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Employment law continues to be an exciting and fast-moving area of law, in both the courts and academia. Throughout this well-received book, the authors address the proper roles of economic incentives and legal regulations in achieving desirable outcomes in the workplace, encouraging students to question common assumptions underlying authority in the workplace, discuss simple rules and effective rules and their contrast, and examine the varied legal responses to problems in the workplace. Adaptable to a three- or four-hour course, this casebook contains few internal cross-references so that chapters can be taught out of sequence without damage to the overall integrity of the course.

The Fifth Edition of Employment Law: Cases and Materials includes the following:
•   Coverage of employment law implications of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.
•   New and expanded coverage of international dismissal standards.
•   Recent cases and developments on employee privacy, including City of Ontario v. Quon.
•   New developments in employment discrimination, including Ricci and recent cases under the ADA Amendments Act of 2008.
•   Comprehensive coverage of dismissal standards in private and public sector, including Engquist v. Oregon Department of Agriculture.
•   Integration of the new Restatement of Employment Law into notes and questions
•   New coverage of the California apportionment of workers' compensation benefits when the disability results from work-related and non-work-related causes [Brodie v. Workers' Compensation Appeals Bd.]
•   Expanded review of multiple penalties under the OSHAct when the employer exposes a number of employees to a hazard [National Association of Home Builders v. OSHA]

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The Sixth Edition of Employment Law will continue the volume’s focus on important unifying themes in employment law, such as the struggle for authority in the workplace between employers, employees, and the government, the relationship between employment law and labor markets, and the appropriate remedies for employment law violations.

The Sixth Edition carries forward most of the cases and materials that have proven to be good teaching tools to permit a smooth transition for current users. But it highlights emerging new or expanded areas of interest including:

  • Whether Uber drivers are employees;

  • Whether employees can be fired for talking about work on Facebook;

  • Whether sexual orientation falls within Title VII’s prohibition on sex discrimination;

  • When off-work cellphone use is working time under the FLSA;

  • How to analyze employer promises to provide health care to retirees;

  • The likely effects of efforts to repeal Obamacare on employer-provided health insurance;

  • The constitutionality of severe restrictions in workers’ compensation eligibility or benefits;

  • Whether penalties for OSHA violations should be assessed one per employer violation or one per employee who is subject to the violation;

  • Limits on state efforts to import employee safeguards into the arbitral process; and

  • The problem of aligning the twin goals of compensation and deterrence in remedying employment law violations.

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  • Workplace Injuries and Diseases

    W.E. Upjohn Institute. 2017. ISBN: 9780880993241,0880993243. 301 pages.

    The chapters in this abundance were originally presented at a conference to honor Terry Thomason,held at the University of Rhode Island in March, 2004. It is about workplace safeness and health and issues related to prevention and compensation for occupational injuries and illnesses, a topicto which Terry devoted much of his research life. The amount is intended to serve as a detailedintroduction to the workers' compensation novice but also provide insights to those more familiarwith the area.


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