the Jobs People Do series a fun learning experience for very young children.

From Nannup to Perth

December 9, 2015. 70 Kms south of Perth, WA, Australia. I'm sitting in my tent on the side of the road. A closed, barricaded road section. Just off the main freeway into Perth. that luckily don't blow at night. One of the worst camping spots in all of Australia, I think. But as I was cycling the world's best cycle path, a freaking freeway, along side the freeway, but separate, finding optimum bush camping spots was getting challenging to say the least. And if the deep sand hadn't bent my derailleur all whacky it would have been a good night. It had to be the sand. But after pushing it through a section, when I got back on, it wouldn't go. Big problem. Even if I could have gotten it to go in one gear in the rear, I would have been happy. I've learned to just deal with problems as they come. One foot in front of the other. Not a fun problem, but nothing that money won't fix. And so I called Waugal, my hiking buddy, and he's picking me up this morning. A little wrinkle is the derailleur hanger mount is also bent, needs replacing, and that may be unique to my trike. My bike shop back home, Bicycle Man in Alfred Station, NY, and Peter Stull, the owner, has offered to express ship me one if need be. What road support. He's been there when I've needed him. But it's taken me a few weeks to get to Perth from Nannup. I've been taking my time, enjoying the sights and the people. First stop was the cutest town called Margaret River where I stayed 3 nights with a friend of an Aussie couple I met at a campground in Scotland. Don't ya love it. She has a boarding kennel there and I camped in the yard as her book collection took over the house. And April included me in so many different things: a poetry class on sonnets (University for a Third Age. check it out), a vegan dinner at the Soup Kitchen (best meal in ages), an over 55 gym class (I felt so strong, but my upper body is out of shape and I over-stressed my back:)), the Eagle Heritage Center (so interesting learning about raptors of... And one night of the barking and I had to find new accommodations. On the hike I met Lidia and she offered her dining room floor in her one bedroom apt. So I stayed 2 nights with her and did my errands in Margaret River including an organic farmer's market. Source: BagLady's Travels and Torments

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  • Frank Farmer and American Metal Roofs Featured in Michigan Cable TV Business ...

    Frank Farmer is featured on a Cable TV news segment called Michigan Edge: Business Edition. Frank discusses the value of metal roofing and shares a heartfelt account of the importance of giving back to the community through outreach and service projects.

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    Nieces and nephews are the absolute best relatives, hands down. They're fun, they think you're cool, and you get to play fast and loose with the whole "authority figure" thing. Also, they usually don't live with you, so you get all the fun of having


Affordable Design Toscano Farmer Frank Statue Order Now #YearEndSale #ChristmasSale at 12/17/15, @CheapPriceShopz
“The Qur’an is not the speech of God, just as the loaf of bread is not the work of the farmer. God produced the... 12/16/15, @fwsands
Play Frank Farmer and you get endless kisses at the end of the show plus a real smoocher in the… 12/16/15, @JadranMalkovich


  • Antiques 101

    Krause Publications. 2005. ISBN: 9781440225116,1440225117. 304 pages.

    Master Antique Styles Painlessly Not sure how to tell Chippendale from Queen Anne, or Art Deco from Art Nouveau? Learn the easy way with the author's entertaining style. Frank Farmer Loomis IV is an expert communicator who knows how to engage students with anecdotes and humor. If you're looking for clear, simple explanations rather than unpronounceable terms like corbeille a fleurs (flower basket) or sang de boeuf (red glaze), you've come to the right place, as he will "demystify all the perplexing twaddle" for you. And while you're learning, discover your antiquing personality and how antiquing can reduce stress. A User-Friendly Reference for Antiquers Master 16 major antique furniture styles and the six main woods Use furniture styles to identify and date other antiques Learn the various types of china, silver, pewter, and their marks

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  • This Day in Wrestling History (Dec. 16): Collision Course

    12/16/15 ,via Cageside Seats

    Frank would remain champion until his retirement following ... Born Alejandro Munoz Moreno on April 24, 1922 in Rinconada, Mexico, he was the fifth of twelve children to farmer parents. After dropping out of school at an early age, he moved to Monterrey ...

  • Rural family garage hosts 25th annual Christmas party

    Frank's Garage, in the town of Washington in Eau Claire County, welcomed more than 100 guests to its 25th annual Christmas party. Started by his father, Frank, many years ago, Don Peuse has worked on cars, trucks, tractors and all makes and models of farm ...

  • Know Thy Farmer: Local farmers featured in B’ham art project

    12/16/15 ,via Cullman Times

    The project was an extension of the Market at Pepper Place farmers market in Birmingham, and every farmer featured is a regular at Pepper ... Elizabeth and Scott Sandlin of Holly Pond, chef Frank Stitt, and others. The cover of the book actually features ...


WHY I FARM - Frank Doll - Illinois farmer - YouTube

WHY I FARM - Frank Doll - Illinois farmer “I see every sunrise. I see every sunset. Being outside, enjoying the weather. Enjoying the outdoors.


Farmer Frank's Farm Market has peanuts, candies, produce, vegetables, baked breads, pies, cakes, hams and other meats.

Reese Turkeys

Reese Turkeys "The best way to save the old time poultry is to return them to our dining tables." -Frank R. Reese Jr. A Traditional Taste of the Past

Good Shepherd Poultry Ranch | 100% Certified Heritage Poultry

Frank R. Reese Jr., owner of Good Shepherd Poultry Ranch, is a 4th-generation farmer who has been producing the country’s best poultry for 60 years.