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Life for David Walsh is going exceptionally well until things take an unexpected turn. In one day his fianc e damps his and the bank boss fires him. To top it of David tries to leave work but gets bought in a banks robbery. And the day from hell is far formSystem Requirements: Running Time 97 MinFormat: DVD MOVIE Genre: COMEDY Rating: R UPC: 031398169222 Manufacturer No: 16922

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  • Talk of Record for Wednesday, June 14, 2017

    Neil Maffettone, 29, Palm Strand, court violation (2); John C. Koeck, 56, Pierson, failure to appear (5); Isreal J. Campos, 29, Daytona Run aground, failure to appear (8); Mallory R. Mims, 27, DeLand, failure to appear (5); Scott D. Downer, 59, Del, erotic or

  • Obituaries published Jan. 10

    01/11/16 ,via The Sun Chronicle

    John is survived by his pal Alec Botka, his three children: John Timothy Botka and his wife Lisa, Debra (Botka) Ford and her husband Bob, and James Botka and his wife Susan; five grandchildren: Luke, Austin, Colby, Lawrence, and Caela; and niece


  • Roti John Recipe

    black pepper, eggs, olive oil, garlic, green chilies, baguette, sardines, chilli, onions

  • John Sally's Guacamole

    california, cilantro, lime juice, corn, jalapeno, chipotle sauce, olive oil, red onions


  • Who was Who on TV

    Xlibris Corporation. 2011. ISBN: 9781456824563,1456824562. 534 pages.

    The report herein was accumulated of fifty some odd years. The collection process started when TV first came out and continued until today. The books are in alphabetical kaput and cover shows from the 1940s to 2010. The author has added a brief explanation of each show and then listed all the characters, who played the roles and for the most play a part, the year or years the actor or actress played that role. Also included are most of the people who created the shows, the producers, directors, and the writers of the shows. These books are a excellent source of trivia information and for most of the older folk will bring back some very fond memories. I know a lot of times we think back and say, "Who was the guy that played such and such a r?" Enjoy!


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