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Overview: Law for Business has set the standard as an easy-to-read textbook that provides students with the tools for understanding the legal environment of business. This, the 12th edition, has not strayed from that winning formula. The text goes well beyond merely identifying the current legal rules and regulations affecting business by offering insights into new developments and trends that promise to greatly affect the future of both domestic and international businesses. The result is a comprehensive, yet concise, treatment of the legal issues of fundamental importance to business students and the business profession. Feedback from faculty and students alike confirms that they particularly like the clear exposition, the careful selection and editing of high-interest cases, and the text’s attractive and readable design.
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Bass guitarist/vocalist in the Quiet Five until 1968, Richard Barnes became known for possessing a Lou Christie rivaling vocal range, and epic singing style. Manager Gerry Bron partnered Barnes to his published writer Tony Hazard to help produce song demos- which they did for Manfred Mann, the Hollies, the Tremeloes, Herman's Hermits, Lulu, Gene Pitney, Andy Williams and Cliff Richard. Barnes then recorded singles and one LP, produced by Bron, and all released through Philips. His third single 'Take to the Mountains' hit the top 40 in the UK. Several singles, all penned by Hazard made the charts in France, Holland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany, Spain, and even a #1 in Lebanon! This Take to the Mountains album is a combination of the US and UK LPs, the singles and unreleased tracks. The track 'Tomorrow Never Comes' is an absolute standout. It has soul, hits every octave, sweeps along pulling the emotional heartstrings. RPM. 2007.

Why the 2016 Election Will Be One of the Most Pivotal Moments of Our Time -

ore than 150 years ago, in 1858, as the national crisis over slavery heightened, Abraham Lincoln famously remarked that "a house divided against itself cannot stand," and that the "crisis" would be "reached and passed" only when the house divided... " Now, the long conflict over social equality, political democracy and American government that began during the Progressive era, followed by the New Deal and the Great Society, is reaching its inescapable conclusion. If the Republicans win the presidency in 2016, they will also almost inevitably control both the Senate and the House of Representatives, giving them virtually unfettered command over the entire federal government to go along with their domination... The Republican president could easily be in a position to appoint new justices to the Supreme Court for an unstoppable right-wing majority that would last for a generation to come. Gore, Citizens United and Shelby County v. Holder (the 2013 ruling that greatly weakened the 1965 Voting Rights Act) would be merely the prelude to tilting political and social power. If, however, the Democrats win the presidency in 2016, they will almost certainly take back the Senate and make gains in the House – and the Democratic president will likely be able to appoint new justices to the Supreme Court that will eventually... The Republican Party has been transformed by a conservative movement that has pushed it ever further to the right. The Democratic Party, stunned by the conservative counterrevolution, has struggled to reinvent itself and its politics, while facing the increasingly formidable resources of the right. These shifts are responsible for the polarization and dysfunction that have gripped American government since the 1990s. But they began in 1968. Amid that year's turmoil, the assassinations of Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert F. Kennedy crushed... Although at the time Nixon seemed to represent a moderating force inside the Republican Party, his triumph, in retrospect, set in motion what has proved to be the Republicans' unending radicalization. It is easy to forget how much Nixon changed American politics. Only four years before 1968, Lyndon B. Johnson won a landslide victory over the hard-right Republican Barry Goldwater and swept a liberal majority into Congress. Goldwater attracted to his cause extremist elements that arose out of pro-business reaction to the New Deal and out of the right-wing anti-communism of the Cold War. Source:

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  • Why the 2016 Election Will Be One of the Most Pivotal Moments of Our Time

    12/03/15 ,via

    Amid that year's turmoil, the assassinations of Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert F. Kennedy crushed liberal hopes and paved the way for the election of Richard M. Nixon. Although at the time Nixon seemed to represent a moderating force inside the 

  • London Theater Review: Sheridan Smith in 'Funny Girl'

    12/03/15 ,via Variety

    When Fanny Brice's boss tries to make a joke of her dowdy looks, dolling her up as a deluded bride convinced of her beauty, his comic star takes him to task. “They're supposed to laugh at you,” shrugs Florenz Ziegfeld from the director's booth. “With


#truth 12/03/15, @GBtwoGOOD
Bad Dreams-Bad Dreams: Jennifer Rubin, Bruce Abbott, Richard Lynch, Dean Cameron, Harris Yulin, Susan Barnes, John 12/03/15, @Tweeitie
RT @CybersmileHQ: @RCArmitage @actnforchildren @YoungMindsUK @Focus12Rehab Thank you Richard, you are an amazing Ambassador ❤️ 12/03/15, @barnes_annette



  • VoIP Emergency Calling

    John Wiley & Sons. 2010. ISBN: 0470976942,9780470976944. 240 pages.

    This book provides a comprehensive view of the emerging standards for VoIP emergency calling from an International perspective In this book, the authors provide a treatment of the VoIP emergency calling process that is both comprehensive, looking at all aspects of emergency calling, and practical, providing technical details on how such functions can be implemented. In addition, the authors describe the standardization efforts of the Internet Engineering Task Force who are currently working to improve the situation for VoIP emergency calls. The book provides an overview of emergency calling with a particular focus on the ECRIT emergency calling architecture, and discusses considerations related to implementation, deployment, and regulation of next-generation emergency calling. It also takes a look at practical aspects of emergency calling, with a set of exercises to help the reader get familiar with the technologies involved. Key Features: Comprehensive view of emerging standards for VoIP emergency calling from an international perspective Practical guides for implementing the core of the emergency calling architecture Architectural, practical, and regulatory perspectives Written by experts working on the development of emergency calling architectures and its implementation Includes an accompanying website with open-source software packages ( This book will be an invaluable resource for product managers and developers, equipment vendors, network operators, emergency service providers, and telecommunications regulators. Industry professionals interested in standards compliance will also find this book of interest.

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  • San Bernardino bishop offers prayers in wake of mass shooting

    12/03/15 ,via Patheos

    San Bernardino, Calif., Dec 2, 2015 / 03:38 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- Bishop Gerald R. Barnes of the Diocese of San Bernardino, Calif. requested prayers and offered his own after at least one gunman left more than a dozen dead at a social services facility in ...

  • Helicopter crash pilot 'descended into restricted area', inquest hears

    12/02/15 ,via Get Surrey

    Pete Barnes died after the helicopter he was flying ... he was under “extreme pressure” to carry out the job which was to pick up private client, Richard Caring, from Elstree to take him to a shooting party in Yorkshire. Smoke poured from the debris ...

  • Mortimer pilot felt under "extreme pressure" to fly before fatal crash

    11/28/15 ,via Newbury Today

    On the day of the crash, Mr Barnes had flown from Redhill in Surrey, to collect London restaurateur Richard Caring in Elstree, Hertfordshire, for a meeting, but had changed course at the last minute. The day before, Mr Barnes had flown for East Midlands ...


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Richard Barnes Follow Richard Barnes and his work across London, Ealing and Hillingdon and Harefield. London 2012 Olympics With the 2012 Olympic Games fast ...

Richard Barnes IT Guru/Geek, Martial Artist, Podcaster ...

Richard Barnes is a IT Guru/Geek, Martial Artist, Broadcaster, Writer, Web Marketer, Photographer

Richard Barnes, ex-deputy mayor of London, accidentally posts naked ...

Richard Barnes, ex-deputy mayor of London, accidentally posts naked ...

Richard Barnes Deputy Mayor of London

Richard Barnes Deputy Mayor of London

... richard barnes deputy mayor of london richard barnes takes part in the

... richard barnes deputy mayor of london richard barnes takes part in the