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Short-sighted cuts mean foster carers are struggling to make ends meet - The Guardian

This week The Fostering Network released an in-depth report, Cuts: the view from foster carers (pdf) . This is based on a survey of foster carers, looking at the impact of local authority budget cuts on them and the children they look after. Foster carers told us that their allowances have been frozen for a number of years, while the cost of living has increased. Mileage, replacing equipment and breakages are not being reimbursed for many, leading to an overwhelming feeling among two-thirds of foster carers (70%) who responded to our survey that allowances are being cut. One said: “We have fostered for over 25 years and cared for well over 300 young people and the service has never been in a worse position to deliver young people with a good care service. Worryingly, 69% of foster carers felt cuts were reducing access to their child’s social worker. Recent news reports have revealed that access to mental health services for children is at an all-time low. This is increasingly felt by children in care, and 67% of foster carers who responded to our survey felt cuts had had a negative impact on their and their fostered child’s access to other services, including mental health services and respite care. One foster carer said of the effects of budget cuts: “So much more needs to be put into supporting our children’s emotional health – cuts have had huge effect on this. There is no meaningful support for foster carers, who soak up all of the emotional hurt of the child in their care. Much more therapeutic support needs to be there for foster carers before we’re burnt out. Budget cuts have been combined with a freeze in recommended fostering allowances from the Department for Education. And for the minority of foster carers who are given fees or benefits for their work, on top of their allowance, these are also being cut. This raise the expectation that foster carers pay out of their own pockets to provide day-to-day necessities for the children they care for on behalf of the state. And as well as receiving less, foster carers tell us they are having to spend more because of increased costs, such as the bedroom tax and rising council tax. Foster carers in social housing are exempt from the bedroom tax if they foster one child, but for those who foster two or three, the second and third “spare rooms” are still taxed. The combined effect is forcing some foster carers to consider whether they can continue in the. Source:

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  • Short-sighted cuts mean foster carers are struggling to make ends meet

    04/14/16 ,via The Guardian

    Good foster care transforms the lives of children, providing stability, care, love and security for as long as it's needed: a night, a month or a lifetime. So when foster families on the frontline of our care system tell us they're nearly at breaking

  • Churches collect luggage for foster kids on Va. Shore

    04/14/16 ,via Delmarva Daily Times

    After a donation drive for an item found in almost every household, foster care children on Virginia's Eastern Shore will now have a sense of pride when they move in and out of homes. A collection of more than 120 pieces of luggage were on display at 


FOSTER CARE CASE MANAGER (Carrollton, TX) #Dallas #Jobs 04/14/16, @DFW_Joblist
RT @MTVScream: Who's ready to get schooled (again) by the genius Noah Foster in Season 2?! 04/14/16, @_antoniomuniz



  • Foster

    Arcadia Publishing. 2016. ISBN: 0738576905,9780738576909. 127 pages.

    Foster, originally incorporated as part of Scituate in 1731, became a separate community in 1781. The town was named in honor of Theodore Foster, a coauthor of the bill of incorporation. By 1820, the population topped out at 2,900 and then sharply declined. The building of the Scituate Reservoir between 1915 and 1925 contributed to this decline as the Providence and Danielson Railway decided not to relocate trolley service to the area. The population would not surpass the 1820 figures until 1975, when it reached 3,000. Today, Foster is known for its simple, country lifestyle; friendly and neighborly residents; and plentiful open spaces with clean air and clear streams.

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  • With Spielberg, Penn, Foster and Jarmusch (twice), Americans will help storm the beaches at Cannes

    04/14/16 ,via Orlando Sentinel

    Last year’s Cannes Film Festival was notable for its English-language movies made by directors from non-English-speaking places, as selections such as “The Lobster,” “Sicario,” “Louder than Bombs,” “Tale of Tales” and “Youth” filled ...

  • ‘RHOBH’ Yolanda Foster Talks Divorce, Announces Plans For Lyme Disease Book

    04/14/16 ,via The Inquisitr

    Yolanda Foster of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has big plans for life after divorce. Earlier this week, during the finale episode of Season 6, Yolanda Foster revealed she and her husband, David Foster, were calling it quits on their ...

  • British court rules woman can't name her daughter Cyanide

    04/14/16 ,via

    The twins, who are eight months" old, and two of their half-siblings are now living with foster parents - who call them "Harrie" and "Annie' - after they were removed from their mother's care. The unusual ruling came after social workers learned about the ...


Foster and Partners - Official Site

Foster and Partners are award winning British architects who have an innovative, modern and sustainable approach to architecture and integrated design.


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Фостер, Джоди — Википедия

Джоди Фостер: Jodie Foster: Джоди Фостер в 2011 году: Имя при рождении: Алисия Кристиан Фостер

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Download Jodie Foster in high resolution for free. Get Jodie Foster ...

Рекурсивный Поиск фотографий: Jodie Foster.

Рекурсивный Поиск фотографий: Jodie Foster.
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La ganadora del Oscar Jodie Foster puso a la venta su residencia de ...

La ganadora del Oscar Jodie Foster puso a la venta su residencia de ...

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