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The Bible is both a divine and a human book. It is the inspired word of God for his people, whether in biblical times or for the church today. It is also a fully human book, written by different people in a variety of cultural settings. Knowledge of biblical language and society is essential if the meaning of the human writer is to be grasped fully. The Apollos Old Testament Commentary aims to take with equal seriousness the divine and human aspects of Scripture. It expounds the books of the Old Testament in a scholarly manner accessible to nonexperts, and shows the relevance of the Old Testament to modern readers. This commentary begins with an Introduction, which gives an overview of the issues of date, authorship, sources and so on, but which also outlines more fully than usual the theology of 1 & 2 Samuel, and provides pointers toward its interpretation and contemporary application. The annotated Translation of the Hebrew text by the author forms the basis for the subsequent commentary. The Form and Structure section examines the context of a passage, its use of rhetorical devices, and source and form-critical issues. The Comment section is a thorough, detailed exegesis of the historical and theological meaning of the passage. The Explanation--the goal of the commentary--offers a full exposition of the theological message within the framework of biblical theology, and a commitment to the inspiration and authority of the Old Testament. Written by an international team of scholars, the commentaries are intended primarily to serve the needs of those who preach from the Old Testament. They are equally suitable for use by scholars and all serious students of the Bible.
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Preaching's 2017 Survey of Bibles and Bible Reference The book of Joshua recounts the momentous events of Israels entry into Canaan, the promised land: Joshuas commission and reassurance, crossing the Jordan river, the capture of Jericho and Ai, the grand covenant renewal ceremony at Mount Ebal, the curious treaty with the Gibeonites, and a rapid overview of the campaigns in the south and the north. The second half of the book gives extensive details of the allotment of the land to each tribe, before resuming the conquest story and concluding with farewell speeches and burial notices. It is an action-packed story―but perhaps more than any other, Joshua is the Old Testament book that most troubles contemporary readers, whether Christians or critics: Isnt there too much violence, and isnt this inconsistent with the rest of Scripture, and the gospel? David Firth begins his excellent exposition with a careful and helpful response to this issue. However, while addressing the problems is undoubtedly important, we must also consider how the book continues to speak to us today as Gods word. Firths basic contention is that we have to read Joshua as part of Gods mission, which for much of the Old Testament centered on Israel, but finds its ultimate focus in Jesus Christ. The book challenges those who have read it down through the ages to recognize that God not only includes those who join him in his mission, he also excludes those who choose to set themselves against it.

David Firth | Heroes of Animation with Bing

Bing joins David Firth in an abandoned nursing home to talk inspiration and animation. Watch the previous episode with Lee Hardcastle: ...

This Gory New Music Video Is a Perfect Halloween Treat - Slate Magazine (blog)

The video starts off with a warning about scenes “viewers may find disturbing” before cutting to a shot of a cartoon FlyLo being decapitated, his blood-spattered head rolling to the ground. And it only gets gorier (and weirder) from there, with imagery that recalls the freak-show stylings of the early ’90s Nickelodeon cartoon Aaahh. Source:

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  • This Gory New Music Video Is a Perfect Halloween Treat

    10/31/14 ,via Slate Magazine (blog)

    Flying Lotus has always favored a more abstract and unconventional approach to his music videos. So it's no surprise that teaming up with experimental animator David Firth, creator of the cult animated web series Salad Fingers, would produce the

  • 'Flesh and the Devil' coming to the Morris Museum

    10/30/14 ,via Daily Record

    David Wroe, music director of the New Jersey Festival Orchestra, was searching for a spooky silent movie for this weekend's concert when he came across one from 1926 with the promising title of “Flesh and the Devil.” It was not in fact a scary movie


RT @Missinfo: .@flyinglotus' "Ready Err Not" Video Will Give You Nightmares (@DAVID_FIRTH) 11/01/14, @RobTheGer
RT @Missinfo: .@flyinglotus' "Ready Err Not" Video Will Give You Nightmares (@DAVID_FIRTH) 11/01/14, @HoggLoko
RT @Missinfo: .@flyinglotus' "Ready Err Not" Video Will Give You Nightmares (@DAVID_FIRTH) 11/01/14, @ta_money23


  • David's Yellow Cake

    baking powder, butter, flour, egg yolks, milk, salt, vanilla extract, sugar


  • Off Broadway Musicals, 1910-2007

    McFarland. 2010. ISBN: 9780786457311,0786457317. 656 pages.

    "Beyond the contents implied by the title, this book also includes Off Broadway musicals that closed in previews or rehearsal, selected musicals that opened in Brooklyn or New Jersey, and American operas that opened in New York"--Provided by publisher.

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  • Flying Lotus’ Gory New Video Is a Perfect Halloween Treat

    10/31/14 ,via Slate

    So it’s no surprise that teaming up with experimental animator David Firth, creator of the cult animated web series Salad Fingers, would produce the sickest video he’s ever done—sick as in grotesque, as well in the more colloquial sense. Shot for ...

  • Flying Lotus’ video for “Ready Err Not” is a Halloween treat — watch

    10/31/14 ,via Consequence of Sound

    Created by British animator David Firth, the clip features an array of terrifying imagery, including a decapitated FlyLo, giant spiders with one eyeball, mutant children who are joined together by their intestines, and a pair of loving cannibals.

  • Flying Lotus releases twisted 'Ready Err Not' video – watch

    10/31/14 ,via NME

    The NSFW video is accompanied by the song from new album 'You’re Dead!'and was directed by David Firth, who Flying Loyus describes as one of his "favourite animators of all time." Firth is the man behind online animation series Salad Fingers Flying Lotus ...


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External links David Firth's site hosting a complete collection of his works; David Firth's Devvo Work; at the Internet Movie Database

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Animation, absurdity and comedy from the UK by David Firth.

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This is Fat-Pie I am David Firth I make cartoons.

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David Firth, Actor: The Upside of Anger. David Firth was born on March 15, 1945 in Bedford, Bedfordshire, England as David Coleman. He is an actor and writer, known ...

David Firth (2012) This is also me.

David Firth (2012) This is also me.

David Firth (2012). This is also also me.

David Firth (2012). This is also also me.


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