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Camelot & Vine introduces Casey Clemens, a failing Hollywood actress with an honesty problem. Casey is fired from her job as the commercial spokesperson for a cleaning product, her married boyfriend dumps her, and it's the day before her 40th birthday. Hollywood has thrown her away.

Panicked, Casey hops on a plane, gets drunk and flies through a gap in time, landing in the 6th century war camp of her childhood hero, the great King Arthur. There, honesty is required but absolutely not useful when you're facing a sword. So she lies. And that's where the real danger begins.
Product Description
Praise for Act As If "This book is a must for anyone thinking of taking Hollywood by storm. Petrea is an insightful, delightful and enlightening author who can point out common pitfalls while throwing in a dash of empowerment. It's your life, your career. Keep your eyes open and be sure to have this book on your nightstand." --Liz Hanley, Theatrical Agent--Bicoastal Talent

"As a television writer who lives behind the camera, 'Act As If' holds great life and work lessons for people in the arts--or out of them, for that matter. Who hasn't tried to impress a hero in a meeting, for a job you want or a part you know is perfect for you, and then whiffed it in a way that makes you pound your head on your steering wheel in the parking lot? (David Mamet essay, I'm looking at you.) 'Act As If' is worth reading, keeping in your car on the way to auditions. and laughing over with the recognition that what we do in the arts is crazy, improbable, and sometimes discouraging--and that we are among the luckiest people on earth." --Kat Likkel--TV writer/producer, My Name is Earl, Better Off Ted, Galavant

"All graduating MFA students who want to make a living in 'The Biz' should be handed this book with their diploma to give them a realistic view of the business they want to pursue. It's an honest, practical and remarkably uncynical look at the job of being an actor. Some of the stories are tough life lessons and some make you laugh out loud. I would recommend that young actors get the book and then re-read it every five years." --Rick Hall, actor--Good Luck Charlie, 24, Arrested Development

"A must-read for actors. Petrea captures the struggles and journey of actors and their process with humor, pathos, and inspiration. I felt like I had a friend after reading this, someone who knows and expresses so eloquently the striving an actor goes through on their artistic and career journey. It's a delight, it's fun, it's comforting, and it's real. Give it as a gift to yourself, or a fellow actor." --Fran Montano, owner and Artistic Director--The Actors Workout Studio

"'Act As If' is a blessing for any experienced actor--Burchard's very funny, painful riffs on the realities of this business help us all realize we're not alone or insane! It should be required reading for people wanting to be actors, to give you an inkling of the grit it takes. She doesn't dish out the all too typical 'actor advice' pablum, but provides insightful, great pieces--whether it's a tribute to what it takes to survive as in 'You Persevere,' some home truths about attitude such as 'Desperation Stinks' or the greatly moving 'Interesting Lives' at the end. This is a very worthwhile, funny read." --Jane Macfie, actor--The Mindy Project, House of Lies, Wedding Band

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