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Matthew Boulton: mastermind silversmith, 1760-1790


Matthew Boulton: mastermind silversmith, 1760-1790

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Matthew Boulton was the son of a Birmingham silver stamper and piecer, and succeeded to his father's business, building up a great establishment, which, as well as its proprietor, was well known in Watt's time.
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Contemplates Calvin's Institutes as practical spiritual theology

For many today, John Calvin is best known as an austere, strictly intellectual teacher of Protestant doctrine. But Matthew Myer Boulton reads him very differently, arguing that for Calvin, Christian theology is properly conceived and articulated primarily for the sake of everyday, practical formation through the church's treasury of spiritual disciplines.

Although Calvin famously opposed the cloister, Boulton shows that his purpose was not the eradication but rather the democratization of spiritual disciplines often associated with monasticism. Ordinary disciples, too, Calvin insisted, should embrace such formative practices as close scriptural study, daily prayer and worship, regular Psalm singing, and frequent celebration of the Lord's Supper. This deeply formational approach to Christian doctrine provides a fruitful template for Protestant theology today -- and tomorrow.


Matthew Boulton's tea urn is Birmingham Museums Trust's object of the month ... - Birmingham Post

A magnificent 18th century silver tea urn engraved with industrial pioneer Matthew Boulton’s coat of arms is Birmingham Museums Trust’s latest object of the month. The engraving on the Boulton Family Tea Vase (1775-6) indicates it was made for Boulton’s personal use. He – or more probably his wife, Ann – used it at Soho House, their elegant Georgian home near the Soho Road in Handsworth. The urn becomes the fifth of a series of objects of the month the Museums Trust is unveiling through the Birmingham Post to highlight the finest civic collection in England. It was made in the Soho Manufactory, a stone’s throw from the house. From the early 1760s the factory employed up to 1,000 workers to make fine decorative products in silver and silver plate. It was one of the most famous sites of the Industrial Revolution, and visitors – and spies – came to Birmingham from all over the world to see it. Boulton entertained important visitors, using Soho House as a showcase for his wares. This urn may have poured tea for Nelson, or for the leading thinkers of the Lunar Society, who met to dine at Soho House by the light of the full moon. Museums Trust spokeswoman Abi Rogansky said: “For most of us today, making a quick cuppa is simply a matter of chucking a tea bag in a mug. In the 18th century tea, coffee, hot chocolate and even sugar were expensive luxury items. “The mistress of the house kept them locked away, safe from thieving servants, and served them to guests with style and ceremony. “This handsome silver tea urn, standing 48cm high, is an expression of the new fashion for drinking tea. It would have made an impressive talking point at the tea table. “The regal-looking urn hides a secret – how do you serve the boiling hot tea. The bone finials topping the swag-shaped handles can be turned like a tap, and the tea poured out through the hollow bottom of the handles, forming a spout. The urn is on display at Soho House, one of Birmingham Museums Trust’s nine venues, where visitors can discover more about Matthew Boulton, the Lunar Society, and the many magnificent objects made at Soho. Previous objects of the month include The Sultanganj Buddha sculpture , a unique velvet hat which, according to rumour, belonged to the last Muslim ruler of Delhi, and the Smethwick Engine, the oldest working steam engine in the world. Source:

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  • Matthew Boulton's tea urn is Birmingham Museums Trust's object of the month ...

    05/14/15 ,via Birmingham Post

    A magnificent 18th century silver tea urn engraved with industrial pioneer Matthew Boulton's coat of arms is Birmingham Museums Trust's latest object of the month. The engraving on the Boulton Family Tea Vase (1775-6) indicates it was made for Boulton

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    05/26/15 ,via Reuters

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A Set of Four George III Silver Candlesticks, Matthew Boulton and John Fothergill, Birmingham, after 05/25/15, @PeterZed2
Matthew Boulton's Soho Mint struck the first copper British pennies. 05/25/15, @wikipediaNetRu
RT @lluisbusse: Tribute to Matthew Boulton and James Watt: Steam engine, 1784 Via @lluisbusse #culture… 05/25/15, @spockingchronic



  • Matthew Boulton

    Christies Wine Publications. 2015. 496 pages.

    The standard reference work on Matthew Boulton and an indispensible resource for collectors, dealers historians.

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  • Marion Frances BOULTON

    05/23/15 ,via Echo

    BOULTON Marion Frances Treasured Wife of Michael Boulton, Mother to Paul Boulton, Mother in Law to Sara-Jayne Boulton and Nanny to Matthew, Joshua and Buster. Sadly passed away at home, peacefully, with her family by her side on the 10th of May 2015.

  • Ainsley Harriott - the new face of the £20 note? Thousands sign petition to get celebrity chef's image on banknotes when it is changed next year

    05/21/15 ,via Daily Mail

    The other figures on Bank notes are evolutionary theorist Charles Darwin on the £10 note and steam engine inventor James Watt and his business partner Matthew Boulton on the £50 note.

  • Could Alexander McQueen Star On The Next £20 Note?

    05/21/15 ,via InStyle UK

    It’s about time our money got a makeover – Elizabeth Fry, Adam Smith and Matthew Boulton obviously did a lot for England, but when the youngest person on our cash died over 200 years ago, maybe it’s time the Queen had some younger company.


Matthew Boulton - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Matthew Boulton FRS (3 September 1728 – 17 August 1809) was an English manufacturer and business partner of Scottish engineer James Watt. In the final quarter of ...

Matthew Boulton | biography - British engineer and ...

Matthew Boulton, (born Sept. 3, 1728, Birmingham, Warwickshire, Eng.—died Aug. 17, 1809, Birmingham), English manufacturer and engineer who financed and introduced ...

Matthew Boulton - IMDb

Matthew Boulton, Actor: Sabotage. Matthew Boulton was born on January 20, 1893 in Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England. He was an actor and writer, known for Sabotage (1936 ...

Matthew Boulton - Spartacus Educational

Biography of Matthew Boulton ... Primary Sources Matthew Boulton. Matthew Boulton, the son of a silver-stamper, was born in Birmingham on 14th September 1728.

the photo gallery of matthew boulton best pictures of matthew boulton

the photo gallery of matthew boulton best pictures of matthew boulton

Matthew Boulton

Matthew Boulton

Matthew Boulton

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