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About ten years ago, when I realized that I always felt like crap when I wore yoga pants, I determined that I was going to dress decently every day, with jewelry, even if I was only barely awake while I was getting dressed. A bus driving friend once told me that when she dressed grungy, she got treated badly on her field trips. When she dressed nicely, she was treated more courteously and respectfully. I found that if you don't respect yourself, most likely, other folks won't respect you either. I realized that I like to show my husband and family respect. Only dressing nicely when I head out the door sends a message to my husband and family. or I don't want to be my best for you. That's not the message I want to send. My husband sees me 24/7 in working mode, but only sometimes in date night mode or once weekly in Sunday best mode. Hence, I want my everyday mode to be attractive. It's something I can do to bless my husband. Most importantly, 1 Timothy 2:9 says that we should be adorned modestly. Another meaning in that word is to be well arranged or well put together. Our every day mode ought to exude excellence, reflecting that we are servants of the Most High. We may not feel well put together when we are meeting the day bleary eyed, but we can do our best to be well put together. Now, I'll share a few practical closet details with you, my friend. I have two piles of jeans in my closet, good and everyday. Most of them were acquired at the thrift store, because that's how I roll. They don't have holes in them and fit nicely, but not too tight. I've made some and I've bought others on my thrifting expeditions. Also, because I am borderline obsessed with denim, I own several denim skirts. #denimlove Ahem, yes, I purchased most of them from the thrift store. In the spirit of TMI - yes, I wear a bra every day. As for shirt styles, I never, EVER wear man-sized t-shirts. I've found that's the number one way to feel like a mom-blob. Most of my ladies fitted tees are basic Wal-mart $5. 00 and under purchases. I don't like to worry about what I get on my clothes, but I do like to be decently dressed. I do don an apron if I'm going to be doing something excessively messy. If I'm doing heavy duty work like stacking wood or. Source: Dominique Speaks

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    A member of a group called the Ophiuroids, this lesser-known cousin of the sea star lurks throughout the ocean bottoms, even thriving in the dark, cold and nutrient-poor reaches of the deep sea. With upwards of 2,000 living species, brittle stars are

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Maggie Smith and Timothy Bottoms, behind the scenes on Love and Pain and the Whole Damn Thing, 1973 05/14/16, @rewindecades
The one that was most fun was That's My Bush; the part that I did for Comed... #TimothyBottoms #quotes 05/13/16, @OpenQuotesTweet


  • Conspiracy of Silence

    Allen & Unwin. 2016. ISBN: 9781743313824,1743313829. 258 pages.

    The Queensland frontier was more violent than any other Australian colony. Starting with the penal settlement of Moreton Bay in 1824, as white pastoralists moved into new parts of country, violence invariably followed. Over 50,000 Aboriginals were killed on the Queensland frontier, a quarter of the original population. Europeans were killed too, but not in anything like the same numbers. The numbers are truly horrifying, but why isn't this common knowledge? The cover-up began from the start: the authorities in Sydney and Brisbane didn't want to know, the Native Police did their deadly work without hindrance, and the pastoralists had every reason to keep it to themselves. Even today, what we know about the killing times is swept aside again and again in favour of the pioneer myth. Conspiracy of Silence is the first systematic account of frontier violence in Queensland. Following in the tracks of the pastoralists as they moved into new lands across the state in the 19th century, Timothy Bottoms identifies the sites and the dates of the massacres, poisonings, and other incidents, including many that no one has documented in print before. Drawing on extensive research and oral history, he explores the colonial mindset and explains how the brutal dispossession of Aboriginal landowners continued over decades.

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  • Shout Factory: Rollercoaster and Two-Minute Warning Prepped for Blu-ray

    02/29/16 ,via Blu-ray

    Thrills abound in this high-speed suspense yarn as Timothy Bottoms, a determined terrorist, begins to turn America's amusement parks into battlefields. The tension mounts as affable safety inspector George Segal attempts to track down the saboteur who as ...

  • The High Country

    03/05/12 ,via Radio Times

    Poor old Timothy Bottoms. After winning rave reviews for his role as the teenager coming of age in The Last Picture Show, he was reduced to making tedious, unoriginal dramas like this. He plays an escaped prisoner dragging Linda Purl through the mountains ...

  • The Front Bottoms End Tour on Top in Providence

    12/01/15 ,via Examiner

    The Front Bottoms ended their time Back on Tour last night (11.30.15) at Providence's Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel with one final show. The band gave their fans a little bit of everything as they blasted through a 19-song set with the energy of a well-rested group.


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Timothy Bottoms, Actor: The Last Picture Show. From a talented acting generation of brothers, Timothy James Bottoms, who was this close to out-and-out super-stardom ...

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Timothy Bottoms; Born: Timothy James Bottoms (1951-08-30) August 30, 1951 (age 64) Santa Barbara, California, U.S. Occupation: Actor, producer: Years active

Timothy Bottoms - Biography - IMDb

From a talented acting generation of brothers, Timothy James Bottoms, who was this close to out-and-out super-stardom in the 1970s, is the oldest of four acting siblings.

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timothy bottoms gets his pound of flesh by alex simon timothy bottoms ...

timothy bottoms gets his pound of flesh by alex simon timothy bottoms ...