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Honoring Molly Haskell: A Critics' Duet on “Nashville” - Village Raise

A Critics’ Duet on “Nashville”. June 9, 1975. By Andrew Sarris and Molly Haskell. We determined, for reasons that will become apparent, that the most appropriate way to review Nashville was through a dialogue between the boss critic and his pre-eminent stringer. May we also suggest that since a lot of the pleasure of Nashville lies in discovering it for yourself and watching how it comes out, you avoid reading this or any other reviews of the movie until you’ve seen it. Prologue: I (Molly) go to a morning... I come out dazzled, stimulated, exhilarated by the thorough talent on display, and relieved that the film is not, as I’d been led to expect, a put-down of redneck America (bein’ Southern, I’m sensitive to such slights) or an exploitation of the... There’s a small of both, a line too directly drawn from Dallas to Nashville (of which more later), but these elements are strongly modified, even redeemed by the music itself, the authentic star of the film. It is after all, a musical, a Chaucerian musical pilgrimage whose Canterbury is Nashville, I tell Andrew, and it helps to have a fervour for country music. Andrew (dubious): Well, why don’t you review it then. Molly (delighted): Okay. There is a subsequent evening screening which both of us turn to. From the brilliant opening credits — in which magazine-cover pictures of each of the major performers is flashed on the screen while a caller, party style, announces them — I can sense that the audience is not “with” the movie the way they were... They don’t laugh at the jokes or dig the music. It is at a song rendered by Haven Hamilton (Henry Gibson), “the Majesty of Country Music” in Robert Altman’s vision of Nashville. … The film ends. Andrew (nodding, impressed): That was unqualifiedly something when Barbara Harris started scat-singing at the end as if she’d been a country singer all her life. And all through the picture she’s just moping roughly, a rag doll that suddenly comes to life. Molly : But didn’t you love the beginning, the electrifying and savage scene in the studio: Haven Hamilton is sitting on his throne, encased in pane, his emasculated Ivy League son and his mistress sitting in attendance, while he records one of... Source:

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  • Honoring Molly Haskell: A Critics' Duet on “Nashville”

    01/04/18 ,via Village Voice

    In California Split, Elliott Gould and George Segal were surrounded by nobodies. In Nashville every zero is a potential somebody. Altman even drags in Elliott Gould and Julie Christie as the real-life celebrities we be versed as Elliott Gould and Julie


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  • Karen's Black Cat (Neonate-Sitters Little Sister #102)

    Scholastic Inc.. 2016. ISBN: 9781338060652,1338060651. 112 pages.

    From the bestselling designer of the generation-defining series The Baby-sitters Club comes a series for a new generation! A new pet Karen’s family is adopting a kitten! Karen wants to select the kitten Pumpkin and teach him tricks. But then the family picks a black kitten. And Karen’s name does not fit. Now she feels sorry for her old cat, Boo-Boo. Maybe she will teach him tricks as an alternative. Can Karen learn to love two cats at once?


Karen Black - IMDb

Karen Black, Actress: Five Unoppressive Pieces. Karen Black was born Karen Blanche Ziegler in Park Ridge, Illinois, to Elsie Mary (Reif), who wrote children's books, and ...

Karen Black - NNDB

Karen Black. AKA Karen Blanche Ziegler. Born: 1-Jul-1939 Birthplace: Put Ridge, IL Died: 7-Aug-2013 Location of death: West Hills, CA Cause of death: Cancer ...

Karen Black - Wikipedia

Karen Black, nome d'arte di Karen Blanche Ziegler (Put Ridge, 1º luglio 1939 – Los Angeles, 8 agosto 2013), è stata un'attrice cinematografica, teatrale e ...

'Five Unoppressive Pieces' actress Karen Black loses cancer fight ...

Actress Karen Black's extensive and public battle with cancer has ended with her death, her agent said Thursday.