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An Odyssey: A Daddy, a Son, and an Epic


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An Odyssey: A Daddy, a Son, and an Epic
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From award-winning memoirist and critic, and bestselling author of The Lost: a deeply moving tale of a father and son's transformative journey in reading--and reliving--Homer's epic masterpiece.

When eighty-one-year-old Jay Mendelsohn decides to enroll in the undergraduate Odyssey seminar his son teaches at Bard College, the two find themselves on an adventure as profoundly emotional as it is intellectual. For Jay, a retired research scientist who sees the world through a mathematician's unforgiving eyes, this return to the classroom is his "one last chance" to learn the great literature he'd neglected in his youth--and, even more, a final opportunity to more fully understand his son, a writer and classicist. But through the sometimes uncomfortable months that the two men explore Homer's great work together--first in the classroom, where Jay persistently challenges his son's interpretations, and then during a surprise-filled Mediterranean journey retracing Odysseus's famous voyages--it becomes clear that Daniel has much to learn, too: Jay's responses to both the text and the travels gradually uncover long-buried secrets that allow the son to understand his difficult father at last. As this intricately woven memoir builds to its wrenching climax, Mendelsohn's narrative comes to echo the Odyssey itself, with its timeless themes of deception and recognition, marriage and children, the pleasures of travel and the meaning of home. Rich with literary and emotional insight, An Odyssey is a renowned author-scholar's most triumphant entwining yet of personal narrative and literary exploration.
Product Description
No book was more accessible or familiar to the American founders than the Bible, and no book was more frequently alluded to or quoted from in the political discourse of the age. How and for what purposes did the founding generation use the Bible? How did the Bible influence their political culture?

Shedding new light on some of the most familiar rhetoric of the founding era, Daniel Dreisbach analyzes the founders' diverse use of scripture, ranging from the literary to the theological. He shows that they looked to the Bible for insights on human nature, civic virtue, political authority, and the rights and duties of citizens, as well as for political and legal models to emulate. They quoted scripture to authorize civil resistance, to invoke divine blessings for righteous nations, and to provide the language of liberty that would be appropriated by patriotic Americans.

Reading the Bible with the Founding Fathers broaches the perennial question of whether the American founding was, to some extent, informed by religious--specifically Christian--ideas. In the sense that the founding generation were members of a biblically literate society that placed the Bible at the center of culture and discourse, the answer to that question is clearly "yes." Ignoring the Bible's influence on the founders, Dreisbach warns, produces a distorted image of the American political experiment, and of the concept of self-government on which America is built.

Ghosts of rape past: Can a survivor find solace in return to the crime scene? - CNN International

This narrative of a gang rape on the campus of Florida State University in 1988 was pieced together through hundreds of pages of documents and more than a dozen interviews. CNN reporter Moni Basu contacted the survivor of the rape through her former attorney, Dean LeBoeuf. Then Basu began a series of conversations with her that culminated in the survivor's return to the FSU campus in Tallahassee for the first time since the attack 27 years ago. Basu interviewed the district attorney who oversaw the case and an assistant district attorney who prosecuted it. the attorney for defendant Daniel Oltarsh, a Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity member who served time for the rape. FSU professors. Basu requested an interview with Oltarsh but his lawyer did not respond to follow-up calls. She also reached out to a fraternity brother who cooperated with the police in exchange for immunity and to two other fraternity members who were indicted. Basu also examined hundreds of pages of case files at the Leon County Courthouse in Tallahassee, including the grand jury report and the rape survivor's deposition, as well as archival material at FSU's Strozier Library. Maria was that way once: young and brimming with hope, excited to start the adult chapter of her life at a prominent state university bustling with students from all over the globe. Before she could finish her second semester, Maria was gang-raped on campus. Her assault made national headlines partly because the details read like sleazy fiction and partly because it involved one of the most prestigious fraternities on a football powerhouse campus. It was a case I became intimately aware of as a journalist in Tallahassee at the time and one that I sympathized with as a former FSU student and campus rape survivor. I expect the return to FSU to be a difficult journey -- for both Maria and me. It is the first trip back to campus for us since our departures from Tallahassee. Rape on college campuses was a serious problem then and remains one now. One in five college women said they were sexually assaulted, according to a Washington Post-Kaiser Family Foundation poll released last June. It's a problem highlighted in the film "The Hunting Ground," which airs on CNN on November 19. The film delves into a connection between alcohol and sexual assault and explores a campus culture that protects perpetrators. It also focuses on the stories of survivors who became activists and took the issue all the way to the White House and prompted a federal. Source:

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  • What Makes a Freedom Fighter Fight?

