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The Ill-lighted Net: Inside the Digital Underworld


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The Ill-lighted Net: Inside the Digital Underworld by Bartlett Jamie
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An Independent and New Statesman Book of the Year

Beyond the familiar online world that most of us inhabit—a world of Google, Facebook, and Twitter—lies a vast and often hidden network of sites, communities, and cultures where freedom is pushed to its limits, and where people can be anyone, or do anything, they want. This is the world of Bitcoin and Silk Road, of radicalism and pornography. This is the Dark Net.

In this important and revealing book, Jamie Bartlett takes us deep into the digital underworld and presents an extraordinary look at the internet we don't know. Beginning with the rise of the internet and the conflicts and battles that defined its early years, Bartlett reports on trolls, pornographers, drug dealers, hackers, political extremists, Bitcoin programmers, and vigilantes—and puts a human face on those who have many reasons to stay anonymous.

Rich with historical research and revelatory reporting, The Dark Net is an unprecedented, eye-opening look at a world that doesn't want to be known.
Product Description
"It's the hubris of every generation to think that they have arrived at the best way of living. But all the things we now take for granted, all the modern wisdoms we hold to be self-evident, were once derided as dangerous or foolish radical thinking."-From the Prologue

In Radicals Chasing Utopia, Jamie Bartlett, one of the world's leading thinkers on radical politics and technology, takes readers inside the strange and exciting worlds of the innovators, disrupters, idealists, and extremists who think we can do better-and believe they know how. Bartlett introduces us to some of the most influential movements today: techno-futurists questing for immortality, far-right groups seeking to close borders, militant environmentalists striving to save the planet by any means necessary, and psychedelic pioneers attempting to heal society with the help of powerful hallucinogens.

The success of democratic societies hinges on our ability to listen to-and in some cases learn from-the radical movements in our midst. Their methods may be extreme, but in chasing utopia, these groups are challenging what is possible and previewing the world to come.

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  • The Dark Net

    Random House. 2014. ISBN: 9781473506039,1473506034. 320 pages.

    Beyond the familiar online world that most of us inhabit lies a vast network of sites, communities and cultures where freedom is pushed to its limits. A world that is as creative and complex as it is dangerous and disturbing. A world that is much closer than you think. The Dark Net is a revelatory examination of the internet today, and of its most innovative and dangerous subcultures, stretching from secret Facebook groups to the encrypted and hidden Tor network. In it, Bartlett goes in search of the people behind the screen, meeting trolls and pornographers, drug dealers and hackers, political extremists and computer scientists, Bitcoin programmers and self-harmers, libertarians and vigilantes. Based on extensive first-hand experience, exclusive interviews and shocking documentary evidence, The Dark Net offers a startling glimpse of human nature under the conditions of freedom and anonymity, and shines a light on an enigmatic and ever-changing world.

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Jamie Bartlett, Actor: Red Dust. Jamie Bartlett is an actor, known for Red Dust (2004), Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom (2013) and White Lion (2010).

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Career. 2] Television. Bartlett is a well known and multi faceted South African actor currently starring in Rhythm City as David Genaro. He started playing his role ...

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I'm a writer and a journalist, and the Director of the Centre for the Analysis of Social Media at the think tank Demos. I write an awful lot of articles, usually ...

Jamie Bartlett - Interview from Sunday Profile - (ABC)

Jamie Bartlett - Interview from Sunday Profile - (ABC)

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Jamie Bartlett: Foto

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Jamie Bartlett Music, Lyrics, Songs, and Videos

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