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Old Stove Brewing Opens in Pike Place Market This Saturday

Seattle’s newest brewery, Old Stove Brewing Company , is set to open this Saturday, April 16. To start, Old Stove’s taproom will be located right in Pike Place Market, on First Avenue between Pike & Pine. Old Stove brings established industry experience to the brew house, with Scott Barron, formerly of Fish Brewing Company, Ram Brewing, and Pacific Rim Brewery, acting as Head Brewer. SEATTLE (April 12, 2016) – Old Stove Brewing Company announced today its grand opening in Pike Place Market on Saturday, April 16 at 11 a. m. The new taproom on First Avenue between Pike and Pine Street is supported by a brand new production... Two more, a Session IPA and a Cascadian Dark Ale, are on deck for the week after the opening, said Old Stove Brewing Co-Founder Brian Stan. Old Stove will donate two dollars from every beer sold on April 16 to benefit the Pike Up. campaign to build the new Pike Place MarketFront, opening spring 2017. Market fans can learn more about the MarketFront at PikeUp. While the focus will surely be on the brews, the new taproom and brewing facility offer much more than meets the eye—like an “I SPY” game in the taproom’s 25-foot mural featuring 20 items hidden in its circa 1905 barroom scene. The taproom will be a place where people can get to know each other at 16-foot-long community tables made from red oak timber from Co-Founder Chris Moore’s family’s woods in Vicksburg, MI. “It’s a great way to foster a way to for people to get to... Moore has a deep interest in history and has curated a collection of vintage neon beer and brewery signs, some of which will be featured at Old Stove. When not studying the mural or making new friends, beer fans can check out three museum-style display cases exhibiting 40 beer cans each from the ‘30s, ‘40s and ‘50s, representing long-gone breweries and canning models (flat top vs. cone top) from... In another corner of the room, a cast iron, nickel plated Kalamazoo stove (circa 1905) from the Kalamazoo Stove Company (1902-1952) will be a place for folks to gather. Bartenders will pull beers from various antique stove handles from now-defunct stove makers. In addition to stoves, stove handles and old beer cans, Moore also collects old brewery neon signs. Source: Seattle Beer News

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  • Ben Foster gives Roy Hodgson a timely reminder but Sunderland still believe

    04/03/16 ,via

    Ben Foster pushed Sunderland closer to a future in the Championship as he offered a timely reminder to England's Roy Hodgson of his quality before this summer's European Championship. Sam Allardyce, the Sunderland manager, watched his side keep a 

  • Ben Foster is Lance Armstrong in clip from The Program

    03/16/16 ,via Entertainment Weekly

    The Queen director Stephen Frears considers a rather different public figure in his new film The Program, which details the rise and fall of cyclist Lance Armstrong. Ben Foster (The Messenger) plays the disgraced seven-time Tour de France champion


Wonderful connecting w/ Dave Aubrey Ben Baxley and Ryan Foster @T4GOnline lunch looking forward to @DoxAndTheo 2016 04/14/16, @JosephCrider
Animal Geometric Sculptures by Ben Foster More: 04/14/16, @visual_art12
Well done @joshayit. First to find Ben FOSTER in our West Brom #SquadSearch #FindEleven 04/14/16, @BaggiesTID



  • Wake Up and Die Right!

    Xlibris Corporation. 2010. ISBN: 9781450058551,1450058558. 234 pages.

