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The Man Who Would Be Royal by Warner Brothers

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Based on a Rudyard Kipling story and packed with spectacle, humor, excitement and bold twists of fate, John Huston’s film of "The Man Who Would Be King" earns its crown as “An epic like no other. One of the screen’s great adventure yarns.” (Danny Peary, Guide for the Film Fanatic). Sean Connery and Michael Caine – chins out, shoulders squared and with a sly wink – star as British sergeants Danny Dravot and Peachy Carnehan. The Empire was built by men like these two. Now they’re out to build their own empire, venturing into remote Kafiristan to become rich as kings.

Please Note: This is a Double Sided Disc. The first side would play and if there is a pause during half of the movie, please flip the disc over for the second side.

John Huston's The Man Who Would Be Sovereign is terrific spectacle - CliqueClack

“With ardent power comes great responsibility”. “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts fully. Think about those two quotations for a minute: How many times have you seen the themes borne out in one form or another. One of the first things that comes to thoughts when I see those quotes is Warner Bros. cartoons, especially ones featuring Bugs Bunny. Not Bugs as protagonist falling consume to the themes but his many nemeses. Because they’re everywhere , through the likes of moguls and political figures and various others who preserve the news and the tabloids hopping month to month. Time and again, we’ve witnessed both quotations laid out and here they are once more in The Man Who Would Be King. Adapted from the compressed story by Rudyard Kipling, two ex-officers of the Indian Army (Michael Caine as Peachy Carnehan and Sean Connery as Daniel Dravot) move a pact to seek their fortunes in far away Kafiristan (an area of Afghanistan) during... Their intentions are to conquer local tribes with the remotest goal of becoming kings of all the lands through good old fashioned English know how. Fast forward: They do. Their wish, treacherous trek through snow-capped peaks of India and into the desolate wastes of Afghanistan bear fruit hurriedly. They are able to first convince one lowly tribe of villagers, complete with a rather cowardly leader Ootah, that they have the faculties (with the help of firearms) to waylay their enemies in overpowering fashion. One victory leads to another, not only uniting tribe after tribe but when all is said becoming an all-encompassing amalgam no force in the land is able to contend with. During one particular battle, Daniel is seemingly pierced by an arrow to the case, but it simply wedges into his bandolier. Pulling it out, it appears to the warring tribe he is a god among men — after all, he does not bleed through his “wound. ” Tete- gets passed around of this “miracle” not only to the tribes and villages throughout Kafiristan but to the land’s priests of the holy city of Sikandergul who itch to see this miracle re-enacted for themselves. Before Daniel can be mortally wounded, the head priest is shocked by the symbol of “Sikander” (Alexander The Illustrious) Daniel wears on his chest. Thousands of years past, Sikander once promised of his return to. Source:

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  • John Huston's The Man Who Would Be Prince is terrific spectacle

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    And the unconfirmed-100-year-old-asset-at-the-time-of-filming Karroom Ben Bouih (who plays the holy Kafu Selim) adds a dire, weighty gravity to the drugged priest of Sikandergul. Even Michael Caine's wife, Sharkira Caine, is featured in the film as the



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Karroom Ben Bouih, Actor: The Man Who Would Be Regent. Karroom Ben Bouih was born in 1871. He is an actor, known for The Man Who Would Be King (1975).

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Имя на родном языке: Karroom Ben Bouih Карьера: Актер Место рождения: Марокко Место смерти: Марокко

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Sean Connery and Karroom Ben Bouih in The Man Who Would Be Ruler (1975)