    11/16/15 ,via Newsweek

    KATHMANDU, Nepal — About two months before a mortar killed him, 19-year-old Ukrainian soldier Daniel Kasyanenko smoked a cigarette with me in a trench in eastern Ukraine. On that hot June afternoon, with random sniper potshots and artillery rounds 

  • Ghosts of rape past: Can a survivor find solace in return to the crime scene?

    11/16/15 ,via CNN International

    She had already had many beers by the time she ran into Daniel Oltarsh, a political science and economics major she'd met at a pig roast several months before. Oltarsh was Many of the men of Pi Kappa Alpha were well-heeled sons of prominent fathers.


@TitoJazavac @IamDeanWayne @AlienTuna @Rebeksy @ImmaWildling @2niasX Here you go, children. 11/17/15, @daniel_the_scot
RT @Amaka_Ekwo: Our fathers have failed to secure our collective interests as Biafrans in Nigeria. We must secure #Biafra for our children.… 11/17/15, @cell_daniel
@deannaives can't they be fathers?? 11/16/15, @Daniel_Briggs1



  • Historic Colorado Mansions & Castles

    The History Press. 2014. ISBN: 9781626197480,1626197482. 206 pages.

    The discovery of gold and silver in Colorado's Rocky Mountains minted millionaires by the ton. The rough settlements of miners and ranchers quickly transformed into habitations more suitable for the newly wealthy class. William Newton Byers founded the Centennial State's first newspaper and built an Italianate-style palace with the proceeds, while Walter Scott Cheesman's Capitol Hill home later became the governor's residence. Stroll into the parlors and drawing rooms of oligarchs like August A. Meyer, Lyman Robison and James Joseph Brown. Visit Romanesque castles cut from native lava and country retreats designed by the country's foremost architects. Linda Wommack offers a tour of the finest mansions in Colorado, all proudly bearing the mark of the State and National Registers of Historic Preservation.

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  • Father Emmanuel Lemelson refutes claims made by Wall Street Journal

    11/16/15 ,via Neos Kosmos

    Writing to the editor of The Wall Street Journal - Daniel Fitzpatrick - Father Lemelson stresses the falsity of the article in its entirety. "Rob Copeland's recent Wall Street Journal article reads like a directory of fallacies. Inductive reasoning is used ...

  • Daniel Troyer, 45, Baltic

    11/16/15 ,via The Daily Record

    BALTIC -- Daniel A. Troyer, 45, of 2430 State Route 643 ... Miller, whom he married June 29, 1995; his father, Aden R. Troyer; a brother, Andrew (Verna) Troyer; a sister, Rebecca Troyer; and a sister-in-law, Marlene Troyer, all of Baltic; eight nephews ...

  • Israeli father and son shot dead in their auto near Hebron

    11/16/15 ,via Ecommerce Journal

    Holding on to the no. 2 spot is Charlie Brown and the gang bringing in an estimated $24 million . Watch a film clip from "Spectre", starring Daniel Craig , Christoph Waltz and Léa Seydoux . Will she follow Rousey into a Hollywood movie career now?


Daniel Fathers - IMDb

Daniel Fathers, Actor: Pontypool. London born Daniel Fathers stars in Disney's Camp Rock, opposite teen sensations, the Jonas Brothers and directed by Oscar® nominee ...

Daniel Fathers – Official Site

Daniel Fathers – Official Site – ... About Daniel. From Actor to Host, from Rugby Player to Bull Rider; from Military Soldier to High Tech Sales Executive, from ...

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Daniel Fathers; Born: Daniel Luther Fathers (1966-03-23) 23 March 1966 (age 49) London, England, United Kingdom: Occupation: actor: Years active: 1995–present

Daniel Fathers - Biography - IMDb

London born Daniel Fathers stars in Disney's Camp Rock, opposite teen sensations, the Jonas Brothers and directed by Oscar® nominee Mathew Diamond.

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Daniel Fathers 2001
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Daniel Fathers Actor Daniel Fathers attends the premiere of "Camp Rock ...

Daniel Fathers Actor Daniel Fathers attends the premiere of "Camp Rock ...