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Offers an account of the postwar competition between the World War II allies, particularly the U.S. and the U.S.S.R., to exploit the scientific achievements of the Third Reich by seizing Nazi scientists
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With unparalleled insight into BP and its safety record leading up to the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, Tom Bower gives us a groundbreaking, in-depth, and authoritative twenty-year history of the hunt and speculation for our most vital natural resource.


Money, Politics, and Power in the 21st Century

Twenty years ago oil cost about $7 a barrel. In 2008 the price soared to $148 and then fell to below $40. In the midst of this extraordinary volatility, the major oil conglomerates still spent over a trillion dollars in an increasingly frantic search for more.

The story of oil is a story of high stakes and extreme risk. It is the story of the crushing rivalries between men and women exploring for oil five miles beneath the sea, battling for control of the world's biggest corporations, and gambling billions of dollars twenty-four hours every day on oil's prices. It is the story of corporate chieftains in Dallas and London, traders in New York, oil-oligarchs in Moscow, and globe-trotting politicians-all maneuvering for power.

With the world as his canvas, acclaimed investigative reporter Tom Bower gathers unprecedented firsthand information from hundreds of sources to give readers the definitive, untold modern history of oil . . . the ultimate story of arrogance, intrigue, and greed.

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  • EPHRAIM HARDCASTLE: Architect and politician Jeffrey Archer

    05/01/17 ,via Daily Mail

    Biographer Tom Bower says Cherie discovered 'a assemblage of affectionate notes between Blair and Anji in a cardboard box'. Blair insisted on keeping Hunter on but had a variation of heart, says Bower, after a 'rebirthing experience' in Mexico in which

  • SAG-AFTRA Leaders Threatened With Litigation Over Alleged Misconduct (EXCLUSIVE)

    04/21/17 ,via Variety

    direction Duncan Crabtree-Ireland and senior advisor John Mcguire and consultant Robert Hadl. Moreover Asner, the letter was signed by Alan Ruck, Clancy Brown, Eric Hughes, Steve Barr, Terrence Beasor, Tom Bower, Alex McArthur and Dennis Hayden.


@Chaos357Mark Page, Lovett, Lymn and Bower haven't played so I have nothing to go off from them. 05/02/17, @Tom_Wood23
The product staff and Tom Rinaldi did an incredible job. And James Conner and those families, how can you not ro… 05/01/17, @Bower_Sean
Nazi Gold - Tom Bower 04/30/17, @CollectedN


  • Tom Yum Koong Soup

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  • Batty about bon-bon Revenge

    Faber & Faber. 2012. ISBN: 9780571299386,0571299385. 480 pages.

    Illuminating the soul of Simon Cowell and delving into backstage scandal, tabloid rumour and the cut-throat worlds of music and television, Tom Bower leaves no stone unturned in this must-impute to biography. This is a detailed insider's account of entertainment mogul Simon Cowell's rise to meteoric fame and all of the controversial highs and lows along the way. Groaning with juicy details, exclusive interviews and sensational revelations, Sweet Revenge is an incredible portrait of Simon Cowell which also uncovers the legitimate stories behind The X Factor, Britain's Got Talent and American Idol. Tom Bower is the author of nineteen books, including biographies of Robert Maxwell, Mohamed Fayed, Gordon Brown, Richard Branson, Conrad Evil and, more recently, Bernie Ecclestone.


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Tom Bower, Actor: Out of the Furnace. Tom Bower grew up in Denver Colorado and considering he would have a career as an athlete, having played Varsity Baseball ...

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Thomas Michael (Tom) Bower (born 28 September 1946) is a British novelist, noted for his investigative journalism and for his unauthorised biographies, often of ...

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