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Develop students’ critical thinking, abstract reasoning, and creative learning skills with concept-based teaching!

Take learning beyond the facts with a teaching approach that develops conceptual thinking and problem-solving skills. A Concept-Based curriculum recaptures students’ innate curiosity about the world and provides the thrilling feeling of using one’s mind well. Concept-Based teachers will learn how to:

  • Meet the demands of rigorous academic standards

  • Use the Structure of Knowledge and Process when designing disciplinary units

  • Engage students in inquiry through inductive teaching

  • Identify conceptual lenses and craft quality generalizations

Product Description

Do you want to escape the drudgery of your 9 to 5 job?

Discover proven steps to successful online entrepreneurship.

Do you have an idea to make money online but don’t know where to start? Are you struggling to make your current business turn a profit? Internet marketers and bestselling authors Chris Naish and Buck Flogging have helped countless aspiring entrepreneurs pursue their passion projects. And now they’re here to help you realize your business potential.

It’s often said that success leaves clues. In Internet Business Insights, Naish and Flogging present interviews from 101 renowned entrepreneurial experts from a diverse range of fields. From those who can teach you to make a comfortable living with internet marketing, to a businesswoman who went from $135k debt, to selling her company to Bill Gates.

Through this easy-to-access resource, Naish and Flogging gather these clues into 30 lessons to help you harness the insights of thought leaders into measurable results.

In Internet Business Insights, you’ll discover:

  • No idea how to achieve your goals? Find out why that's great! (Lesson 1)

  • Passion projects: Are you ruining your chances with this idealism? (Lesson 2)

  • Pivot, you hear it everywhere. But when do you do it? (Lesson 5)

  • You might be smart, but if you don't follow this rule you'll look like a fool to everyone! (Lesson 6)

  • Improve the quality and quantity of your work with this one simple idea. (Lesson 7)

  • Somebody hate your product or service? Find out why that could be good news! (Lesson 8)

  • Great, you're finally making a profit! This mistake might send your business into the gutter however. (Lesson 9)

  • The difference between marketing and branding, and how to get both right. (Lesson 10)

  • The one simple rule that will ensure you get OVERPAID. Over half of our contributors mentioned this! (Lesson 11)

  • The HUGE mistake 15% of our contributors made. Are you making it too? (Lesson 12)

  • Why success can be short lived, and what you can do to prolong it indefinitely. (Lesson 17)

  • The answers to one question some entrepreneurs REFUSED to answer at first. (And why you should refuse to answer it too!) (Lesson 19)

  • Scared of taking your business to the next level? You should be! Find out why. (Lesson 21)

  • What anger management and Windows XP can teach you about your long term income potential. (Lesson 22)

  • How creative people can have one good idea, and then use it to profit in over a dozen ways. (Lesson 23)

  • If you've tried everything and nothing works, here's the likely reason why. (Lesson 24)

  • Got a great product, but working too many hours for not enough money? Here's your problem solved. (Lesson 25)

  • Build a side hustle first, or just burn your bridges and go for it? (Lessons 28/29)

  • One thing almost everybody in this book does, (but didn't mention) that was vital to their success! (Lesson 30)

Internet Business Insights is your handbook for both:

  • Creating your own online income from scratch or...

  • Bringing your existing company to the next level.

If you like invaluable expert guidance, actionable advice, and inspirational true stories of success, you’ll be surprised at what you discover in Naish and Flogging's motivating guide.

Take your next step to financial independence now...

Buy Internet Business Insights today.

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