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The Monopoly Man is the perverse story of a very disturbed man, Erik Varga a psychopath completely devoid of conscience, or remorse for an ongoing string of horrendous murders committed in Atlantic City NJ. It is also the story Detective Sgt. Jack Conley of the A.C.P.D. who ties together the seemingly random deaths to the board game Monopoly and is tasked with not only bringing Varga to justice, but also saving the woman they both love. In this gripping first novel by writer Joseph W. Larsen, discover the agonizing effort of one man to solve a decade-long mystery and discover something about himself in the process.
Product Description
In this second gripping novella in the Jack Conley series, Detective Jack Conley of the A.C.P.D. thought he had finally reached the point in his life where he could retire and enjoy a new life. One without the constant murder and mayhem attached to the life of a police Detective. One he could share with his fiancée and soon to be wife, Doctor Ann Slater. But fate had other plans for the street tough Irish American Cop that would force his return to the streets he knew as a kid growing up in Hell’s Kitchen New York. Jack’s younger brother Collin, out of work and with no good prospects for a job falls back on what he knows best to provide for his family, hustling pool. Things go horribly bad when Collin hustles the son of a mafia capo and Jack is pulled back into the dregs of humanity to find his missing brother. Will Detective Conley follow his instincts and years of training to play by the rules, or will there be a reckoning?


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