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The contradictions of independent music by Rami Abadir

The beginning of the new millennium saw the emergence of the term “independent music” in Egyptian cultural circles, attracting those dismissive of mainstream music. If we randomly ask 10 people interested in it, “What is independent music. So to be able to get generally acquainted with this scene in Egypt, its weight, contributions and contradictions, it is necessary to research the origins of independent music and how it started in other countries with original independent scenes. The origin of independent music as a subcultural product. Independence here refers to being independent from mainstream or popular music. In the US and west European model, a mainstream culture leads the audience, and parallel to this a cultural form called subculture emerges. Independent music is a natural byproduct of subculture, which is characterized by idiosyncratic looks, fashions, lifestyles, ideas, art forms and jargons. As a direct result of this culture, independent artists use alternatives to the traditional channels that follow the lead of the state, business world and giant record labels in terms of music production, promotion and performance venues. Independent production takes a low-budget DIY form through small record labels, away from the large promotional campaigns, retaining the exclusiveness of independent music. Among those endeavors are: punk rock, the most radical independent music scene in the 1970s. gothic, rave, acid and madchester music in the UK. and no wave, early hip hop, industrial rock and grunge in the US. The disintegration of the concept. The concept of independent music started disintegrating after the major record labels (the six major labels were merged into three companies: Universal Music, Warner Music and Sony Music) absorbed grunge after Nirvana’s 1991 album “Nevermind. ” Bands based on subcultures gave up their independence, including Brit-rock bands in the UK like Oasis, Blur, Suede and Pulp. Just a few remained semi-independent, only depending on major record labels, or the small labels they partially own, in the distribution process. After the genre gained popularity among listeners and new bands, the large production companies made use of it, and it was played in the most common live performance venues — it was no longer non-conforming. There are still some models of independent production in Europe and the US — some post-rock bands and record labels, for example — yet they. Source: Musiqa Mustaqilla

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    His ensemble, Ikhwan al Fann, are an Andalusian pocket orchestra, with cello and violin melding with qanun, oud, nay flute and percussion. This is not the traditional backing for Sufi songs or invocations of the name of God. At times its sweet

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    Jamaican born and Brooklyn bred, Stogie Kenyatta is a character actor with authentic Jamaican, British and African dialects. He was trained at the Afro American Studio in Harlem, Henry St. Settlement and Al Fann Theatrical Ensemble. He was a finalist


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  • Falsafat Al-mūsīqá Al-sharqīyah Fī Asrār Al-fann Al-ʻArabī

    685 pages.


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