    How might it happen that a boy of five or six would be tortured by the question of the existence of God? How would this happen, even if that boy were raised to be an atheist by atheist parents? If the boy was never baptized and never taken to church? Was never told about any religion? This book records the spiritual autobiography of a boy who, raised in a household which discouraged belief in anything religious, nevertheless came at a young age to worry about the place of God in his life and family, and suffered from intense fears that he would be condemned to hell because he had not been baptized. Looking back, here is the way the author describes his early years: "I grew up in a household with no place for God or religion. My mother and father were atheists. They did not believe in any divinities, and certainly not in the divinity of Jesus. Perhaps like some of their intellectual friends, they dismissed the idea that Jesus of Nazareth ever existed. This was in America in the 1930's and 40's, a time when scientists and intellectuals challenged the claims of Christianity. For my parents the questions of who Jesus was and whether he had actually walked the earth were irrelevant. "Is there a God in heaven? Is creation a gift to us from God? Does God love and care for his children? These were not questions my parents would entertain. Such statements had been denounced as meaningless by the scientists and the rationalists, who insisted that all discussions of God are pointless." The author recalls his childhood swept by the cold winds of atheism as especially painful because his mother, suffering from the loss of meaning of the atheist's vision, sank into a deep depression and then into madness. She suffered a series of nervous breakdowns and spent most of the author's early years in and out of mental hospitals. As a child the author felt "spiritually bankrupt." He felt he "counted for little in my parents' world. I counted for even less in the larger world. I looked out at the vast universe that the scientists described and saw it as a frightening place. Darkness and frozen space extended for millions of miles in all directions, and there was nothing out there to comfort us or give our lives meaning." The author was born into the Great Depression and went off to grammar school during World War II, both events exerting a terrible impact on his family, contributing to his mother's mental imbalance and his own feelings of insecurity. "I was four years old," the author writes, "when World War II began. As the war grew more widespread and destructive, I watched with terror the newsreel reports of Nazi bombings. I listened horrified to the newscasts on the radio. Every week fresh issues of Time and Life magazines entered our house, and they brought new images of cities in flames or bombed to smoking rubble. There were close-up photos of the dead on the battlefield, of soldiers bleeding to death, of bodies on a beach. "I recall in particular a photo of a boy my age standing in the ruins of his apartment building somewhere in Europe. He looks lost, frightened, and utterly alone. He wonders if his mother, missing since the bombing, is alive in the ruins. Rubble and twisted metal are all that remain of the city street he had called his home. "Turning the pages of that Life magazine, a terrible fear and sorrow seized me. I identified with the boy. I feared what had happened to him would happen to me." The author speaks of how, from a source he could not name, powerful religious emotions, primarily fear of a God of Wrath, took hold of him and "initiated me into a secretive life I kept hidden from my father. The fears were brought into focus when I casually used words that had a religious meaning I didn't understand. The words were these: Cross my heart and hope to die.' "I had heard other kids utter these words when they wanted to impress one another with the truth of an assertion. They often said them when it seemed fairl

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  • Goalkeeper drops West Brom bombshell

    04/14/16 ,via Birmingham Mail

    The 32-year-old joined the Baggies as a free agent from Manchester United last summer and was signed to compete with Boaz Myhill while Ben Foster was out inured. But the Denmark international made only one appearance, in a Capital One Cup game in September ...

  • Anders Lindegaard doubts he'll return to West Brom

    04/14/16 ,via Express & Star

    Baggies boss Tony Pulis brought him in on a free transfer from Manchester United to cover Boaz Myhill when Ben Foster was out with his long-term knee injury. When Foster returned to the side in January, Lindegaard was sent out on loan to Championship side ...

  • Premier League - Lindegaard: I don't see myself returning to West Brom

    04/14/16 ,via

    Lindegaard has another year left on his contract yet, after being relegated to third-choice keeper behind Ben Foster and Boaz Myhill since the former's return from injury, he admits he is likely to be moving on. "I don't see myself back at West Brom ...


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Ben Foster was born October 29, 1980 in Boston, Massachusetts, to Gillian Kirwan and Steven Foster, restaurant owners. His younger brother is actor Jon Foster.

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бен фостер (ben foster). Биография, фильмография, обои, факты из жизни, коллекция фотографий и ...

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Бен Фостер (Ben Foster): биография, фото - Американский актер. Дебютом в кинокарьере стала роль ...

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Ben Foster. Aspiring entrepreneur, developer and founder of Fabrik. London, UK. Main navigation. Home; Blog; 11 Apr 2016. How to perform partial resource updates with ...

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Ben Foster Ben @ GQ MOTY

Ben Foster Actor Ben Foster attends BAMcinemaFest 2013 and The Cinema ...

Ben Foster Actor Ben Foster attends BAMcinemaFest 2013 and The Cinema ...

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