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Surely, you can't be serious, CineVerse

It's hard to hold a magnifying glass up close to the film Airplane. Nevertheless, this is a movie deserving of props as a pioneering modern comedy that has undoubtedly influenced innumerable imitators and admirers over the past 35 years. Here's our take on the film, without relying on any Automatic Pilot-type analysis:. WHEN IT WAS RELEASED IN 1980. • Film scholar Glenn Erickson wrote: “The beauty of Airplane. Bridges and Robert Stack (the princes of countless dramas requiring deadpan intensity and terse line readings) keep straight faces despite the provocations of control-tower queen Steven Stucker's Johnny Hinshaw. ” And comedian Patton Oswalt commented: “Seeing the movie for the first time taught me a great lesson: You’ve got to play comedy as if it’s deadly serious. • Additionally, while the film can be rambling, random, silly and over-the-top, it doesn’t stray from telling a complete story and sticking to its narrative. instead of stitching together a bunch of unrelated skits, spoofs and bits, this movie has a fairly cohesive plot that resolves itself by the end – allowing the filmmakers to pack in gags and jokes in between the story. o Writer Nathan Rabin posited: “I was impressed by the economy of storytelling involved in spoofing a series like the Airport franchise, which seemed to employ the totality of not only Hollywood, but international film over the course of its run. accomplishes an awful lot, storytelling-wise, in less than 90 minutes, while delivering at least a laugh a minute. • Rabin also wrote: “ZAZ’s legacy extends beyond spoofs. the gentlemen also helped popularize a style of comedy that delights in a wide variety of humor, from smart verbal wit to proudly dumb visual gags, as well as an emphasis on quantity over quality. ZAZ threw as many gags against the wall as possible, and since they were brilliant gagsmiths in the prime of their career, an awful lot stuck. also uses plentiful pop-culture references, but it doesn’t rely on these references to do much heavy lifting. In other words, while some of these references to pop-culture would have been more relevant in 1980, their inclusions don’t date the movie too badly or befuddle younger viewers who don’t get the jokes. PREVIOUS FILMS AND TV SHOWS THAT INSPIRED AIRPLANE. Source: CineVerse

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  • Edith 'Sue' Bohn - Watertown: Aug. 21, 1931 – Nov. 27, 2015

    12/02/15 ,via Brookings Register

    She was preceded in death by her husband, Gaylord Bohn, on June 22, 2008; two sisters, Edna Gengler and Helen Seim; and two brothers, Knute and Henry Erickson. Arrangements are by Wight & Comes Funeral Chapel,

  • Final thoughts on Ohio State's victory over Minnesota: Bill Livingston (photos)

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    Ohio State Buckeyes safety Vonn Bell (11) takes an interception and runs past Minnesota Golden Gophers running back Shannon Brooks (27) to score a touchdown in the second quarter, Saturday, November 7, 2015. (Marvin Fong / The Plain Dealer).


  • Veggie Sausage Strata

    bread, sausage, cheddar cheese, eggs, green pepper, milk, mustard powder, onions, salt, swiss cheese, white pepper, zucchini


  • Erickson Family Tree

    1970. 14 pages.

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  • Knute Nelson

    10/09/15 ,via Echo Press

    Knute Nelson in Alexandria will host its annual community picnic Wednesday, August 12 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. There will be a barbecue-style lunch and ice cream. Entertainment includes Alexandria Aces, music by Sax Appeal, Erickson’s Petting Zoo and face ...

  • THE SCREEN; Queer Happenings. A Wise Manikin.

    09/28/15 ,via New York Times

    Queer Happenings. ILLUSION, with Charles Rogers, Nancy Carroll, June Collyer, Kay Francis, Regis Toomey, Knute Erickson, Eugenie Beaserer, Maude Turner Gordon, William Austin, Emelie Melville, Frances Raymond, Katherine Wallace, John E. Nash, Eddie Kane ...

  • Sheriff’s office to close 79-year-old murder mystery

    05/13/15 ,via Bluff Country News

    the facts and evidence have pointed DeGeorge to believe Erickson as the man who committed the murders of Sever and Knute Olson. Passing his findings on to Sheriff Tom Kaase, the two approached Fillmore County Attorney Brett Corson to examine and make sure ...


Gary and Rhonda Erickson Auctioneers

Erickson Auction doing business for 40 years. photos by Sherill Summer . by Sherill Summer. Intercounty Leader June 10, 2009. For 35 years signs like this have marked ...


At McDonald and Son Funeral Home and Crematory, we believe that with a little guidance and a lot of support, a well-planned, thoughtful funeral or cremation service ...

John Qualen - IMDb

John Qualen, Actor: Casablanca. One of the best and most familiar character actors of the first four decades of sound films, although few who knew his face also knew ...


Scandinavia Lutheran Cemetery Section 10, Scandinavia Township, Waupaca County, Wisconsin Located on County G north of Nottleson Road Transcribed 2003 by Kermit ...

Knute Erickson-1

Knute Erickson-1

Above: A sheepish Richard Alexander is rebuked by Knute Erickson for ...

Above: A sheepish Richard Alexander is rebuked by Knute Erickson for ...

Starring Knute Erickson, Marcella Daly, Virginia Fry, Cecil Ogden ...

Starring Knute Erickson, Marcella Daly, Virginia Fry, Cecil Ogden ...
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