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Beck - Frontin on Debra 12" w/ Jay-Z & Pharrell Williams LP WARPED
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Beck - Frontin on Debra 12" w/ Jay-Z & Pharrell Williams LP WARPED

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Whispered rumors of a lost treasure have existed since the gruesome death of Templar leader, Jacques de Molay, in March of 1314. Deep beneath the soil of Nova Scotia’s Oak Island, a perplexing riddle awaits. Can the treasure be tied to a secret order of monks, and the founding of the United States in its struggle for independence?
A perfect summer day greets patrons of the Black Opal restaurant, in Victoria, British Columbia. Overlooking the Inner Harbour, Bryson McGann, and Tori Haroldson are waiting to meet Jake Vonner. Graham Martin is not the tourist he appears to be when he takes a seat at an occupied table. Martin’s clandestine meet with Ian Paice is cut short as an assassin’s bullet claims his life. McGann, Haroldson, and Vonner are nearly killed in the ensuing mayhem. Across the street, terrorist Feda Haq, flees just before an explosion rips apart the Empress Hotel.
Through a set of unanticipated circumstances, McGann and Haroldson find themselves in Israel. McGann and fellow NESSA employee, Joe Canton, discover frightening clues from a Mossad agent in the midst of a hellish inferno while the old city of Jerusalem burns. Mastermind, Ali Azir Bou-Zhamed’s scheme is unfolding and this nightmare is only the opening act on the GIA leader’s drawing board.
Both the NSA and Naval intelligence are tracking rumors that have unfortunately proven true. Together, with McGann and the others, the unlikely group is swept up in a life and death struggle deep in the ancient aqueducts of Jerusalem. Bou-Zhamed means to shake the world’s foundations by bringing about the destruction of western religion and Jerusalem itself. There are precious few seconds left before the world is thrown across the threshold of ultimate destruction. For McGann and the others, their time may have already run out.

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William beck in @deathinparadiseIn particularXxx 04/11/17, @SSLover_Georgie
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IWIC Tome Spotlight on Crosscurrents by William Beck via @iWICnow 04/11/17, @susanhampson57


  • William's Texas Beans Recipe

    baked beans, onions, green pepper, red pepper, breakfast sausage, chili powder, worcestershire sauce, vinegar, brown sugar, ketchup, garlic powder, cayenne

  • Mocha Cooler

    cocoa powder, ice, instant coffee, milk, milk powder, salt, sugar, whipped topping


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Folding money Beck was born, raised, and resides on a farm within the Stonington-Edinburg, IL agricultural community. As an auctioneer and real estate broker, he has served ...

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