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In Fried Twinkies, Buckle Bunnies, & Bull Riders, award-winning sports journalist Josh Peter takes readers along on the Professional Bull Riders tour to witness the death-defying confrontation between man and beast that has made bull riding the fastest growing sport in the world. Success in this sport is measured in seconds--staying on a bull for 8 seconds without getting tossed is likely to secure the rider a big score. Josh Peter captures the high drama of the sport and introduces readers to a culture that's rife with colorful characters: courageous riders, scouts, breeders, love-struck groupies, and a few of those very angry bulls.
Product Description
2016 Topps Co. trading card in near mint/mint condition, authenticated by Seller

Josh Buckle - Boasting Cover!

7 Overlooked Pre-Rut Hot Spots - Bowhunting.Com (blog)

It’s here ladies and gentlemen. The month of October can be a tough time to hunt — especially the first half. Numerous transitions in pattern and behavior occur throughout the month which often result in what many refer to as the October Lull. I hate to break it to you, but it doesn’t exist. Numerous studies have proven buck activity increases throughout the month of October. Source:

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  • 7 Overlooked Pre-Rut Hot Spots

    10/22/14 ,via Bowhunting.Com (blog)

    Josh Honeycutt The pre-rut. It's here ladies and gentlemen. The month of October can be a tough time to hunt — especially the first half. Numerous transitions in pattern and behavior occur throughout the month which often result in what many refer to

  • Average gas price in Virginia drops below $3 a gallon

    10/16/14 ,via The Free Lance-Star

    Josh Buckle filled up his truck at Sheetz for $62.80 on Thursday, which is about $10 less than normal. “This is the lowest I've seen in the area,” Buckle said. “Everywhere else is saying $2.80 [a gallon] or $2.90 [a gallon].” Murphy's Express opened on


Josh and I (Jake, obviously) Would like to thank a few people. (Buckle up for a several-tweet series) 10/23/14, @morphingrid
RT @pattonoswalt: With "Ebola Czar" as his job title, Ron Klain better buckle down for beaucoup puss-ay. 10/17/14, @rathbun_josh


  • Blueberry Buckle With Cream Cheese Whipped Cream Recipe

    powdered sugar, flour, brown sugar, sugar, heavy cream, flour, blueberries, cake, whipped cream, cream cheese, eggs, streusel, cinnamon, salt, lemon zest, vanilla extract, sugar, baking powder, vanilla extract, butter, butter, salt, salt

  • Blueberry Buckle II

    baking powder, blueberries, butter, butter, cinnamon, eggs, flour, flour, milk, salt, sugar, sugar


  • Josh and Hannah

    Lynda Chance Books. 2014. 300 pages.

