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50 great james bond quotes (sean connery)

James Bond quotes (1962-1967) 1971, 1983 Sean Connery is James Bond!

  • ultim8 gamer

    How can i talk like sean connery?

    ik ik its scottish not just him but i get an extra test grade 100 if i can use this accent in a skit for english so help

    say, 'certainly' a lot but with a sh instead of a c haha and, uh here are some of his quotes I admit I'm being paid well, but it's no more than I deserve. After all, I've been screwed more times...

  • Bella

    Who is Sean Connery? Umm...I guess he doesn't exist..It's Frank...from

    Sean Connery is the first James Bond ever. He was in multiple movies, but his first being "From Russia, With Love" (1963). He was British and was very popular there as well as America. He was very... Article - Film star Sean Connery urges Scots to leave UK

LONDON (AP) - Film star Sean Connery is urging fellow Scots to vote for independence when a referendum is held in September. The longtime independence advocate says in The Sun on Sunday newspaper that the opportunity to separate from the rest of Britain is too good an opportunity to miss. Source:

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  • Sean Connery comes out of retirement for 'Guardian of the Highlands'

    04/05/14 ,via Detroit Free Press

    At age 83, Sean Connery has come out of movie retirement to ride a skateboard on-screen. At least that's what Connery's animated character Sir Billi does in “Guardian of the Highlands,” now out on Blu-Ray/DVD and on demand. The Hollywood icon best 

  • Sean Connery soaks up the sun in Miami...just days after urging for an ...

    03/27/14 ,via Daily Mail

    He has been vocal on the forthcoming Scottish Independence vote, but Sean Connery has distanced himself from the politics of the ballot box - both geographically and mentally - by enjoying a break in Miami, Florida, this week. The 83 year-old star, who 


@ShitChester @jenidreadful that's how Sean Connery says saughall 04/09/14, @nickthomas79
Steady ladies... It's Sean Connery in the buff. (And a nappy) 04/09/14, @KandAFilms2
Sean Connery - the only Bond 04/09/14, @vecine


  • Sean's Mock Tuna Salad

    bread crumbs, celery, garlic, horseradish, lemon juice, lime juice, mayonnaise, onions, salt, wasabi

  • Sean's Falafel and Cucumber Sauce

    baking powder, bread crumbs, cayenne, coriander, cucumber, cumin, dill weed, eggs, garlic, lemon juice, mayonnaise, vegetable oil, olive oil, onions, parsley, black pepper, salt, salt


  • Sean Connery

    Faber & Faber. 2010. ISBN: 9780571261284,0571261280.

    Sean Connery's creation of secret agent James Bond invigorated Britain and its cinema, allowing a cash-strapped, morale-sapped country in decline to fancy itself still a player on the world stage. But while Bond would make Connery the first actor to command a million dollar-plus fee, the man himself was forever pouring scorn on the fantasies audiences found it increasingly hard to separate him from. Undaunted, Connery went on to prove himself one of the cinema's most relaxed and assured stars and a guaranteed box-office draw. Moulding and remoulding his image to fit the contours of the age, Connery has gone from Sadeian Sixties sex symbol to the sagacious magus figure to which today's young stars are forever turning. Spirited, argumentative and sardonically celebratory, Christopher Bray's SEAN CONNERY is both a biography of a star and an investigation of what can happen to a man when the images he creates take over his life. And it's an analysis of what it means to be star-struck - a critical tribute to a secular icon who has shaped so many dreams.

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  • Deerfield Discusses: Issues in the community that need more attention

    04/09/14 ,via Deerfield Review

    I imagine that family gatherings would be laugh-fests. And the bonus is Ben Stiller as a brother! Belyi: Sir Sean Connery, because he is Sean Connery. And Betty White, because she would make a cool mom. Emalfarb: Jay Z and Kanye West — I really don't ...

  • Battlestar Galactica to be turned into a movie?

    04/09/14 ,via MSN Movies

    Starring Ralph Fiennes and Uma Thurman as the super-sophisticated duo, the film sees the pair battle Sean Connery's evil weatherman without any style or class whatsoever. That at one point Uma Thurman battles a giant teddy bear says everything about this film.

  • Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

    04/09/14 ,via IN

    He comes across the history of yet another biblical artefact in the form of The Holy Grail. Jone's father, Henry (Sean Connery) goes missing while also searching for The Holy Grail. Now it is up to Indiana Jones to find both his father and the artefact.


The Official Website of Sir Sean Connery

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The Official Website of Sir Sean Connery - Biography

Connery skyrocketed to international fame as the suave, confident (and many say definitive) Secret Agent 007 in six of Ian Fleming's Bond movies over the next decade: Dr.

Sean Connery - IMDb

Sean Connery, Actor: Dr. No. Thomas Sean Connery was born on August 25, 1930 in Fountainbridge, Edinburgh. His mother, Euphamia C. Maclean, was a cleaning lady, and ...

Коннери, Шон — Википедия

Сэр То́мас Шон Ко́ннери (англ. Thomas Sean Connery ; 25 августа 1930 , Эдинбург) — британский киноактёр и ...

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sean connery wallpaper hd

Sean Connery

Sean Connery

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Sean Connery Image 239 sur 370

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