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Richard Bakalyan Real estate of I Love T Shirt 2XL Black
Richard Bakalyan Real estate of I Love T Shirt 2XL Black by T Shirt Warrior

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This Richard Bakalyan Property of I Love T Shirt is provided on quality cotton. This cool tee is pre-shrunk and the graphics are colorfast. Makes a great gift!
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Richard Bakalyan Signed Framed 11x14 Juvenile Jungle Mini Poster Display

It's Tough to Be a Bird

A street smart red bird with a heavy New York accent serves as the narrator, who tries to explains why it's tough to be a bird. This edutaining animated short with documentary segments explains the common evolutionary origin of birds, how various cultures have perceived the birds throughout history, how some species have become extinct or endangered due to human activity,... I'd never even heard of this short film before. Bird is extremely likable and relatable. Part of that is due to the charm of the animation, and part of it due to Bakalyan's narration of that clever script. Kudos to Ted Berman and Ward Kimball alike. Bird's design is interesting. I've never heard of or seen a red bird with such long legs (and no long neck to match), which makes me think Ward was driven by aesthetic considerations instead of realism. That makes me wonder if he had a specific reason for using that long-legs-and-squat-body combination, other than the fact that that's so much more fun to draw. Oh, and I think Iago the parrot may be related to M. C. Bird, though the latter left the former out of that family line-up in the short film. Source: Deja View

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  • Richard Bakalyan, Tough Guy Character Actor and a Cop in 'Chinatown,' Dies at 84

    03/01/15 ,via Hollywood Reporter

    Richard Bakalyan, the quintessential tough guy character actor who sparred with Jack Nicholson and shot Faye Dunaway in Chinatown — just one of his many dozens of appearances in films and on television — has died. He was 84. Bakalyan, who played 

  • Heidi von Beltz Dies: Stuntwoman Paralyzed In 'Cannonball Run' Crash Was 59

    10/29/15 ,via Deadline

    Those were mostly happy times, where she was surrounded by family and friends, including actors Melanie Griffith — her friend since high school — Kathleen Quinlan, Neil Patrick Harris, Buck Henry and Richard Bakalyan. Before the crash, she'd dated


RICHARD BAKALYAN (as Verdigris in Batman TV series) 8x10 Celebrity Photo Signed In-Person for USD35.00 #Celebrity 08/26/16, @DoubleQuicktime
RT @UniqBeauties: Cinderella @Madonna in NYC by Richard Corman, 1983 08/24/16, @arsen_bakalyan


  • Richard's Chicken Breasts

    butter, chicken, rosemary, flour, marsala wine, mozzarella cheese, olive oil, onions, mushrooms, poultry seasoning


  • Teenagers And Teenpics

    Temple University Press. 2010. ISBN: 1592137873,9781592137879. 288 pages.

    Teenagers and Teenpics tells the story of two signature developments in the 1950s: the decline of the classical Hollywood cinema and the emergence of that strange new creature, the American teenager. Hollywood's discovery of the teenage moviegoer initiated a progressive "juvenilization" of film content that is today the operative reality of the American motion picture industry.The juvenilization of the American movies is best revealed in the development of the 1950s "teenpic," a picture targeted at teenagers even to the exclusion of their elders. In a wry and readable style, Doherty defines and interprets the various teenpic film types: rock 'n' roll pictures, j.d. films, horror and sci-fi weirdies, and clean teenpics. Individual films are examined both in light of their impact on the motion picture industry and in terms of their important role in validating the emerging teenage subculture. Also included in this edition is an expanded treatment of teenpics since the 1950s, especially the teenpics produced during the age of AIDS.


Richard Bakalyan - IMDb

Richard Bakalyan, Actor: Chinatown. Richard Bakalyan was born on January 29, 1931 in Watertown, Massachusetts, USA. He was an actor and writer, known for Chinatown ...

Richard Bakalyan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Richard Bakalyan; Born (1931-01-29) January 29, 1931 Watertown, Massachusetts, U.S. Died: February 27, 2015 (2015-02-27) (aged 84) Elmira, New York, U.S.

Richard Bakalyan - Biography - IMDb

Richard Bakalyan was born on January 29, 1931 in Watertown, Massachusetts, USA. He was an actor and writer, known for Chinatown (1974), The Fox and ...


HOT CAR GIRL DVD - 1958 - Excellent Quality! The Great Dick Bakalyan. A JD gets into trouble when he gets involved with a gang that steals car parts and resells them ...