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“A splendidly entertaining, definitive work.”—Entertainment Weekly

In this first installment of his masterful biography, Simon Callow captures the chameleonic genius of Orson Welles as only an actor/director deeply rooted in the entertainment industry could. Here is Welles’s prodigious childhood; his youth in New York, with its fraught partnership with John Houseman and the groundbreaking triumph of his all-black Macbeth; the pioneering radio work that culminated in the notorious 1938 broadcast of War of the Worlds; and finally, his work in Hollywood, including an authoritative account of the making of Citizen Kane. Rich in detail and insight, this is far and away the definitive look at Orson Welles—a figure even more extraordinary than the myths that have surrounded him. Review
Now in paperback, Callow's vastly entertaining chronicle of Welles's first 26 years seems even finer than it did in 1995. The author's ability to skewer his subject's evasions and lies while retaining critical affection for him is perhaps explained by the fact that Callow, an actor himself, understands the need to mythologize. Welles's innovative theatrical work in the 1930s has never been better described or analyzed. Even such oft-told sagas as the War of the Worlds broadcast and the filming of Citizen Kane gain new dimension from Callow's intelligent treatment.
Orson Welles, Size 3: One-Man Band


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Orson Welles, Size 3: One-Man Band
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• A New York Times Book Review Editors’ Choice •

The third volume of Simon Callow’s acclaimed Orson Welles biography, covering the period of his exile from America (19471964), when he produced some of his greatest works, including Touch of Evil

In One-Man Band, the third volume in his epic and all-inclusive four-volume survey of Orson Welles’s life and work, the celebrated British actor Simon Callow again probes in comprehensive and penetrating detail into one of the most complex, contradictory artists of the twentieth century, whose glorious triumphs (and occasional spectacular failures) in film, radio, theater, and television introduced a radical and original approach that opened up new directions in the arts. 

This volume begins with Welles’s self-exile from America, and his realization that he could function only to his own satisfaction as an independent film maker, a one-man band, in fact, which committed him to a perpetual cycle of money raising. By 1964, he had filmed Othello, which took three years to complete; Mr. Arkadin, the most puzzling film in his output; and a masterpiece in another genre, Touch of Evil, which marked his one return to Hollywood, and like all too many of his films was wrested from his grasp and reedited. Along the way he made inroads into the fledgling medium of television and a number of stage plays, of which his 1955 London Moby-Dick is considered by theater historians to be one of the seminal productions of the century. His private life was as spectacularly complex and dramatic as his professional life. The book reveals what it was like to be around Welles, and, with an intricacy and precision rarely attempted before, what it was like to be him, answering the riddle that has long fascinated film scholars and lovers alike: Whatever happened to Orson Welles?

An Evening with Callow and Fry (1/5)

In June 2003, Simon Callow and Stephen Fry spent an evening chatting in front of a packed house at the Theatre Royal in Norwich, exploring each other's caree...

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Welcome to Simon Callow's website Actor - Director - Writer “Callow is not simply a terrific actor who happens to write - you could as well call him a terrific ...

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Simon Callow, Actor: Amadeus. Simon Callow was born on June 13, 1949 in London, England as Simon Phillip Hugh Callow. He is an actor, known for Amadeus (1984), Four ...

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Simon Phillip Hugh Callow, CBE (born 15 June 1949) is an English actor, musician, writer, and theatre director. Contents 1 Early years 2 Career 3 Personal life 4 ...

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Simon Callow was born on June 13, 1949 in London, England as Simon Phillip Hugh Callow. He is an actor, known for Amadeus (1984), Four Weddings and a...

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