    USA Today bestselling author of Rule's Obsession and Rule's Property, Lynda Chance brings you the New Adult romance, Josh and Hannah, Book One of the Redwood Falls series. Blurb: First Crush . . . First Kiss . . . Only Love. Hannah McIntyre has been infatuated with Josh Turner . . . well, forever. But he's older than she is, quiet and intense and . . . way out of her league. An Alpha-Male in the making. Josh Turner wants Hannah more than life itself. She's perfect, shiny and new . . . but she's a McIntyre. She's from the richest family in the county, and he's a Turner, from the wrong side of the proverbial tracks. And to make matters worse, there's no love lost between their families. So what do you do when someone else is going to step in and take the girl you'll die if you can't have? There's only one thing you can do. . . you reach out and take her. Excerpt: Hannah attempted to stay away from the small strip of fencing that separated the border between the McIntyre and Turner lands. But almost every afternoon, when the weather allowed, she climbed on one of the four-wheelers and drove the fence line until she ended up at the place that overlooked Turner property. She did this for weeks and never saw anyone. And then one day, she hit pay dirt. Josh was working on the old well house that stood twenty or so feet over the fence line. She saw him glance up when he heard the hum of the engine and nerves tightened in her stomach as he stood to his full height and turned toward where she approached the fence. She’d been waiting for this, no matter how much she lied to herself, and when he began wiping his forehead on his shirtsleeve and walking over to the fence, she let the engine idle and waited. She couldn’t read the expression on his face, but she had a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach that said it wasn’t good. He came directly in front of her, and stood on the opposite side of the barbed-wire fence, his brilliant green eyes running over her. She stayed silent and concentrated on the tic in his cheek, and tried to calm her raging heartbeat. His words when he spoke were low, controlled, and as smooth as whiskey. “I’m thinking this can’t be a coincidence, princess.” Embarrassed by the truth, Hannah immediately thought to deny it, but she didn’t want to lie. She remained silent as she tried to think of a response that wouldn’t completely humiliate her. She waited too long and he began to remonstrate, “I kind of had the idea I’d already made myself plain. Maybe you didn’t understand?” His words were low and heated and even though she heard the controlled anger, his voice washed through her like cold water on a hot summer day. “I’m sorry,” she managed to softly apologize. Josh continued to stare at her without speaking, and then in a rush of movement, his booted foot stepped on the second rung of barbed-wire and forced it down as his gloved hand simultaneously pulled up the third rung, and that easily, in a move that ranchers had been using for decades, he bent down and slid unscathed through the treacherous wire and stood in front of her. He pulled the leather work gloves off one at a time and stuffed them in his back pocket. Then he reached out and cut the engine with a twist of the key. He stood over her where she sat on the cracked vinyl seat of the four-wheeler, her body turned slightly to his. He was so close she could see the beads of perspiration on his face and smell the heady, delicious aroma from the sweat that drenched his t-shirt. The masculine combination was almost more than she could stand. Her eyes started to slip closed in a sharp, shocking, agony of arousal. They flew open again when she felt his rough fingers on her chin. His eyes glittered down at her, his nostrils flaring. “Hannah baby, we have to get this straight between us. Maybe I should have spelled it out better. Do you know anything about the deadbeat who calls himself my father? He’s always drunk. He’s in and out of jail--all the time. The sheriff watches me like a hawk because he thinks I’m just like him. He expects me to cause trouble one way or the other.” His thumb caressed her chin gently in direct opposition to the fierceness of his voice. “Now what do you think the sheriff would do if I suddenly took up with the fifteen-year-old town princess?” His eyes glittered down at her, giving her a moment to digest his words before his hand tightened on her jaw once again and he continued, “You need to stay away from me. Don’t make this harder on me than it already is. You don’t know what it’s doing to my insides--knowing I can have you, but I can’t.” His fingers unclenched from around her jaw and then became caressing once again. “You understand?” Hannah tried to answer. She licked her lips and opened her mouth to speak but the words stalled again as Josh’s eyes fell to her mouth and his fingers tightened on her face. Her throat closed up and no words came. His eyes tangled with hers and seconds slipped by until an agonized, ferocious look crossed his features and he bit out, “Repeat after me, princess. Josh wants me.” Shock and heat hit her system and she gasped. His fingers shifted, slipped into her hair and his voice hissed out, “I’m serious. Repeat it. Josh wants me.” “Josh, please—“ “Now!” he barked and she jumped. “Josh w-wants me,” her voice came out shaky and soft. “Josh wants me so bad his guts are tied in knots of constant pain,” he pounded the words through his teeth and waited. His eyes seared into hers and she attempted to answer. “Josh wants me s-so bad—“ she found it impossible to say and her words dwindled off. He reached up and his fingers twisted through her hair until he was holding her face in both of his strong hands. He continued to punch out his words in third person. “He thinks about me constantly.” As he spoke, his gaze ran over her lips, her nose, and the hair that he held in his hands. “He lives from one hour to the next for the day he can sink into me.” Hannah’s insides were lacerated by his primal words. It was almost more than her youth and innocence could handle. At the same time, an exquisite pleasure infiltrated her system at what he was telling her. He was telling her the truth. He wanted to be with her just as much as she wanted to be with him. Her body shook as the depth of his need and what he was trying to convey to her sank in. He continued in a harsh biting tone, “But I don’t want Josh to go to prison.” She was silent as she trembled in his hold. “Say it,” he bit out. A single tear escaped from her eye. “Say it,” he growled, even as his thumb shot out and wiped away the tear. Hannah sucked in a shuddering breath. “I d-don’t want Josh to go to p-prison.” Her eyes closed as more tears welled over. His hands lifted from her and he took a step back. “Good girl," he praised. "Do us both a favor and remember that the next time you come looking for me. Repeat it to yourself if it helps. I’m dead serious, Hannah. You may feel grown-up, you may even know what you want, but the State of Texas doesn’t agree with you.” He took another step toward the fence and turned once more to stare into her eyes. His voice softened only slightly. “You have to have mercy on me, princess. There’s only so much I can take before I’ll snap.” Josh and Hannah, Redwood Falls, Book One. Keywords: New Adult, contemporary romance, Bad boy-good girl, alpha-male, virgin, series romance

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  • Average gas price in Virginia drops below $3 a gallon

    10/16/14 ,via Fredicksburg

    The same went for Murphy’s Express. Store manager Daniel Conner said business had been steady during the day. Josh Buckle filled up his truck at Sheetz for $62.80 on Thursday, which is about $10 less than normal. “This is the lowest I’ve seen in the ...

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