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As new, has Greek Word for Chross on front of black boards, easy to read version.
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Just after the death of Jesus in the year 33 CE, a young warrior is chosen as the first Guardian, and is tasked to retrieve the thirty pieces of silver paid to Judas Iscariot for the betrayal of Jesus Christ in order to forestall an Aramaic curse written hundreds of years before. Tracked by pursuers into the Judean desert and nearing death, his final fateful decision will determine mankind’s destiny.

Jess Colton is an archaeologist whose claims of a fourth great pyramid at Giza have created an upheaval in the archeological realm. Soon to be interviewed for a job with the National Earth Seas Science Agency (NESSA), she receives a call from a mysterious stranger with a cryptic message — she has been chosen as the Guardian.

Her reluctant acceptance of the title sets the stage for an exploit that will catapult her from the desert sands of Egypt, through the Middle East, and on to a final showdown in an ancient fortress on the island of Malta. The perilous trek will pit her against the dark forces of the Sons of the Fallen, and its leader, Altan Teke. At stake is Jess Colton's future and ultimately mankind’s destiny.

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  • Charges dropped for man who cannon-ball son

    04/07/17 ,via Citizentribune

    Hamblen County Worldwide Sessions Judge W. Douglas Collins on Wednesday dismissed an aggravated domestic assault charge against a Hamblen County man who inoculation his son on Christmas Eve. Collins ruled William Thomas “Billy” Beck, 57, acted in 

  • Lenoir inhabitant gets free hearing aids from the Beltone Hearing ...

    03/27/17 ,via Morganton News Herald

    A man from Lenoir is hearing a lot well-advised these days thanks to the Beltone Hearing Center in Morganton.


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  • William's Texas Beans Recipe

    baked beans, onions, green pepper, red pepper, breakfast sausage, chili powder, worcestershire sauce, vinegar, brown sugar, ketchup, garlic powder, cayenne

  • Mocha Cooler

    cocoa powder, ice, instant coffee, milk, milk powder, salt, sugar, whipped topping


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Folding money Beck was born, raised, and resides on a farm within the Stonington-Edinburg, IL agricultural community. As an auctioneer and real estate broker, he has served ...

WILLIAM BECKNELL - Background of the Santa Fe Trail & William ...

HELLO! Gratifying TO THE PREMIER SITE ABOUT CAPT. WILLIAM BECKNELL AND THE SANTA FE TRAIL (WHICH HE BEGAN IN 1822). Since its inception some eight years ago this site ...

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