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First published in 1969, this book provides a concise and helpful introduction to the terms ‘fancy’ and ‘imagination’. Although they are generally associated with Samuel Taylor Coleridge, the work begins with a discussion the history of these concepts which were also known to Aristotle, the Elizabethans, Hobbes, Locke and Blake. It then goes on to examine Coleridge’s theory of imagination and the distinction he drew between fancy and imagination.

This work will be of particular interest to those studying Coleridge and the Romantic Movement.

American Downright "La Joie De Vivre Fancy" Shower Curtain by Brett Wilson, 71" x 74"


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American Downright "La Joie De Vivre Fancy" Shower Curtain by Brett Wilson, 71" x 74" by Americanflat

  • Made in the United States
  • The shower curtains come ready to hang. The cotton back loop has 12...
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Americanflat supplies some of the largest home decor stores and online websites in the world.  We actively sell our artists work to customers on five continents and have worldwide, printing and manufacturing capabilities through a network of manufacturing and fulfillment houses.    The Americanflat mission is simple: To produce top quality, exclusively curated wall art from impressive, hand-selected artists, while making that affordable.  We do this by partnering with artists who believe in our concept and by using proprietary production process that allows us to cut costs, without skimping on quality. 

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