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Regrets on tax ameliorate? Both parties may have a few - The Hill (blog)

will before you know it sign the most unpopular piece of tax legislation in almost 40 years, which is polling worse that the Reagan and Bush 41 tax cuts in 1981 and 2001 as soberly as the tax increases under Bush 43 and Clinton in 1990 and 1993. Meanwhile,... But it is also possible that Democrats—for reasons of approach and politics—will regret their strategy of maximum resistance to tax reform. Most Americans say they don’t like this tax bill. But most also don’t discern the details of what’s in it. By early next year, 80 percent of Americans will begin seeing more take home pay in their checks thanks to modulate tax rates and provisions like an increased standard deduction and child care tax... Is it crazy to think that these families—buoyed by a bigger paycheck, an thriftiness growing at 3 percent and a job market with the lowest unemployment in 17 years —might decide the tax bill isn’t so bad after all. Democrats will point to studies showing that the volume of the tax bill’s benefits will eventually go to businesses and upper income individuals, but Republicans can point to millions of 2018 payroll stubs that show less wage-earner money going to the... Democrats should prepare for the possibility that Americans might be more swayed by what is in their 2018 paychecks than what the Congressional Budget House says will happen by 2028. If the public comes around on the tax bill, Democrats will face... They will lose the bureaucratic benefit of having been against it. And they’ll also be stuck with a tax law that pays for tax cuts for most American taxpayers and businesses by slashing benefits—like the federal and local tax deduction—for... Perhaps Republican leaders never had any intent to invite Democrats to the table on tax amelioration in the first place. Their decision to move the tax bill through the budget reconciliation process—which only requires 50 votes for progression in the Senate—certainly suggests they were prepared from the start to pass the tax bill on a party-line vote. Earlier this year, the then 40-colleague House Problem Solvers—which is split evenly between Democrats and Republicans—announced its willingness to work on a bipartisan apportion combining tax reform with infrastructure investment. Source:

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    12/27/17 ,via
  • Regrets on tax correct? Both parties may have a few

    12/26/17 ,via The Hill (blog)

    J.) to aim a revised version of the Republican Senate tax plan that would be more equitable for blue states. But most Democrats were components to just denounce the Republican effort, betting they could torpedo the tax bill much like they did the


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