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Caribbean disco with edits
Nancy Drew Placard 27x40 Emma Roberts Joanne Baron Rachael Leigh Cook
Nancy Drew Placard 27x40 Emma Roberts Joanne Baron Rachael Leigh Cook by Pop Culture Graphics

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  • Nancy Drew Style A 27 x 40 Inches Poster
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Nancy Drew reproduction poster print

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Here's What Directing + Acting Have in Banal - Backstage

“While the construct of directing was always intriguing to me, I never thought it would be something I'd be able to do. It seemed like this overwhelming job that I'd only seen executed by people I considered to be artistic geniuses. But not unlike acting, the key was just to jump in and do it, and fortunately I was gifted with that opportunity when my friend Bryan Enk offered me the director's chairperson for an episode of the serial ‘Penny Dreadful,’ which was being produced at... “Once I actually started thinking about things from a administrator's point of view, I realized that I did have some strong ideas, and that expressing them to actors and realizing them on stage was not some arcane art but rather a moment of clear and... ” — Adam Swiderski , actor-turned television, film, and theater director. “[As the chairman], you feel you know everything about this character. But you’ve got to be ready for an actor to come in and blow you away by bringing something to the role that you’d never even imagined. I worked with a administrator who said to an actor, ‘Tell me something I don’t know about this character. ’ Don’t overdirect the scene so that the actor is boxed into a corner. ’ ”— Marci Liroff , grower, casting director, acting coach, and Backstage Expert. “You need to be collaborative. While it’s true that understanding what the show most needs from your portrayal is being collaborative, it also, crucially, includes your off-camera behavior as showily. Would you want to work with you in stressful situations. Make people feel important. Additionally, not only should you not undermine a project by causing fight, you don’t even want to be around trouble. If there’s a problem of any kind and you can avoid being associated with the bad luck of that thing having happened, don’t develop b publish it up. ” — Joanne Baron , actor, producer, and Backstage Expert, and D. W. Brown, acting teacher, actor, writer,... Actors shouldn’t discordant with on directors’ toes, though. “I want student actors to understand it’s not their responsibility to give other actors notes. I, as a director, say I’m open to us construction this piece collaboratively, so if you have an idea come and see me. Don’t go to another actor and tell them to do something a certain. Source:

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  • Here's What Directing + Acting Have in Unrefined

    10/31/17 ,via Backstage

    As an actor, you may mark there is a stark divide between what it is you do and what it is your director does. The truth, however, is that the two disciplines have much in common, and the better an actor understands that, the better their performances


RT @ActatBaronBrown: Clear acting seminar tomorrow with Joanne Baron and Elaine Williams! If you're new to Meisner or our Studio - come chec… 11/09/17, @Buttahflie
Uncage acting seminar tomorrow with Joanne Baron and Elaine Williams! If you're new to Meisner or our Studio - come c… 11/09/17, @ActatBaronBrown
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  • Joanne's Super Hero Sandwich

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  • Joanne's Apricot Bars

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  • Patronizer Gods and Patron Lords

    University Press of Colorado. 2016. ISBN: 9781607325185,1607325187. 243 pages.

    In the pre-eminent comprehensive treatment of Classic Maya patron deity veneration, Joanne P. Baron demonstrates the central importance of patron deity cults in factious relationships between both rulers and their subjects and among different Maya kingdoms. Weaving together evidence from inscriptions, images, and artifacts, Buyer Gods and Patron Lords provides new insights into how the Classic Maya polity was organized and maintained. Using semiotic theory, Baron draws on three bodies of demonstrate: ethnographies and manuscripts from Postclassic, Colonial, and modern Maya communities that connect patron saints to pre-Columbian patron gods; hieroglyphic texts from the Master-work period that discuss patron deity veneration; and excavations from four patron deity temples at the site of La Corona, Guatemala. She shows how the Prototypical Maya used patron deity effigies, temples, and acts of devotion to negotiate group membership, social entitlements, and obligations between individuals and communities. She also explores the wider r of these processes in politics, arguing that rituals and discourses related to patron deities ultimately formulated Maya rulership as a locally oriented university, which limited the ability of powerful kingdoms to create wider religious communities. Applying a new theoretical approach for the archaeological study of beliefs and power dynamics, Patron Gods and Patron Lords reveals an overlooked aspect of the belief system of Maya communities.


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