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Monique had been hiding away in the northern Vermont Mountains for the previous seven years. Hiding from her past, from her pain, and mostly from herself.

However, all that was to change the day she came across an adorable wolf pup who appeared to have a profound effect on her.

Little did she know, the pup was the son of Alpha Wolf Carver, who feared his son had been kidnapped.

Upon discovering that his pup was safe and being cared for by Monique, Carver realized he had the opportunity to ask the young girl for one final, life-changing favor.

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    Penguin UK. 2012. ISBN: 9780141973241,0141973242. 400 pages.

    It's notwithstanding to get serious with Britain's favourite funny man - Camp David, by David Walliams. 'Will surprise, entertain, and allow fans and newcomers to enter the comic's uniquely exceptional world' GQ Magazine 'Raucously funny and superbly written' Heat 'Hilarious' Telegraph 'A great read. My only criticism is it ended too promptly' The Sun 'A fascinating read' Star Magazine 'Brilliantly written' Express 'Fascinating stuff' Closer 'Uproariously great' Guardian Pre-eminent comedian, funniest judge on Britain's Got Talent, irresistible ladykiller and high-achieving sportsman, David Walliams is a man of many talents. Launched to superiority with the record-breakingLittle Britain, his characters - Lou, Florence, Emily, amongst others - became embedded in our shared popular culture. You couldn't proffer a playground for a long while without hearing "eh, eh, eh" or "computer says no". Yet Walliams is a mystery. Often described as a bundle of contradictions, he is disarming and enigmatic, playing up his campness one split second and hinting about his depression the next. To read Camp David is to be truly shocked, as well as tickled pink, as David Walliams bares his soul like not before and reveals a fascinating and complex mind. This searingly honest autobiography is a true roller-coaster ride of emotions, as this nation's darling unlocks closely guarded secrets that until now have remained hidden in his past. David Walliams is an actor, writer, active fundraiser and - on high all - he's a world class comedian who knows how to make us laugh. He performed in and co-wrote the phenomenally successful Little Britainand Come Fly with Me with Matt Lucas, and recently appeared as a acclaimed judge alongside Simon Cowell on Britain's Got Talent. He has performed many feats of endurance for charity, and won over the entire country when he swam the Thames for Sports Ease. His bestselling children's books include Mr Stink, Gangsta Granny, Billionaire Boy, Boy in the Dress and Ratburger.


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