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Seasoned Clarkston Wa 1943 Year Book Charles Francis Adams High School
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Seasoned Clarkston Wa 1943 Year Book Charles Francis Adams High School

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Charles Francis Adams II (May 27, 1835 – May 20, 1915) was a member of the prominent Adams family. He served as a colonel in the Union Army during the American Civil War. After the war, he was a railroad regulator and executive, president, successively, of the Union Pacific Railroad, the Massachusetts Historical Society, and the American Historical Association. His writings and addresses both on problems of railway management and on historical subjects frequently gave rise to widespread controversy. In this work, first published in 1886, Adams writes with impressive expertise and clarity on the origins of and problems with the railroads in Europe and America. The section on origins is devoted mostly to some of the more entertaining and naively charming first-hand accounts of the opening ceremonies for, and early excursions on the first primitive railroads in Britain, South Carolina and Massachusetts. In the section on problems he describes the approaches taken by various countries to construct, operate, and regulate their railroad systems, especially in the United States where unbridled competition was the rule. At the time he wrote this work, American railroads were almost entirely unregulated and were engaged in ruthlessly self-destructive warfare with each other at great cost to the nation. He applies his considerable expertise to the problems associated with railroad services, regulations, competition, monopolies, associations, and responsibilities, and he offers well-considered opinions on how these problems needed to be solved taking into consideration the peculiar character of America and Americans. Railroads, written by a significant historian with considerable practical as well as academic experience, is both an important and an enjoyable read for any student of American history and business.

Eaux Claires

That one time I watched tents fly and the sky split in two. A few nights ago my room-mate and I laid on the living room rug listening to a Bon Iver vinyl I purchased a week ago in Eau Claire, WI. Recalling the moments, knowing an exact week earlier we were on separate sides of the stage experiencing 22,000... At 31 years of age I can no longer be bothered by the fairytale of crying alone in my room to Wisconsin moods until Justin Vernon shows up to hold my hand. The reality of the moments at Eaux Claires and the reasons for its lasting effects are based on the sweet sense of community we found there. It was not about the hip hype of Sufjan’s bulging arm muscles, the sparkle of Charles Bradley’s vest, or the shirtless Francis pelvic thrusting on stage (even though all of these were eye catching in their own way). For two days it was hard to miss an artist joined on stage by another, they were fellows of sorts. Eaux Claires lived out my motto, “Live life beside people. Song by song they fulfilled the need I too many times feel voided of, which is relationship in community with one another. One example, and the first of many, was during The Lone Bellow’s set. At the end of their 45 minute jubilee the Blind Boys of Alabama joined them on stage to sing in unison, “Watch Over Us. ” There was acceptance and passion for harmony within the four minutes of bright sun. This set the precedence for the remainder of the festival for all who stood before them. A few hours later, standing in the heat’s relief, the Blind Boys of Alabama took to the other stage. Multiple artists joined them during their set as a man in front of me raised his hands to the sky. There was a fullness about their songs, their smiles, and the sounds of strength. On the second night, “Skinny Love” reverberated throughout the crowd and “This is Bon Iver” declared the festival officially at a close. People stood around hoping for more, none willing to accept the fact it was time to return home. A few minutes later as most had begun to herd toward the shuttles, the NO BS. Brass Band began to play in the midst of the leftover crowd where I stood. “Take on Me” by A-Ha sounded through their trumpets, trombones, and saxophones. Source: That One Time

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  • A Chapter of Erie

    1869. 152 pages.

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